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  1. Well, I was glad to spot this post and add a needed unit to our family
  2. Anyone have a link for a good quality screen protector for this unit?
  3. I need to replace a broken screen on a Garmin Vista HCX ... anyone have a broken one laying around that might have a working screen?
  4. I'm looking for tips or heads ups for places to camp out or alternative places to stay .... We live in Blaine, my wife has been battling cancer for 10 years now and we don't have much extra money but would like to try to knock out some of western Wa. We plan on staying at some state parks but I'm wondering if there are other alternatives. I would welcome any thoughts and thank you all.
  5. I hated when they had the $5 a day / $50 a year pass years back .... my wife and I have two kids and one of the things we loved was visiting state parks. While that might not seem like a lot of money to some, it cut us off at the time due to health bills etc. I really wonder how much it may reduce tourism also. I am not positive but I think the old $50 a year state park pass was good for two vehicles? I guess it doesn't matter at this point, but I sure hate to see access restricted to state parks with these fees.
  6. I spotted you and your license plate a year or so ago entering Bellingham driving north on I-5. I didn't have my gpsr on me at the time to hold up, and my wife was driving and would have thought I was nuts if I said pull behind him and flash your lights, lol. Maybe next time we'll get to meet.
  7. That looks like a lot of fun! Wish our vehicle could make a trek like that .... congrats on a great #100
  8. As we were out poking and prodding into mysterious places all day today something had been poking and prodding around our home base. Upon return we found Unit #075 lurking in the depths of our mailbox. Did it cross over the border from Canada or come from the South or East? We don't know but have assured it is safely secured when it isn't being examined more closely by us. What a treat! Thanks for the visit!
  9. Put me down for a set of 5 please!
  10. I would definately be in on a new batch of the small version jellies
  11. Congratulations on getting the green light to hold this here in WA ..... very exciting news!
  12. Posted pages ago but would still love to be added!! Hoddevik
  13. Please add Hoddevik if at all possible, thanks!
  14. Excellent! Thanks for the update ... hope things are getting back to normal for you.
  15. What ever happened to these? Did you ship them? We never recieved ours here. Hoddevik
  16. My wife and I recently went to an event cache that encouraged a second smiley for finding a temporary night cache. I'd never done a night cache, and would have liked to ... and even though it was probably fairly 'lame (ez)' we opted not to even do the night cache. Sure we could have found it and not logged a second find, but to me it was a better option just to attend the event and NOT have anything to do with the temp cache. I didn't say anything in my log of that event about choosing to only log my attendance, and not a 2cd as I just didn't really want to get into it, but if anyone were to ask me it is LAME.
  17. Congrats Mouskakat!!!! and KeeWee also!! and The Amigos !!
  18. Happy Halloween !!! Congrats to the latest who have recieved or found one of the CCC coins
  19. Happy Halloween .... especially hope those with young kids had a fun night!!!
  20. They look great!! Very crafty ... I've been mulling over different ideas for a sig item and as the weather gets wetter and colder I'll hopefully get some supplies and start trying some different things.
  21. It's a blast reading about people getting these ... congratulations to the latest bunch of recievers.
  22. I like 8a the most, followed by 9 and then 2b
  23. We are headed to a Halloween event this weekend (GeoBoo 2007) and our pumpkins are ready for carving ... hope we end up getting spooked!
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