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  1. i think geocaching, like CBs will continue to be very popular... I see CBs on quite a few vehicles here in NJ... and any serious off-roader has a CB in their rig... we use them on every trail ride we do, and are getting more & more people interested in them at the same time.. sure, geocaching will explode then slump, then it will level out and be more like it was in the beginning - once th fad wears off, the serious people will still enjoy it.
  2. I usually TNLN when there's nothing of interest in the cache or because the cache is so small that none of my trade items will fit. I won't take unless I leave.... seems I've been finding pretty small caches lately and even the travel bug i have wont fit so i cant even leave it....
  3. quote:Originally posted by TotemLake:What I'm looking for is the real reason you even considered buying the GPS? What made you think... I wish I had one right now? Was it survivalism? Was it finding your way in? Was it finding your way back out? What's your story? Cheers! TL I bought mine because I go off-road quite a bit and did not want to get lost.... i discovered geocaching by accident while researching what allt he GPS terms meant. Now I'm hooked.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Team Tecmage (R&T):Why are there only 24 hours in the day? If we had, say 28, we could find some time to Geocache. try this link: 28 hour day THis is the way to go.... personally , i hate paople who post a 1.5/1 cache that is so well hidden that it takes 3 hours to find!!!
  5. quote:Originally posted by jshell:My SporTrak Map is always 3 minutes off from the real time. I manually set the time to the actual time but as soon as it interacts with the GPS satellites, it resets the time to 3 minutes off. Has anyone else seen this? I know GPS satellites have to be accurate to billionths of a second for accurate positioning. I have checked the time against Atomic Clock signal time and other time beacons. Any ideas? OK, stupid question time.. are you sure your clocks are accurate? were they set from the atomic clocks? I have an atomic clock (radio set) in the house i use as my master clock. I just checked my sporttrak map against the atomic clock - it's off by 5 seconds....
  6. making a cache hard to find is one thing.. making is so hard that you need to spend hours looking for it is another... when you have logged hundreds of finds, you may find this cute, when you have logged a dozen and are looking for a 1.5 rated cache and it is nowhere to be found, it is downright annoying.... If you are going to make it that hard to find, say so in the description..... don't just say "it is well hidden"
  7. quote:Originally posted by canadazuuk:Paired with a time restriction, some filter or report could be used to identify IP addresses that have created multiple userids... and while they are sitting out their waiting time, someone just turns them off! wont work... every time you connect to the internet your IP address can be diffferent.
  8. I posted a new cache, got the configmation e-mail. when i click the link in the message to check the page, it beings me to the main geocaching page - is there a problem with the site?
  9. The 1/1 caches are a good idea on the way to others.. i'l log any I can....
  10. I can't turn off WAAS on my sporttrak but i regularly see 3-5' accuracy when i have a WAAS signal.
  11. way cool.. i'd make the drive to maine to log that one! maybe even visit my sister while I'm up there...lol
  12. I can pack most of the state of NJ in my 8 megs... NYC on the other hand takes up almost 5 megs by iteslf.. depends on road density....
  13. I use it.. i use my GPS in the truck all the time.. i notice when I have a good WAAS signal and a least 5 satellites it is extrmely close to the mark (puts me right on the road on my display) when WAAS isnt available I am almost always off the road by as much as 50 feet, even if I have 8 satellites... of course I am on the east coast so the satellite is easy to hit.
  14. i have one question.. why worry about it? carry spares, use rechargeables, dont worry about battery life.....
  15. magellan sportrak map - with vehicle map and surface streets loaded....
  16. 20m?? i dont know about etrex, but for my GPS if i set it to metric, that would be 20 meters..... mine actually says "miles"
  17. the GPS altimeter will be more accurate the more satellites you have.. i have seen it vary as much as 30 feet at my house... there are alot of factors.. even one that reads atmospheric pressure will vary due to the weather.. use it as a general guide, not a rule.....
  18. OK.. this is funky.... i just downloaded the track points into my mapsend streets... when the "glitch" occurred, it had me all over the map.... as far away as 3 miles from my actual location. each time it would reacquire, it would jump, then after about 10 seconds it would jump back to my actual location. i saved the file if anyone is interested in looking at it.... its a .trk file (from mapsend streets)
  19. nearest base is 30 miles away.. its fine now.... did it once yesterday morning - it didnt start doing this till recently. it doesn't even lose long enough for the GPS to realize it.. im using a sporttrak map.
  20. I was in open air, traveling the GSP - or in a big parking lot... nice clear view of the sky, standing still , or moving - made no difference. it seemed to do it more frequently when traveling north or east, and not so much traveling south. a few times, after it reacquired the satellites, my fix shifted significantly - far enough that i couldn't figure out where the he*# i was according to the GPS. It has not done it since.. this was yesterday late afternoon that I saw this. I was neat AC international airport - within 20 miles of it when it seemed to be happening the most.
  21. i noticed today for about 45 minutes, every 30 seconds or so I lost all 4-6 staellites at once, then they came back online.... hasn't done it since this afternoon. has anyone else seenthis? i'm in NJ. i was beginning to think it was my GPS, but its fine now.
  22. going for my first cache tomorrow if all works out.... i'm the IT director fot a payroll company.
  23. why not just buy the one they make? i found it for like 17.00 online
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