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  1. Oh thank you so much! That's very kind of you, I love signature items
  2. Oh no don't sling it! He's gone to the trouble of having a nice little signature item made. It sounds lovely, I'll have it if you don't want it!
  3. This is such a shame! I have been working my way around the Flonopoly caches with a friend, but the last time we went out we found that some numbers were missing from the caches. We did send a message to the Firelanterns but had no reply.
  4. I bet you were using Geocache Navigator? If you haven't tried it yet you should look at Cacheberry. Even if you still want to use the Oregon as a GPS Cacheberry is great for paperless caching and logging finds (a bit like Cachemat, but better). Ta Dino, yes, I was using Geocache Navigator. Paperless caching isn't a problem with the Oregon though as you download all of the cache info as well as the waypoints onto it, and I prefer to write my logs when I get home so I can devote some quality time to them. I might look into Cacheberry if I go on holiday and can't get near a computer for a while though
  5. I have geocaching software on my Blackberry, which I used to use when caching in the City instead of my bright yellow GPS60 - you don't look such a tool walking around London carrying a phone in front of you! However, it's terrible for caching in the countryside. I do a lot of caching in deepest Wales, and it's often impossible to get a signal there. Also, using the Blackberry as a GPS drains the battery in double-quick time, and it's not very robust regarding rain/puddles/generally being knocked about whilst clambering over stiles etc. I have an Oregon now so I rarely use the Blackberry. It's nice as a back-up though - the other day the batteries went on my Oregon but we were able to use the Blackberry to find two other caches in the area before we headed home.
  6. I'm delighted, I started dropping my new signature bunnies in caches at the weekend and someone has just contacted me to say they picked one up and they really like it
  7. I'll do my best to be there, it'll be fab to have an event in Oswestry!
  8. Oh, he didn't complain, he just seemed really put out that a cache had been placed there. My friend edited his cache details to say that the multi was there, to try to encourage people to do that cache as well, but this chap didn't thank him or return the favour. It's a shame
  9. A while ago, a friend of mine placed a cache at a lovely historic little chapel he found, as he thought it would be nice to bring people to see it. However, he didn't know that people were already visiting this chapel, because it was the first stage of a 2 stage multicache that someone else had set up, that had been in place for a long time - that cache required you to visit and get some info from the information board there. My friend's cache is hidden right beside that board. The owner of that cache wrote a note which seemed a bit miffed because my friend had placed a cache there, and my friend felt bad as he didn't want to step on anyone's toes. But there's no way to know if you've placed a cache somewhere that is already being used as a multicache waypoint - is there? I've also noticed that recently a microcache has been placed at the same historical site that you end up at for a virtual, though that virtual's co-ordinates are a short walk away. It seems a shame that the new cache's owner wasn't able to tell that this site is already being visited by geocachers, but of course there wasn't a proximity problem because the virtual's starting co-ords are far enough away. Toni
  10. I like this idea! Good luck with it, it sounds like it could become a very interesting and useful resource
  11. This thread has inspired me, and I have just bought some bits and pieces to make my own signature items with! Watch out for them in caches around Shropshire and London soon
  12. The poor little darling, I'm so glad you found her! She wouldn't last too long outside on her own Fancy abandoning her, some people are scum
  13. Oh I'm glad you mentioned Tizzie's little bugs, they're lovely! I have two of them. I've also got a little thingybob made by Bunny Seal and a badge painted by the Boat People, which is really very special. It's so nice to find things that people have made. Mrs B, I very much admire your orange too! I'm glad you've started this thread, as I was wondering what other signature items there are out there.
