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  1. Go to your TB page. There is a drop-down box that says 'recalculate distance' by default. If you click it, there is another option called "mark item missing".
  2. Assuming windows, Paintbrush. Open your image, "Image" menu ->Resize/Skew --> Enter % reduction. Or for a more features, download (Free) paint.net (http://www.getpaint.net/)
  3. See Rothstafari's follow-up post, above. In the circumstances you describe, I bet that your local volunteer cache reviewer would be happy to remove the "needs maintenance" icon after seeing that you've addressed the maintenance issues. Not all adoptive cache owners are as charitable as you are. I have been caught in the middle of the situation where the original owner has resurfaced long after the adoption, gotten angry upon seeing that their cache listing was "stolen," and the new owner not wanting to give it back. It is a difficult situation and one which I do not care to repeat ever again. It made me regret my role in processing the adoption. I can see this being a problem. However, this will also cause a lot historic caches to get archived unless the community keeps them going. This is why I really wish we could have co-owners on caches. It doesn't strip away ownership but it does allow someone else to help maintain the cache. Perhaps a cache could be assigned a "Cache Stewart" until the true king/queen of the cache returns to claim his/her throne?
  4. I usually cache with anakerose. We will almost always move trackables when found, but only one of us will take and the other will discover. Most of the time, it will travel with both of us.
  5. Closest unfound Cache: 0.51 km (there are several multis that just appeared and/or are currently stumping us) Closest enabled traditional cache: 6 km
  6. In canada, GPS devices are permitted as carry-on or in checked luggage. I took the GPS in my laptop bag a few weeks ago. http://www.catsa-acsta.gc.ca/english/trave...yage/list.shtml (about 1/2 way down under electronics). I believe the US would be similar, but I don't know where the US equivalent list is.
  7. Warning: The following is technical in nature. May cause confusion and dizziness. The reason your username comes up with is a technical issue. In posting this reply, the URL looks like: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...mp;qpid=3408597 Notice that the & is used to separate different variables being passed back and forth. This page has an action of "Post", some code "02", and a number of other variables following (probably message identifiers). Looking at the PM form, it looks like the response is in the general form: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...me=yourUserName If this is the case, then Groundspeak may want to look into this issue further. If your username was LordEd&Cplus3, I believe it would send the PM directed to you at me instead. In the above example, it is trying to send a message to the user "E" (with an unused parameter "CPlus3" following). If the example is user=LordEd&Cplus3, then the email user is me, followed by the unused CPlus3 variable. If this forum package includes source (being PHP, it should be accessible), one solution would be to substitute the & character with a reserved or delimiting character instead of '&' until it passes through the URL encoding and sends the message.
  8. 1. Went to my profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=46...d8-9c44e82cc785 2. Clicked "Geocaches" 3. Tried to click "Traditional Caches (on either side)" 4. Wound up at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...7&ul=LordEd with error message "ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified." Anybody else have this? Looks like a bug in the sql statement to me. Found it while attempting to read somebody's profile Tested in firefox and IE just to be sure.
  9. Create 9 multi caches with 5 stages each. At the last stage of each of those, add clues that are required to find the points on the last bonus multi cache. This way, there are 10 caches in the area. If one part of one multi goes down, other parts can still be found until it is fixed. Also, it gives you a bonus cache that can only be found when all 50 stages have been found.
  10. Note to inform others of the potential snow issue as was done Note or no log DNF: made an effort As long as I make a reasonable effort at a cache, I will usually log a DNF for each attempt. i remember one hiking style cache that we attempted to get to, but could not find the path up the mountain. Since we didn't get within 100m of the cache, we just logged a n ote. There are a few caches in this area where I have 3 or more DNF logged entries. As a cache owner, I like to see DNF entries (or any log entry). It lets me know that the cache is still being attempted and could indicate a problem. On one of my difficult caches, I tend to get email questions of a not-found attempt with no DNF log entry.
  11. I believe I traded my yacht with parrot for a personal jet at GC13809.
  12. <RANT> Looks like my coin didn't get very far. I got a Hockey Geocoin for Christmas and decided to release it in a Mystery cache. Unfortunately, that cache was muggled the next day. I thought it was reasonably well hidden when I left it, but I guess not. Anakerose is going to check the creek for wreckage, but I highly doubt it is going to be around. Looks like the only mileage its going to get is what I gave it. I place a curse upon my coin. May those who have intentionally stolen or lost it stub their right baby toe every Thursday. </RANT>
  13. Too me awhile to warm up to the idea because I wasn't really a hiker. But now I'm totally addicted! I've even lost weight by getting out in the woods and hiking around.
  14. I love caches in really OLD cemetaries. There's one around where I live (Okanagan Valley in BC) that is in a hertiage cemetary with the graves of the first settlers to the area. It's really interesting to see all the different headstones and old buildings that are on site. Some of them still have flowers on them from family members. It's a part of the local history so I feel it's a good place for a cache. As long as you don't place it in a spot where you'd be walking on the graves or right on someone's grave (unless they're your ancestor).
  15. A previous post said that the last 5 had the same problem. If you can recover the cache with pliers without destroying it, and are able to re-hide how it likely was originally hidden, then it shouldn't be a problem. It would have the added benefit of making the cache accessible to others since the owner hasn't found it worthwhile to fix the cache, even though the last 5 (now 6) have had issues.
  16. I have an assist on hiding an evil cache. The GPS takes you straight to a park bench on a pier, which may lead you to think that its yet another park bench magnetic keyholder cache. The cache is an ID capsule hanging below the pier, tied to the bench by fishing line (very invisible even when looking).
  17. Random thoughts... A solar panel could be used to: - power a circuit - trigger/switch something with a different power source Aha... random idea. I have seen a few 'combination lock' caches, or cache containers attached to posts. How about the "Urban Sunset" cache. Cache container is a box with a battery inside, an electronic timer, and a small solar panel placed out of reach or somewhere not necessarily easy to access (run up a power pole?) When there is not enough light for the solar panel, it triggers the switch allowing the cache to be opened for a pre-determined amount of time. After an amount of time, the lock re-engages.
  18. In my area, we frequently find "The ubiquitous, but obligatory, rubber chicken" .
  19. If I go to a cache area and make a reasonable effort, then I will log a DNF. I might have multiple DNFs on the same cache (did that on a particularly tricky cache) but each visit with effort gets a log of found or not found. The only time I edit logs is to make slight changes or to add pictures.
  20. We just bought an Explorist 210 and we are very happy with it. You can store 300 caches in it (it has geocaching built in, you just have to get the files from the website). I was thinking of going with the 500 LE because you can put an SD card into it, but it was a little more than I was willing to spend on it. We found the 210 retail at Walmart for $149 CDN. Anything lower than the 210 and you can't hook it up to you computer.
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