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  1. OK, I certainly won't be leaving bubble mixture or anything that could leak :-)


    I won't be leaving anymore soap, though I did leave a mini Champney's soap (v posh and expensive make!) in Cara's College Cache in Regents Park. Hopefully someone will take it soon.


    My policy is that I am always going to trade up, and try to raise the quality of the cache loot that I find! ;) Besides, it's fun buying up nice little bits and bobs when I'm out shopping, and then checking the logs for the caches I've been to, to see if people have picked them up and appreciated them ;)


    I'd love to find mobile phone charms!

  2. Hi,


    I'm sure this question has been asked a lot before so apologies for bringing it up again! :(


    I've been thinking up cool things to leave in caches; things that people would actually welcome finding. I'd welcome any ideas/comments!


    Things I'm planning to leave, or have already left:


    Champneys soap

    Mobile phone charms

    London souvenir keyrings

    Hair clips


    Handy packs of patterned tissues

    Pingu and Tellytubbies badges

    Bubble mixture

    A light-up bouncy ball (this is fab, it glows red and blue when it bounces. I nearly kept it for myself!)




    Toni xx

  3. Oooh I know there are loads of caches all over the UK, it's brilliant. But, you see, I can't drive! I would be a bit stuck if I didn't live in London, cos it would be a lot more difficult to get to caches :P


    At the moment though I'm in Shropshire with another newbie cacher who CAN drive! We've just been out for a walk round Oswestry Racecourse and found 3 caches :)


    I hope that the Washers team won't be annoyed that I brought their JSAM coin back from London and placed it in a cache up here.....I have just realised that they probably come from here themselves! ;)

  4. Thanks!! I'm actually going to Shropshire next week and will be caching up there! I've got a travel bug to take with me too (Ed the Bear, currently sitting on my windowsill with a cocktail, living the city lifestyle - I took a photo for his log :laughing: )


    This is great, I've been walking so far it's going to help me get fit :laughing:

  5. Hi everyone,


    I'm Tonibunny and I just started caching after hearing about it on another forum.....I wish I'd found out about it ages ago! I love walking around exploring anyway and the thought of hunting for caches really appealed. I bought a basic Garmin GPS60 on Monday, and have been out looking for caches in London where I live. I've found 10 so far and it's Saturday tomorrow so hopefully I'll find more!


    Anyway, it's great to be part of this, and to "meet" you all :laughing:


    Toni x

  6. Hi everyone,


    I have a Garmin GPS60 (the most basic model) and am using the Mapsource software that came with it.


    Yesterday I was able to dowload .gpx files from geocaching.com, drag and drop them on to Mapsource creating a list of waypoints, and then transfer them all to my Garmin at once, no problem.


    However, today I am unable to input more than one .gpx file into Mapsource. I can drag and drop one, but when I come to add another, it asks me if I wish to save the previous one.


    Please help - I'm not sure what I'm doing differently to yesterday! I've got a folder full of .gpx files for the caches I want to go and find so I'm really frustrated :)


    Thanks for any advice,


    Toni in the UK x

  7. Hello! I'm new too, I hadn't heard about geocaching at all until last week when I read some messages about it on a forum I use (handbag.com - hi girls!) :rolleyes: The whole idea of it has really caught my imagination; I've bought a GPS and can't wait to get started!


    I live in Central London but also spend a lot of time in Shropshire so I will be able to look for caches in the city and the countryside too :huh:


    T xxx

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