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  1. My wife and I share the same handle. Last month she was out of state on a business trip and logging finds while on her trip. During the same period I was visiting and logging caches near my home.
  2. I sand off the military stuff, clean and paint camo. One side gets the sticker. The inside is painted white and a laminated stash note is hot glued to the lid.
  3. I hid a set of them and that is the sizes that I gave them.
  4. There is a cache near me that request you not trade. The CO keeps it stocked with stuff for kids and each visiting child is allowed to take one item from the cache. The CO requests that you notify him if the number of items in the cache is getting low. Other than signature items, sig cards mostly, I don't take anything from a cache. I leave a signature card and a new toy for a child. Usually a Hot Wheels, still in the box, or similar. Making the find is good enough for me and finding a coin or bug to log is extra. A co-worker told me that his kids stopped geocaching after he took them after too many micros, so I like to leave something to keep a child's interest up.
  5. I have visited a couple of front yard caches and was uneasy with both of them. I now drive right on by.
  6. TeamThom

    SWAG ?

    I only take signature items. I haven't been geocaching very long so haven't collected much and it all still fits in a zip lock. I usually leave a signature card and a new hot wheels, in the box, or something else that a child would like.
  7. I use the Fisher myself. I have several and keep one in each car plus a few laying around the house.
  8. I like a golden retriever. Mine sniffs out muggles, caches not so much.
  9. Welcome to the sport. My first year geocaching was spent with an old Garmin 12XL which does not take maps. I printed out the cache description pages, with map, and headed out. It took a little more preparation time but, it worked find.
  10. First picture is a cache made by PhotoBea and was taken before it was planted. The log is pulled out from the cartridge and after signing is rolled back up. GC1DAV6 - Don't Bea So Negative Next three pictures were also taken before the cache was planted. Cache is GCCGMV - Sign In Red and it has to do with Bob Ross, host of "Joy of Painting" on PBS, signing his paintings in red. The container is hidden in a pine tree. Some of the visitors are signing the log with red ink.
  11. This is Sherman, my 9 year old golden retriever. When he hears the beep of my GPSr powering up he runs for his leash.
  12. We leave a sig item if it will fit and intend for a collector to grab it. If the CO wants to grab it that is OK too. We also take a sig item if we find it. We always sign the log. Once we found one of our sig items in a cache that we had not visited before. One or more cachers had moved it around. Bottom line, always sign the log.
  13. The cache was in a home center parking lot. They sell wooden storage sheds and had half a dozen or so on display in the parking lot. The container was inside one of the sheds. Above the window was one small 2"x4" that didn't belong and wasn't nailed down. The back of the 2"x4" had been hollowed out to hold the log. I bet the wife and I spent an hour hunting for that one.
  14. From time to time, when I was young, a great aunt of mine would come visit from out of state. She would bring my sister and I each a $2 bill. It was a real treat for us as those were the only two dollar bills we ever saw. From time to time I'll leave a zip locked $2 bill in a cache that has a lot of good kid stuff in it. When the state quarter for my state first came out I bought a roll of the new quarters and opened up a geocache for exchanging state quarters. I kept if full of quarters from my state. The first few months it was a popular cache because no one had seen that quarter yet. During that time I left my state's quarter and a signature card in a number of caches. I never traded them, just left 'em. Now that my state's quarter is old news I don't do that anymore. Otherwise I do not leave money in a cache.
  15. I use a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx and really like it. Works well with GC.com. Geocacher University has FTF certificates plus a lot of other stuff and information.
  16. GCVCAK - Bugsy's Bar N Grill is by far the best container that I have seen in the wild. One thing for sure, an incredible amount of time was spent making it.
  17. Lately I’ve been finding a lot of stock certificates. For sure not my favorite, I never take them. Seriously, I like signature items, especially sig cards and wooden nickels.
  18. Sherman. He is a 9-year old golden retriever.
  19. In the late winter, but no snow on the ground, I was looking for a cache in a bush in a very small park. I wasn't making very good progress because of all the foot traffic in the area. Then a homeless guy came up to me and offered to pick up all the litter in the park. He was sure that we could agree upon a price. He wouldn't take no for an answer, finally I had to leave. If he had known about the cache I'm sure he would have bargained for it.
  20. So far I haven't found it necessary to carry a weapon while geocaching. However, years ago I frequently fished in an area that was full of rattle snakes and I carried a .357 Mag loaded with snake shot. Fortunately I never had to use it.
  21. Maybe get an NRA Member sticker. Near my home there is a park & ride at a light rail mass transit station. They have no end of trouble with people breaking into the vehicles there. It doesn't matter if it is nice or a beater, parked up close or far back, the thieves will break into anything and hope for a prize under the seat or something. A few have taken to leaving their cars unlocked so that a window won't get broken. At the job, we have security cameras watching the parking lot and a roving patrol keeping an eye out for theft and cars still get broken into. Sometimes the whole car is taken.
  22. The first few times I loaded up the coordinates into the GPSr and set out without even looking at the maps first. Well, that didn't work in a hurry. Still using paper, I started using the wife's StreetPilot to get me near the cache then the old 12XL to find it. After about 100 finds and a couple of dead trees I played around with a few things then settled on GSAK and Cachemate. I'm running Cachemate on a Pocket PC that I already had. I upgraded to the 60CSx and bought the maps (City & Topo) for it so I don't need two GPS receivers anymore. No longer do I take paper with me, not even a paper map, but I do plan out my caching trips. I pick an area, check it out online with maps and satellite, pick the first one of the day, etc. I try to plan it so that I can use the Find Next feature of the 60CSx. My daughter uses her iPhone and GPSr. She even logs her finds online from the cache site. She has full web browsing in her hand but, I think that the monthly price for that is way too expensive.
  23. When I was using an old Garmin 12XL I'd delete them right away, they got in the way for finding the next closest cache. I'm using a Garmin 60CSx now and it allows you to tag a cache as found so it doesn't get in the way of finding the next closest cache. Some time later on, not necessarily the same day, with a couple of button pushes the 60CSx will delete all found caches at once. I frequently blow them all away, found and not found, and load it up again from GSAK, same with the PocketPC and CacheMate. This is because the caches in my area undergo rapid changes, new ones added, old ones archived, disabled, etc.
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