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  1. Why not have this pinned to save all the bumping
  2. Well no I wasn't going to keep it I was only joking about it being my prize! Anyway, thanks for your great advice I checked the coin again and it said 'www.geocachingwa.org'... I didn't notice the 'wa' the first time I looked. I have entered the details on the site. I noticed that it belongs to somebody in UK, I have suggested that they may also want to register it on this site as it appears to be moving about the country without always being logged.... now back to completing my logs!
  3. Yes....tried the O and 0 but . I wish I had paid more attention as to who signed the log before me. At least the cache is close by and if necessary I could go and take a look. I just thought it was funny because the date on the coin is 2005 - so I expected it to be active.
  4. Advice please. I found a geocoin yesterday in a cache which was a bit of a surprise as I was not expecting to find any coins or travel bugs there. I have entered the tracking number and I just get a messaging saying the travel bug does not exist in the system. It's a coin from a state in the US. How can I find out who owns it .... it was in my 50th cache - maybe its my prize
  5. You could say someting like, "My GPS gave a reading that adds 12 to the Northing and 17 to the Westing" Ah... Drsolly what a good idea. I shall do that if I can find my paperwork! Actually, I copied down the coords you had written in the log book as well to see how yours compared with mine. It was raining quite heavily by that stage and son.2 was urging me to get a move on! Glad to see you have gone to 3 stars, but I still have a headache!
  6. But what do you do on a mystery cache? I did one recently and I thought the coords were about 70' out but you get the coords from a series of clues. I mentioned it in my log, but didn't give the actual coords because otherwise I was giving everybody the results of the puzzle. Other folks had also mentioned it in the log at the cache.
  7. This is one near Tower Bridge which I can recommend - great place to do photos of the tower and a nice walk along the Thames : Look at all my Awards. Also some nice places to eat in the area.
  8. I am a newbie and have only so far swapped a pen for some latex gloves! As I had just picked up a bag of dog poop I felt the gloves were just what I needed. However, I have now started a box into which I am putting all sorts of 'goodies' which I can leave in caches. I am really not bothered about taking something out. I get loads of pens and stress balls from trade shows ... too many for me to use and I don't get that stressed - but I hope somebody likes them. Buying something in bulk is a good idea - I shall try and think of something other than torches. I have also started to carry some laminated cards about geocaching to put in caches which don't have one. I would like to think that I leave a cache in a better state than I found it! But I only sign the log and say what I took or left. I do my longer write up on the online log.
  9. aghhhh I might miss it - it depends on flight times but I might be on my way to Montreal. However, now I know when it is I might be able to get a flight early Sunday morning. It would be great to meet some of the local geocachers and maybe then I can use PAF to confirm whether or not I am on the right track before I go trudging off for miles!
  10. What is ... consistently swaps out for TBs? Just so that I make sure I don't do this!
  11. sorry to have gone off topic! Thanks for the advice. Now off to look for a good deal!
  12. Terrain ratings - Bavaria - 2 stars means it's up a mountain but you don't need ropes or specialist gear. London - 2 stars means chance of muggles and being overlooked from an office.
  13. I maybe a newbie... but even I have heard of Drsolly and Ladysolly. Wow only 11 months for a thousand - that is some going - brilliant I would be spinning cartwheels if I managed that - Congratulations. As I saw in Drsolly's profile geocaching is more fun than 'Circular Walks of the Chilterns'! My name has followed theirs in a few logs and it looks like I will be behind them in a lot more (no I'm not a stalker ). Drsolly is the cause of my headache at the moment as I ponder over the geocache which he recently set! Two stars for difficulty ... you must be joking!
  14. Have you come across Garmin Mapsource TOPO Great Britain V2? Yes, I have - would you recommend it. I was just looking for opinions as to which folks here thought was the best. I am planning to go to the London event on the 10th and thought I could also get some advice there. I'm also learning that paperless is the way to go....as my dining room table is drowning in a sea of paper.
  15. Oh good - I thought it was me doing something wrong. Sometimes I just have a compass face with no needle showing. And sometimes I just cannot get rid of the 'Hold Level'. Yes, they are £ for $. Before I got mine I checked Amazon USA and saw how much cheaper they were; for some reason they cannot send them to UK. I was able to get an American colleague to get mine for me. I am looking through the threads to see if I can find some advice about maps for the Garmin 60CSx. (I have been here for ages.... housework what housework?)
  16. I picked up a 'geocoin' which had travelled from the USA. Only it wasn't the physical geocoin but a 'dummy'. The owner had made a plastic laminate from photos of each side of the actual geocoin and sent that on its way. As I'm still a newbie I thought it was strange but maybe this solves the problem of it being 'pinched'.
  17. Amazed to find that Surrey was still available! I am delighted that I was able to bag it. I am there regularly and have a location in mind.
  18. Well, I got my First FTF this evening and it was exciting. I did worry that somebody else would beat me to it... but no I was lucky. I just missed out a week or so ago and was second. I hope I never turn into a shark but I can understand how it happens.... but then when I look about there are some that look straightforward (in the next county) which nobody has gone to do..... I could be tempted! But no, I am scratching my head trying to solve a Puzzle Cache which is near me and nobody has yet found!
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