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  1. I've been playing with RoboGEO, trying to decide whether to use it to geotag pictures I take while on the hunt. Basically, i'm setting a waypoint when I take a picture, instead of using a recorded track.


    I'm having a problem getting RoboGEO to import the waypoint file That I created with the Garmin. I'm using EasyGPS to export the waypoints as a GPX file, which I then attempt to import into RoboGEO. RoboGEO refuses to import the file, because it says the waypoints have no timestamp. Looking at the waypoints in EasyGPS, I see that the timestamp is in a comment field.


    Is there a workaround for this problem, or does RoboGEO simply not read waypoint files from Garmin units?


    Thanks for your help.

  2. If i was to get the National Geographic or my own freemaps that ive read, I assume these dont go in Via Mapsource.


    Be careful on National Geographic and similar map software. NG will tell you that there maps 'work with' verious GPS units. What they generally means is that the software can download waypoints and routes, but not maps! If you get non-Garmin software maps, make sure the maps themselves can be downloaded to the handheld, and get a return commitment if that provies not to be the case.

  3. Many will tell you that the City navigator software is the best. Others say topo is better. I like both.


    I'm one of those who likes topo better. For one thing, the maps don't require 'unlock keys'. My understanding is that the City Navigator software is locked to the GPS unit on which it is installed. In the past, Garmin has provided two unlock keys with the software, but there seems to be some question about whether that will continue after June 1. I just upgraded my GPS unit after having the old one a month--I would have been pretty upset if my maps had been locked to the old unit.


    If you get topo maps, do be aware that they don't show streets in the same level of detail as Garmin's street maps. Their primary purpose is to show topography--elevations, streams, and so on, but not trails or paths, or even all streets.


    To get an idea of what Garmin's topo maps show, you can go to their website and view online samples. It's the best way to avoid disappointment and frustration when the topo map doesn't show the trail that you are on.

  4. The PC software that came with the Vista will do it. If you bought Garmin topo maps, then the Garmin MapSource program will do it. Or, download EasyGPS (free, download at http://www.easygps.com).


    Basically, you download the waypoint file from Geocaching.com to your PC. Then, open the file in one of the programs mentioned above. Then, use the 'Send to Device' or similar menu function to download the waypoint to your Vista. Much easier than keying them into the unit!

  5. I'm not sure if you can request a gmail account directly from www.gmail.com, but if not, drop me a PM with your email address, and I'll send you an invitation to try it. Note: I only have a limited number of invitations, so please don't everyone jump on the bandwagon!


    You can get a Gmail account directly--they require a mobile number

  6. Hi Ringo, nice to meet you :rolleyes:


    And to think I just changed my user name and didn't come up with 'Ringo'. Oh well, it avoids a lawsuit from Mr. Starkey, I suppose. :huh:

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