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  1. I bought 2009 NT from TigerGPS and got the free upgrade. THe Garmin rep just set it up for me and I choose the disc in case I do a reinstall. The disc arrived in less than a week.
  2. They are VERY similar in terms of capabilities. Biggest differences I know of is: Button Location - 76CSx has the buttons on top while the 60CSx has the buttons underneath the screen. Size - 76CSx is a little "bigger" because of how things are arranged. I think they have similar height Buoyancy - The 76CSx will float with the batteries in, the 60CSx is at best neutrally buoyant depending on the batteries. I like the feel of the 76CSx in my hand better, and it floats since I use it while kayaking. But here is a good thread about the two. The guts are nearly identical. Find both and see what you like best in your hand, and if you want the buttons above or below the screen. Here is thread on the comparison between the two http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;hl=comparison
  3. My guess is they like the trackback option. I find it handy sometimes when we are out hiking trails. Others just follow the breadcrumbs on the map, and don't use the trackback option. Then the loss on the CO is not a big deal. I don't know what other features people would like for hiking.
  4. It might, I have not seen that much variance in the read speed, only in write. I think it was mentioned in one of the FQ's for a 60/76 that any card would perform about the same.
  5. Usually Hi-speed cards are based on writing to the card. Your GPS just reads from it usually. I don't think it matters as much as for cameras.
  6. Sorry, the OP already stated he understood the H, C, and x designations. I only listed the otehr features that are different between the lines. I just gave the line name since if you know what H, C, and x means saying Vista and Vista HCx isn't required. Since those differences are given at the end. I thought he meant what is the difference between a Venture and a Legend, when asked that question I would assume you would be meaning the current H versions, since the others are hard to find, outside of ebay. ETA: Holy crap, I can't believe you can still find a Vista without a color screen and built in memory. WEird never ran across one on any of the stores I frequent.
  7. Etrex H - Basic unit that connects through serial and doesn't have a color screen, nor can maps be loaded on it, has a high sensitivity reciever. Etrex Venture HC - Built in memory for maps, connects through USB, color screen, high sensitivity reciever Etrex Summit HC - Built in memory for maps, connects through USB electronic compass and altimeter., color screen, high sensitivity reciever Etrex Legend HCx - MicroSD card to hold maps and store data, connects through USB, color screen, can do turn by turn routing with the appropriate maps, high sensitivity reciever. Etrex Vista HCx - MicroSD card, color screen, ectronic compass and altimeter, auto routing, high sensitivity reciever. All but the basic Etrex H has a geocaching mode. As on the end, H means the high sensitivity reciever, you want this. You will be able to get a signal in difficult areas like under dense forest cover. H - high sensitivity C- Color Screen x - expandable memory You need to to decide what features you want. - Turn by turn auto routing? - Expandable memory to store maps? - Electronic compass & altimeter? - Color Screen. Then you can decide what unit you want. Here is a comparison on Gamins Site of all the Etrex H lines https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?comp...compare=compare Here is one showing the differences between a Vista and a Vista HCX https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?comp...compare=compare ETA: Changed to proper names after Red's comment and added link to comparisons on Garmin's site.
  8. CivilVet

    What should I do

    Ok thanks, then I will order it today. I just want the most up to date maps, but another seller has a better price and better shipping.
  9. CivilVet

    What should I do

    Around here it is mentioned if you but the 2008 version of City NAv you can get an update to 2009. Is this because you get one free update? Or is the update offered only because the new release is coming out? So would I be better off to buy 2009 straight from Garmin and then save the update for 2010?
  10. Office depot has the nuvi 260 on sale for $200. Here is the link. http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/4787...GPS-Navigation/
  11. CivilVet

    Legend USB cable

    In EasyGPS under Edit->Preferences->Geocaching. Then change the waypoint drop down option from Geocache ID to Geocache name. And that should work. Then you will have them by name rather than I#. Hope that helps
  12. It shouldn't matter. USB gives a limit on what can be pushed through a connection so that any usb device can be hooked up to any computer without getting fried. Any USB car charger should function properly with the Vista. I know my 76CSx works fine with my charger for my phone which is mini USB B.
  13. Also you can download all the points you want from the website by clicking on the check box to the left and get them as a single .loc file. You can then use GSAK or EasyGPS to put stuff in the comments field like container size and ratings. And send the whole shooting match to the GPS.
  14. I don't have those maps yet but I do know MetroGuide doesn't support auto routing natively. That could be the problem. Are you using either MetroGold or MetroWhizz? Because right now I think you are transferring the waypoints to the unit and then it goese to route to them, you don't have any routable roads to follow. So it gives you as the crow flies. Is is analogous to using Topo for doing this sort of thing. It can't follow the roads since the maps are just a background image to it. ETA: Metrogold and metrowhizz both turn the autorouting on. You could look into using those products to make the maps auto routing.
  15. Those three units are very similar. However, they are slightly different. Each has a different form factor and feels different in your hand. The controls are different in terms of buttons and controls. The 76Csx will float with the batteries in it, the other two are at best neutrally buoyant. The 76 and 60 have a slightly bigger screen. And have the tide tables built into them. Go find them somewhere and hold them in your hand and decide which on feels better and which one has the control layout you like.
  16. I vote for Iowa and Maine
  17. I have one question about the interface on the CO. Can you use the rock n roller controller through a cover? Like if I have it in a dry pouch for kayaking can you use the controls.?
  18. I use the electronic compass and find it very helpful. But you have to calibrate every time you change the batteries and then once in a while in the field. While holding the GPS level isn't the best for signal, I have never noticed a significant change in accuracy due to it not being vertical. Once you are within about 10-15 stop looking at the GPS and look around.
  19. Well Palm is dropping support for the OS and only making units with Windows Mobile. Anyone use the HTC 6800 (Mogul) I really like it, it has built in GPS, runds windows mobile so you have lots of programs, and full keyboard. But does anyone use it for caching?
  20. There will always be piracy, but if you make it more convienent to get it legitimately then most people won;t bother breaking the law and going the pirate route. Some will, but those are lost causes or people who want ot prove they can brek the system. Offer states and regions for things like the TOPOs fora reduced price. Go back to the two unlock codes, that seemed reasonable, or allow the purchase of additionaly unlock codes for like $20-30. Homemade maps are completely legit in my book, I own the hardware, I can do with it whatever I want.
  21. CivilVet

