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  1. If it is not too late, I would like to join in please - requesting #32. I've emailed the OP to ask if this is possible. Hope so! Tonibunny x
  2. Greetings from the UK! Here are some of my TBs.... Archie the Archer, currently travelling around medieval and Tudor sites in the UK: Little Bunkins (TB194XD), wants to travel to places where my ancestors lived: Doris the Anti-Cellulite Fairy (TB1CP2X), whose mission is to make girl cachers feel good about themselves: Little Lambkin the naughty gambling lamb (TB1CZJ0), who wants to visit Las Vegas (he's currently in California): Little Bald Russian Tat Dude (TB1CZF), an item of utter tat who wants to have his photos taken with other kitsch/rubbish items: Little George Bear (TB1CWRZ):
  3. Blimey! I was looking for a cache out in some remote countryside recently and my GPS seemed to point to a place that had some stones piled up in the middle of a grassy area. So, I assumed that the cache would be underneath those....instead, I a found a disntinctive looking item in a plastic ziplock bag. I pondered over it for a while, thinking a cacher must have left it there because the cache itself had gone, but then realised that there may be games other than geocaching going on, so I left it there. When I got home I looked up this item on the internet and found that I was right! The item belonged to a treasure-hunting game and hadn't yet been found by anyone taking part I emailed the guy running the game to let him know I'd found it and he was very grateful I'd left it there.
  4. Is there a definitive list of British geocoins anywhere? Which counties have their own coin? I'd love to start collecting them. Does Shropshire have its own coin? If not, would any Shropshire-based cachers be up for working together to produce one? I love this county with a passion
  5. WREXHAM???? Oooh, I'll be near there in a couple of weeks time!!!! I visit Oswestry regularly and have a couple of caches of my own around there Hopefully I'll get to go and look for your new cache - and I promise I always trade up if I swap items Good luck with it!
  6. Wow that sounds lovely, I'd be ecstatic to find a cache with so many nice things in it
  7. You get to the cache site and it's all dank and dirty and miserable, and when you reach your hand into the hollow to retrieve the cache you find that it's been muggled and the muggle has kindly left something utterly revolting (usually involving bodily fluids) for you to find instead Thankfully I've only ever had this happen once.....good thing I looked before I tried to grab the cache! I have since learned to wear thick gloves.
  8. I set up a puzzle cache here in London this weekend, and although I am dead chuffed that anyone would want to do it, it was particularly nice that a couple of people who haven't got a FTF before were the first finders I bet no-one bothers with it for several months now it's been found, but that's OK.....I'm sure there will be some people out there who will want to look round the National Gallery and look at some paintings as the spirit of the cache intends, rather than just racking up another find
  9. Thanks all I totally agree that it's nicest to send them out into the wild, so I'll be doing that....but I'll hang onto them to share at the London event at the beginning of next month, before I do. I really don't want to drill them, so I'll send them out in their wallets with clear instructions. I was impressed with the packaging you sent your Malpas coin out in, Malpas Wanderer....I may try to do something similar
  10. Hi all, I've recently bought a lovely little lot of geocoins, and I'd like to send them travelling but I scared of them being pinched.....so, I am pondering whether to hang onto them and just share them at caching events and meetings. That seems like a real shame though, and personally I adore finding coins in caches and will make a special trip to find a cache with a coin in it. What are people's thoughts on this? Is coin theft a real problem? Does drilling holes in coins really act as a good deterrant to thieves? I'd be gutted if mine were stolen. Thanks! Toni
  11. I had to abandon my attempt to get to the Shropshire Souvenir Cache at Nipstone Rock a couple of days ago, because of scary cows and bullocks in a field....it was a massive shame as I'd wanted to do this one for ages and we'd walked quite way towards it and were really quite close After being charged at by a herd of bullocks a few weeks ago and having to leg it over a stile and find an alternate route back to our car, we really didnt want to risk it again!
  12. I've joined.....I actually found the Geocaching stats app by chance a couple of days ago and had already added it. Thanks to Edgemaster for creating that, and to Ratty for setting up the Facebook group
  13. I'll come! I live in London and it would be great to meet you all
  14. Thank you Lactodorum! I am delighted, someone has already found the cache - Izzy and the Lizard King got FTF at 9.30 this morning
  15. Oooo sorry, the cache setting instructions said it could take a couple of days for caches to be reviewed, but I should have known that our UK mods would be super efficient Thank you!! Hope Lactodorum is enjoying his wine!!
  16. Oooo yours is nice Scaw! Maybe we could arrange to swap pathtags when I get mine made?
  17. I only submitted the form this evening so I guess it'll take a couple of days.....it's really exciting to see that people are looking forward to hunting for it though! There are some brilliant and interesting caches in this area so I had to really think to come up with somewhere as good, but I think people will enjoy going there
  18. Hi chaps, I've just set my first ever geocache, in a little churchyard in rural Shropshire I'm quite excited about this so I just thought I'd share I'm just waiting (hoping!) for it to be approved by the mods. I'm a little worried though because my Garmin GPS60 never seems to get very accurate co-ords - hopefully the ones I've given are within about 30 feet, is this OK? I've made the cache location hint really obvious so it shouldn't be hard to find this cache even if the co-ords aren't spot on. Toni xx
  19. Hi everyone, I've found several plastic or metal pathtags / geotags that cachers have left in caches they have found. Is it OK to take these, or are they intended as a "thank you" for the cache setter? I'd love to make a collection of these - it's great fun to find tags left by fellow UK cachers who I have heard of via this forum - but wouldn't want to take them if they aren't meant to be taken. I'm also thinking of having some personal pathtags made (metal ones from pathtags.com) - does anyone in the UK collect these? I found a "Graham & Sue" pathtag in a cache near my home and really admire it. Cheers! Toni xx
  20. Thanks Dorsetgal Am not sure what's going on as people don't seem to be able to see this...! Er...please can someone reply if they do? Ta! Toni xx
  21. How strange, I can still see the other post....it's just a few posts down in the list and Dorsetgal has answered it :s I think my computer may have gone bonkers....or maybe I have!!
  22. Thanks, both of you! I knew there had to be a really easy explanation.....*feels very dense* Cheers
  23. I'm sorry for asking such a dumb question.....but.... I'm getting on fine with putting geocache co-ords into my Garmin GPS60 via my USB cable, but I can't work out how to enter them by hand. I'd like to do multicaches where I collect co-ords as I go. Please can someone explain how to do this for me? I am very dozy today, and very blonde all the time Thanks!! Toni xx
  24. Sorry double post, my computer hiccuped!
  25. Hi everyone, A week or so ago I dropped off a pretty necklace in the Hardy Tree cache in London, hoping that it would go to a little girl who would appreciate it. I kept an eye on the cache logs to see if it had been picked up but someone has since mentioned that the cache was empty when they found it, no items in it at all There's also been a geocoin that's gone missing from this cache, and I was wondering if it's likely that muggles get to know where caches are, and check them every now and then and steal whatever they find has been left in them? It makes me really keen to make sure that I leave nice items only in caches that are seem very "safe" (ie in the middle of nowhere, like the Iron Age Hill Fort cache on Hopesay Common in Shropshire - I doubt anyone but cachers would find that easily!). I also found a cache today that was supposed to have a white Jeep TB in it, but the TB wasn't there. Looking on these forums I can see that the Jeep TBs are really desirable for some reason.....am I right in thinking that a cacher could have just taken it without logging it? I don't see why they would, but maybe these TBs are nice enough for a muggle to pinch too? Toni xx
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