  14. I recently visited my mum and cleared my old bedroom at her house of all the ornaments and trinket boxes and things that I'd accumulated as a young teenager. I don't want these anymore, but it's nice quality stuff and there are probably lots of geokids who will like it, so I'm dropping stuff into each cache I find that's big enough to take it. As a bonus, it's not costing me anything to do this! :-)
  15. Hi all, I've recently found logs that various cachers have made in the logbooks in my caches, but they haven't bothered to log their finds on the website. I guess this isn't really a problem, but I'm worried in case these people are also picking up travel bugs and not bothering to log those either, so they go missing from the caches they're supposed to be in, turn up unexpectedly in other caches, etc. Does this happen a lot, and is it a problem? Cheers, Toni xx
  16. Ooops! I never realised this would be a problem, but now it seems obvious! I went to the London event recently and dropped by personal coins (4 of them) in so people could see which ones I'd have on me. Next time I'll just take them along and tart them about there and then Maybe organisers could explicitly request that only travelling trackables get dropped into event caches, on the event webpage?
  17. OMG HouseofDragons, that's awful! Will you be able to go back and look for it? If it was near London, send me a PM, and if I am close enough I'll head out and look for it for you. I've just gathered a great collection of swaps for caches.....my old bedroom at my parents house is full of quite nice tat that I acquired as a teenage girl.......hundreds of little ornaments and trinket boxes and things that my friends gave me as presents. I've kept the stuff that has real sentimental value, but I can't keep all of it, and I'd rather it was recycled into caches Perhaps we should start a campaign to raise the standard of cache contents in the UK?
  18. I had an email from Amazon yesterday saying that their Garmin handhelds were on sale.....and so they are! The Oregon 300 is about 250 quid, and the Oregon 400t is 292 quid. I've just been bought a 400t for my birthday, this is so amazing it hasn't sunk in yet!!!!
  19. Oooh, I'd love to.....trouble is, I can't drive and I'm staying with a friend who is a bit nervous of going to a big caching event! I'll definitely be there next year though, it looks brilliant fun :-)
  20. Hi! I'm new to camping and to events, but last week I bought a tent and was actually thinking of camping in Herefordshire in the next week or so. I'll look at the info now :-) ETA Oh, bums, I realised that you want people who LIVE in Herefordshire to register and come camping in Weston - I'd assumed there were mini events going on silmultaneously in every county. Boo, sorry :-(
  21. Aw, it's a shame that your first attempt at this went missing It's a very cool idea. I've got a notebook called "The Geocachers' Fun Book" out travelling around the UK at the moment, the idea being that every finder decorates a page in some way (draws a picture/writes a poem/sticks a sticker etc). It's been travelling since autumn 2007 and I hope to catch up with it again soon.
  22. Did a bunch of caches in Shropshire (just south of Shrewsbury) and a handful up near Wrexham. We had gorgeous weather We also went round checking all of my caches up here - was fab to see your little sticker on my Welsh border caches Goldpot!
  23. Hiya, thanks for moving this on! Many apologies, I meant to contact you direct when Alibags mentioned it, but I've been really disorganised cos of new year stuff I'm not sure why this TB owner contacted me as I don't think I've ever had any dealings with him in the past (I could be wrong though). You're totally right about people needing to have patience - I just noticed that the Thomas TB was only placed in the cache in October so the owner does seem a bit overanxious to get it moving!! I've had bugs stuck in caches for months myself and don't have a problem with that so long as they are safe and haven't been muggled! Anyway, thanks again - I hope that the bug owner is grateful for your help
  24. Hi everyone, I've just received an email from a chap in Japan, who has asked if I can help rescue a travel bug that is stuck in a cache near Gustard Wood (north of Wheathampstead, in between Harpenden and Welwyn Garden City) in Hertfordshire. I'd love to help but unfortunately I can't drive, so it's difficult for me to get to this cache from where I live I was wondering if any cachers who live in the area might be able to lend a hand please? The TB is called "CLB's Thomas the Tank Engine", and the cache is GCVE7W, "Stargate P51000". Hope someone can help, it looks like this bug was released on behalf of a 4 year old boy so it would be nice to get it moving again Cheers, Toni
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