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  1. I am travelling to Germany this summer, and I plan on doing some geocaching. I was wondering if North American GPS (specifically eXplorist 400) will actually work in germany. I was there last summer and could not pick up any signals. Is there any way to change the settings on the GPS to work in europe? or am I just out of luck
  2. I have solved the epic mystery. I reset my gps, and VOLIA they worked i now have 100 caches nearest to me which I got on my gps in less than 5 minutes. Plus Vantage Point lets me edit hints and baisically anything in the cache. After spending hours last night try to figure this out when it finally worked I was screaming and walking around like Tom Hanks screaming "I have made fire" Thanks alot everyone
  3. Yeah I was thinking about doing a reset however my Mapsend Topo canada cd is messed up and I dont want to lose my basemap while I wait for a new CD. I checked to see if I had Geocache Icons enabled, and I did, Its only .gPx icons im having trouble with, .loc files work
  4. Okay I have posted earlier about how I could not get .gPx files to work. I tried using vantage point and uploaded a packet query onto it. I can see the files, I can set the query file as active, I can see all the information, I can even view where the cache is with the cursor when i select "View", however there is still no Icon appearing on my screen to show me where the geocaches are once i move the curson. Any suggestions? Btw I have a Magellan eXplorist 400
  5. Its really strange, the files are going on with vantagepoint, and i can now actually access the file on my gps, turn them active, see all the information, but I just cant see the icon to know where it is (which is a crucial part of geocaching). ummm what is Trolling?
  6. I wonder if I called magellan (i know they have bad customer service) would they be able to help me out
  7. Do you think if I do 200 caches at once the icons will start showing up?
  8. Haha that is what i used to use, however (this is where my face turns red) my CD is missing in action
  9. One gpx at a time i figured i would simplify things first
  10. alright thanks for your help, seems it would have been a whole lot easier if I hadnt of got a membership and stuck with .loc files
  11. Ive used vantage point to convert them to .gs files
  12. Thats the problem, I know how to set it as active, i do it with loc files and it works but when i turn .gpx files active they display no icon
  13. Yeah I have but the icons still do not show up
  14. Okay it seems the problem is that there is no icon appearing on my magellan when they are uploaded any suggestions?
  15. Okay so I became a member so I could use .gPx instead of .LOC files to have all the information like hints and what not displayed. However I have tried sending the files to my GPS but they wont open ive tried straight click and dragging them into my gps, ive tried sending them with Geobuddy, and Easygps but none will work. Any suggestions??
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