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  1. Here's a better picture of my Violaberry coin.....please do add this to the wiki if you'd like to Astartus :laughing:




    These coins are for swaps/gifts only. I've just had the only one of these that I set free stolen within a day of release from a member-only cache in North Wales, so won't be sending any more out in the wild. I did get really upset about it, but whoever has taken the coin won't be able to activate it or even show it to other local cachers. I hope it brings them much joy :blink:

  2. Have I missed it? Can it be so?

    I live in the UK, in London, so far from you

    I have no idea what time it is where you are

    But I'll take the coin to Greenwich and get a photo of it on the Meridian for you if you'll let me off the fact that this last line is totally too long and doesn't rhyme or anything



  3. Mine arrived here in the UK today :) Thanks loads to Chris Rake for getting them to me in time for Christmas, and also for the gift of a snowflake! I found a 2006 Suncatcher in the wild earlier this year and thought it was gorgeous, so I jumped at the chance to own the 2007 version. I have one each of the gold and silver coins, plus a 12 Days of Christmas coin for the hell of it. They are all lovely, they're some of the nicest coins I own :(

  4. I have some of my personal Geojellies3 coins for trade, they're called "Violaberry" (cos I play the viola, heh) and are dark pink glitter on silver nickel. They're lovely, I'm very pleased with how they've turned out :-)


    If anyone's interested, I'd love to swap for other geojellies or for coins referring to UK history or places. I can be contacted through my profile. Ta!

  5. Hi Sarah, I would love to swap for one of your Berry Blue Martini jellies if you would like one of my Violaberry jellies :D I live in the UK though so no worries if you would rather not have the hassle of an international trade.


    This isn't a very good photo I'm afraid, but the colour is dark pink glitter on silver nickel.



  6. Is this waterproof, and can it be mounted on a motorbike? My boyfriend wants to buy something that he can use for geocaching, but he can also use as a satnav on his bike. We're not sure where to start looking. Thanks :laughing:


    ETA: Ah we've just had a look around the net and discovered that you can get a waterproof case and motorbike mount, so it's all good :mad:

  7. I received my coins last week, they are so gorgeous! I have the shiny gold LE version which is very special....I'm going to carry it around in my purse and the only people who get to log it will be other cachers who I meet in person. It'll be a nice record of people I have met :)


    Thanks for producing such a lovely coin!

  8. Oh hey, you sounded great Paul! I just listened to the recording on the Bolas Heathens site (thanks for making that available chaps!).


    My mum just rang me to say that "someone was on 3 counties radio talking about that geocaching thing you do", and she said you were really good at explaining what it all was as well B)

  9. I did a cache today that was located in a nature reserve/graveyard in London. The cache setter requested that, as there were famous people buried in the park, anyone finding the cache should find the grave of a famous person and write about that person in their log. Well, the cache itself had sadly been muggled (only the box was left) and I didn't have a lot of time so I couldn't go looking for anyone famous, but there are some really cool looking graves in this park so I took a few photos.


    I'm fascinated by genealogy and history in general, so when I got home I decided to look up a one of the inhabitants of the graves up in the UK census, to see where they lived and what they worked as when they were alive.


    I chose to look up a bloke with the fabulous name of "Erasmus Lawrence". According to his monument, he was "an old and respected inhabitant of the parish of Saint Luke's, having filled most of its important offices". He was "beloved in life, mourned in death". I figured he may have been a parish clerk or something....


    ....and it turns out that he was actually a bartender and publican for well over 30 years! St Lukes is the parish around Old Street, and Erasmus is listed as a "Retired licensed victualler" on City Road in 1871. He was the landlord of the City Arms on City Road in 1861. Ten years earlier he was a bartender and victualler in Norton Foldgate (just up from Bishopsgate, on the way to Shoreditch) and in 1841 he was a plumber.


    So yes, I'd say he did fill some pretty important offices! :laughing: Looks like his memorial inscription was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, but it's a joke that got lost in time. Now thanks to geocaching it's been found again :laughing:






    (more info: Erasmus was baptised at St Andrew's church, Holborn, on 23rd March 1806, the son of Erasmus and Mary. He had an older sister called Maria, baptised in 1803. His father served on a couple of juries for trials at the Old Bailey in the 1780s. Erasmus himself married Jane Yates (who is buried with him) on 25th April 1829 at St Dunstan in the East in the City of London (this church got destroyed in the war but there are gardens on the site now and there's a very nice cache hidden there!).

  10. On the subject of cheap (but decent) walking boots, Just thought I'd mention that if you have little feet, you migt be able to save a fortune by buying kids' walking boots.


    When I was shopping for boots the pair I wanted was £75, but then I saw the exact same boots being sold in the childrens section of the shop for £35. I'm a size 6, so I'm quite an average size for a female really :-)

  11. Cheers Dorsetgal! I love Shropshire because I have a lot of ancestors who came from there and I feel really "connected" to the county because of this. I feel so at home there. It's such a beautiful county and I love to tour around the villages where my ancestors lived, learning about the history of each place. So, hopefully I would be able to create a coin that really celebrates Shropshire :(


    Tonibunny, also a point to note is that all coins that celebrate British places are not necessarily made by British cachers, hence may not necessarily feature what one might readily associate with an area.


    Certainly the Stonehenge coin is an example of this and although it is a nice coin with nice icon, it actually is part of a worldwides series as far as I understand it. It has "Stone Circles of the United Kingdom" written on it. I am not certain but I think the Dartmoor one may have been made by cachers from abroad too ... perhaps someone could confirm? Edit: Dartmoor now confirmed to be a home grown coin [:)]


    Personally, I really like coins that are produced by the cachers of the area rather than those from other parts of the world. Home grown ones tend to be far more detailed and relevant in my opinion.


    In my experience, I have found that the British origin ones tend to be popular abroad. When I go to the States and parts of Europe for example, I always take a handful of my British ones and people really enjoy looking at them and discovering them.


    If you can find someone to colaborate with on a Shropshire coin, I suspect it would sell well ... if selling is your aim of course. Go for it!

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