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  1. There are odd things going on in Southeastern South Dakota in addition to the GPAs. It seems that certain caches in State Parks and Recreation Areas are deemed to be "too dangerous" or "harmful to wildlife". The "landowner" requested that these caches be archived. Funny thing is that one of these caches was the only cache at Palisades State Park until a naturalist who is brand new to geocaching and can't get her coordinates right placed three caches of her own in the park. I am planning to inquire as to whether she is the only one authorized to place caches there, and if so, why? I seriously do not get what the State's problem is with geocaching. But as someone said awhile back, there are many, many places to hide caches. If the State doesn't want us on "their" (I thought it was "our") land, I'll be happy to stop buying park stickers. -- PrairieHounds Ann

  2. I'm from South Dakota and will be driving to Appleton WI next week. I plan to do the "Cache along a route" thing, but I'm looking for suggestions for not-to-be-missed caches in the La Crosse and Appleton area. In particular, I need good TB locations as I will be bringing some TBs that are headed further east. If there are TBs in your area that are headed west, I'll grab them for my return trip. I'll be travelling Hwy 21 to Oshkosh, then north on Hwy 41 to Appleton. Would prefer to keep terrain and difficulty no greater than 3.


    PrairieHounds Ann

  3. If you're going to be travelling I-90, and "shock and awe" means great scenery, and you're willing to take a short side-trip, I'd recommend the caches in the Garretson SD area (southeastern SD just across the MN border).


    Split Rock 2 GC13CYT

    Devils Micro GC13CZH

    Gulch Cache GC13YKT

    Devil's Gulch Cache GCGACJ

    cleft GCJFC2

    The King GCTV5A


    Sioux Falls has hundreds of caches. Falls Park has a few, and is worth the trip for the beautiful surroundings and other attractions. Dell Rapids is a very scenic area about 15 miles north of Sioux Falls with around a dozen caches.

  4. I posted a message in my eastern_sd_geocaching Yahoo group.


    Shark Bait 1 is serving our country in Iraq. His GCRAFG Spirit of Casey Jones Cache is in dire need of maintenance. It is an ammo box but it keeps filling up with water. I did this cache last month and it is in a neat location. Can a local cacher help him out by replacing the container and log book?



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