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  1. Lets see, I have gone after a local puzzle cache that was inside a business. A puzzle cache that took me right outside a business. And a TB race that had its container inside the State Welcome Center. So, I know our local reviewer has been good about things. Shoot, I have contacted my local reviewer about a few ideas only to have them shot down for too much work involved in the maintainence. I have had to contact the reviewer to explain more about what it is the cache is doing. I have even sent him a list of what all caches I have checked on and found that they were indeed destroyed. Of course, I always spend a month or so trying to find the owner first, but that is a different matter. So, break out your email and write that reviewer a note. You will be surprised to find that they are just people trying to work inside the rules like the rest of us are.
  2. IHOP and Panera Bread jump out at me. Just a matter of eating at places that help you.
  3. Nope, getting network error right now.
  4. If you’re writing notes in GpxSonar, select the alternate keyboard (button marked [áü] next to the [Ctl] key). The degree symbol is where the 0 was on the standard keyboard. Much O Grass I Os
  5. And here I did it the hard way at Lowes
  6. And you missed a real fun trip. Wish we would have remembered a camera and a way to keep it dry.
  7. We just took the kids and nephew over to the 2 caches at the lake. It was real fun to find the one on the island. Now if the anchor would have held to the one under the water we would have gotten 2 smiley's each. Oh, and I have been waiting for a few months to go and chase these 2 caches.
  8. Parking at N 35 13.572 W 97 16.891, like I said, around 9 we are going to try it. Then there are a few others out there that I need to sign, then I am heading down to Slaughterville and Purcell we come home and get rid of stuff we don't need.
  9. A WiFi PCMCIA card is how I do that. Of course, my PDA has 802.11B and Bluetooth built in.
  10. Wet, the cache is underwater. The other cache nearby is on a island.
  11. Ah, you can use the subtle clues to find them also.
  12. Web-ling is another person who does most of his cache hunting sans GPS. It obviously can be done. I've found a few myself that way. Its probably much easier in hilly areas or other areas with a lot of terrain features. It might not be as easy in Kansas or Oaklahoma. Hmm, I am in Oklahoma, why would it be hard out here without a GPSr?
  13. John T, come on out to GCJGP9 around 9 in the morning, we are going to do both of the caches out on Lake Thunderbird. There are a few others out there that are super simple to find. Also, if you come out we can help you make sure you are doing this right. Oh, and if you come you will get wet, pack accordingly
  14. OK, so I can upload up to 64 Meg maps into the root directory of the SD card, right? And, the larger the map, the longer it will take to give me the detailed map when the map has to move?
  15. And if you just want to upload the caches then get GSAK
  16. Currently in at 290-295. So, at 6'2" I am one big man. Now, if you would have known me a few years ago at 385....... Caching, changed jobs, and started watching what I eat. Now, if only I could convince the wife to start loosing weight instead of just complaining about her weight.
  17. You know, when Chrysler first talked about the PT Cruiser it was suppose to have a FT4WD option, I have yet to see it come out. As for me, I only own Jeeps. So, the lowest ground clearance is the wife's ZJ. As for the Disco, hmm, get some lift.
  18. Would it be a premium member feature only?
  19. Well, if there is a perfect state I have not heard about it. Every state had good and bad laws. The best you can do is write your state representatives as was stated before. Personally I just roll with the punches on most of those type of laws. Oh, and I decided a different color was needed.
  20. Thanks, that is what I was looking for. Now if I can just figure out how to get the thing above the right spot I would be happy.
  21. 2 ran on the 5th and 1 ran on the 6th for me
  22. OK, since my kids have their own account I am trying to see if there is a way to show their founds/hides icon box in my profile. Does this make sense to anybody but me? I want to be able to see the wife and myself's stats, followed by the kids stats right below for each of them. I know this guy ( http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=77...1d-2fd14da16ecf ) did just the one box, but I would like to have 4 boxes total.
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