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  1. unfortunately, the canine vaccine for lyme disease is not particularly effective and can itself cause an untreatable form of lyme disease. i found a tick on bucky the geojack last year and after consulting my vet, started treating all three of the geojacks with revolution.
  2. oh yesss! my geohat is covered in pins (including an earth turtle v1).
  3. i was there, i sang , and i can attest that everyone sang in tune.
  4. but will there be CHEESE??
  5. rosie the geojack at wacky wabbit's wall GCWZP7. all the jacks come with me geocaching and several times have been directly responsible for me making a find.
  6. the sun will rise tomorrow, the coins will come when they come. don't kill yourself over them.
  7. very nice coin, please add me to the list for sale/trade. thanx
  8. i'm happy to wait patiently for turtles to show up on my door step.
  9. it's not so much the shipping but the impropererly added 19% VAT for shipments outside of europe that is stopping me from buying coins.
  10. I have the Fox & the Hound if you're still looking yes i am. email sent
  11. WHAT? now there's 5 back in stock?
  12. all gone! managed to get 2. whew!
  13. looking to trade some coins. i have available: hammer of thor ( c ) bushwacking pirate sword (ag) cat got your cache b/w (g) rainforest jewel v2 ( c ) dorset gal & geodog (n) carousel horse ( c ) viking runestone (bn) kokopelli (bn) kuntry kashin (ss) slo trekker ( c ) blue cache agent (bn) coming soon: earth turtle 2008 (r/b/w) trade done looking for: cache counter quadrant cached & confused trade done fox & the hound 3 doxies blood hound gang berkshire sar lion dog tank hounds 2006 dogapotamus
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