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  1. Yes, if I didn't read the description wrong: the place I was too close to was the parking lot of a multi stage.


    But then again, considering the other posts:

    It isn't too unlikely that the final of that very same multicache may be near the start, the coordinates not published... so: i still may be too close to the "real" final coordinates ;-)


    Thanks for the brilliant hints I received!


    All of that makes a lot of sense.


    My first cache find dates back from the time when I went "hey, there's a cache in my city"- time and we wouldn't have dreamt of a time where you would have to obey DISTANCE RULES to avoid too dense cache spacing ;-)

  2. Hello,


    I hav tried to place a cache, but received an info from the reviewer that it was placed too close to another cache. I was not aware that my cache (simple traditional box) needed to be distanced from each waypoint of any other cache, so didn't observe the distance to a parking place for another multistage.


    After learning that not only the final need to be distanced from the next final, I tried annother place which showed a sufficient distance to the next cache according to my GPS.


    Yet, I received another reviewer comment that it again was too close to another waypoint.


    Now I am at a loss:


    Do I seriously need to solve all surrounding multistages to learn wher a waypoint is located prior to placing my cache? Obviously, checking my current position against the published waypoints of other caches is not good enough.


    Is there any other way checking the distance of my cache against all surrounding waypoints than actually solving each and every cache in the vicinity?


    Unfortunately, the reviewer to whom I asked this question doesn't respond any more- it seems he can't be bothered with trivial questions such as this...

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