    survey conversion

    Timpat, thanks I thought they were bearings, but I haven't done surveying in like 6 years. If he gave the coords. of a starting points and then all the bearings and distances it can be done. But then agin if he has a starting point he could walk it off by doing projections, I think.
  22. CivilVet

    Sending to GPS

    I use EasyGPS and you can set the thing to either give the Name of the Cache or the cache number.
  23. One of our locals was talking to the big GPS stores and they said that returns were high when they first came out, but have dropped to normal level for the past while. Most likely the "bad" units are already out of the system. I personally have not seen any "bugs" since changing to 2.51. No lockups, no incorrect operation. Personally, I'm also getting tired of people that don't own one coming on here and saying the unit is bad.... You are just perpetuating internet gossip. THe unit isn't bad, I like some things about it, but it doesn't have features that are valuable to me and currently isn't worth the cost without those features. Features are what makes a piece of electronics useful. the CO is better on some things, worse on others. A user needs to know about the strengths and weaknesses of each. I never said it was bad only 1) It isn't worth it FOR ME, 2) if I wanted one I would wait a few months. I have the same advice about any first gen electronics. Wait till it has been out 3-6 months to let them work out any hiccups in manufactoring and software. This has been true with the PS1, ipod, Xbox 360, the 60Csx I think had problems initially. YOu said the defective units were and issue, and 2.4 sucked, so why is it "gossip" to say wait a little while to let the first units and v2.4 to get out of the marketplace. From the posts here 2.51 sounds like good firmware, but I don't use BETA software. Example, I love Firefox, I hate the memory issues in v2, and all indications that the current version of v3 solves these issues. However, I will not load software below a release candidate at least, final version is better. I doubt I am alone in not using BETA software. But whatever, I am not going to argue about it anymore. My advice is still the same, check the features of the CO are they worth upgrading, use the list of GO$rs and reviews on the web.. If yes I would say wait a few months to minimize the chance of getting a defective unit, let 2.51 be installed so you don't have to flash the firmware, and let the "new gadget" price premium disappear.
  24. I thought you had to be a premium member to download hints, logs and descriptions. That has been described elsewhere as why it won't transfer those things over the link. If that is incorrect then my bad, it has been reported in numerous sources here and in reviews. Bugs: Lockups on power up, Sometimes geocaches are not loaded from GPX file into the Geocache list Backlight setting Plus I would want a fully QA version of the 2.51 firmware. Not a BETA version, since 2.4 seems to have lots of problems. ETA: Plus the number of defective units reported on these forums is too high for me to buy one right now. In 3-6 months that issue may have gone away.
  25. I know the difference between bugs and features, thanks. You're right, the newest BETA firmware does seem to solve the issues most people have had. But I also would NEVER recommend someone use beta software. So if I did not have a pressing need, I would wait until 2.51 is out of beta. Which is likely a matter of a few weeks. Yes what I said are features that aren't on the CO; however, those are important to me, much more so than having to keep a logbook. g-o-cachers website gives a LOT of useful information, and there are features that are useful that the CO does not have beyond just waypoint averaging. Like the ones I mentioned, and some of the missing features relate to navigation like the OP asked about. I have only played with a CO for a few minutes at a store since everyone I know has a Etrex, or 76 and none of them are looking to buy a new one. But based on the reviews on the web and this forum I have no incentive to upgrade other than the "coolness" factor of the new unit. Also IMO you have to be a premium member in order to fully use the geocaching features of the CO. If you aren't a premium member and don't want to become one, then you will still need a logbook for hints, and other notes. So until certain features get added I am in no hurry to upgrade, but the choice of ANY GPS unit has to be based on the features you want and need. Just saying it works for you is worthless, the same as saying it doesn't work for me. If the OP wants a CO he needs to look at the comparison and see if the advantages of a 60 is important to him. And then he needs to decide if the advantages of the CO are worth the $.
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