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  1. Thanks for the suggestions!!! I will be sure to fill you in which ones I decide to search for.
  2. My family and I are heading to Vegas for a few days in a couple of weeks and my brother and his wife want to do some hiking. Is there any hiking trails that you guys can recommend that have geocaches preferably with travel bugs.
  3. I felt that it would be OK as long as I honored the TB's travel plans but wanted to hear from some of the seasoned vets. Thanks for the quick resonse.
  4. There is a TB exchange cache that I found last year. I am going on a trip in the next couple of weeks and want to give a couple of the TB's in that cache some mileage. Is it proper etiquette to go back to the cache for the single purpose of grabbing a TB?
  5. I tried the 3.90 and has worked great for me this past week. I am actually go and look for some geocaches this week and feel confident it will work fine as it took me to some of my waypoints I have saved.
  6. The "D" on the sattelite position screen will show a D on the level indicators on the bottom of the bar's to indicate when you are recieving WAAS signal.
  7. Good for you for doing the proper thing. Poachers are spineless cowards that give real outdoorsman a bad name. I hope they run them through the ringer.
  8. I don't like the idea of it being in the cache as swag. To a certain extent it promotes the use of the product and should not be there in the first place. We have to be aware of our surroundings as there is an inherit risk when being outdoors. I for one think that it should have no part of the cache at all.
  9. How much would Garmin charge you to replace the screen? Being it is a scratch there is probably not much you can do without special tools.
  10. My worst fears were confirmed today. The owner of the cache posted that it had been muggled. Sad, as I had plans for one of the travel bugs. Does this sort of thing happen often? What was depressing the most id that there were 3 TB's in this cash. I feel for the owners and hope that they show up.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I went to find the cache and came back empty handed last night . I know I was in the correct area because I noticed fresh footprints. I think that ithe cache may have been muggled. I hope it wasn't as inventory show three travel bugs. I PM'd the owner and hope to hear back from them soon as I would like to try and find it again if it wasn't. I was batting a thousand until this cache. Oh well there will be others no doubt.
  12. I wou be interested , so count me in.
  13. That is what I thought. I agree that the person would prefer to see the TB do some traveling.
  14. I was curious if was frowned upon to take a tour bug from a cache without dropping one when the cache is considered an exchange? I see some have taken but didn't drop one at this particular cache but want to know if this is the norm within the geocaching community. This is the cache title- YellowHead Pond TB Exchange-YLHDAB. I found my first geocache 3 days ago my first time out and am hooked.
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