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  1. On 3/2/2021 at 1:30 PM, Frau Potter said:

    Yes, this was an unintentional change. It has been changed back to noreply@. Thanks for reporting it!

    I am trying to get my alerts and preferred email / SMS workin


    spent about 20 mins with ATT ...no blocking on their side

    i just now removed and re-added my sms and validated again...now emails come from “invalid@geocaching.com”


    with an odd html attached file 


    any thoughts on how to get back to normal?


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  2. Periodically notifications or alerts from Geocaching.com stop working via AT&T text. The last post i made on this topic was on May 30, 2020. Eventually the text alerts resumed. 


    This started again on February 22/23, 2021, and alerts are still not being delivered. The last text message I received was on Feb 22, although email alerts have continued. From what I learned in the past from AT&T, they may be block messages from GC which appear to be spam, but can't confirm this for GC. I don't run into this with other message services such as school messenger, and other group messaging services. 


    GC doesn't typically acknowledge anything on it's end which causes it's services to be blocked. Is anyone else experiencing the same, or more importantly determine who to notify to remove the block or have the alerts resume?



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  3. Beginning May 16, 2020, I've stopped receiving text (via AT&T) notifications. Last text notification I received for a newly published cache, maintenance, or other from my notification list was May 15th. I use IOS on iPhone. I've confirmed with other local users as well as some in other states, to my knowledge, all on AT&T, that they're experiencing the same thing; and the date of first occurrence is May 16th. This is an issue that appears to occur periodically, and usually last a month or so. Hopefully the same/similar fix can be  implemented. 


    I am receiving text notifications from schools, kids sport groups, work, etc. Similar to previous occurrences.


    Historically Geocaching.com has not replied with what if anything was actually done. 


    As in the past, I will reach out to AT&T and ask them to look into this. I would prefer not to be the middle man between carriers and GC. Especially since I can't assist with any of the technical interaction.


    I would appreciate a response, preferably with something other than check with my cellular carrier. 


    Thanks in advance. Hope everyone is safe and doing well.

  4. Sometime after Feb, text notifications resumed, and I have received consistently.


    beginning today, text alerts have stopped. About 10 caches have published with no alert text.


    hoping this can be revisited.


    any others having the same issue


    iOS and ATT

  5. Issue has resurfaced. Either no notification or delayed notification. Delay is sometimes hours, other times multiple days. 


    I haven’t received a response to the support requests to the website. 

    Looking for advice here.

  6. Thanks. I've tested both numberATtxt.att.net and numberATmms.att.net. I get the initial message from GS when setting up the email, and I'm able to validate it (apparently I can only have 2 email addresses active (others in the area have at least 3), so I've toggled between the 2 addresses a few time with similar results). However, I don't receive notifications after the address is associated with one of my notifications. Compared results to the emails I receive under a separate notification, and GS and I have both posted notes and disabled caches to test the notification, without success.

    I also consistently receive SMS and txt messages at both of the addresses from many other services (schools, kids sports, work, I sent from my email addresses, etc..). GS seems to be the only system where I know I have a problem.

    I had ATT check on their end, much more responsive to my request than I expected. They researched and couldn't not find a cause.

    I would activate email push notifications, but I receive thousands of emails per day between work and personal, many with attachments, so that would run up my data limit since I can't restrict which account is set to push; and I  would ignore most notifications due to volume.

    I'll be patient, and hope GS (and/or ATT) can resolve. I'm anxious to submit a few that I've recently hidden, but I'd like to know the messages go out consistently to the locals.

  7. I use IOS and ATT, as of Friday Nov 3, I stopped receiving alerts/notifications. I receive email notifications, but not TXT or SMS.

    HQ is working, but curious if others are experiencing the same.  I'm aware of a few others impacted, locally, wondering if issue is wider spread. I haven't been able to locate a thread here.

  8. Lately I can't get the standard website to work I my iPhone.

    Many times phone defaults to a mobile version, which is useless


    Apologies for reporting this, but months ago, feedback on apps, website was requested. Based on recent feedback to me and comments I've heard, it appears Groundspeak was unhappy about all the negative comments.


    Unfortunately some of the changes have made it so we are unable to participate.

  9. Map contrast makes it difficult to distinguish a cache from terrain when satellite is displayed. I prefer the teardrop shape and contrasting color, not dark green dot on dark green terrain/satellite image


    I have lists in the paid app and offline logs to complete later that are not available in new free app


    As previously noted, from notifications, neither app opens, just GC.com


    Will try to use free app for a bit and make a list....have tried free apps many times and it's lacking, but willing to take another look


    Can't force a refresh of caches on the map, or suppress searching until I have scrolled to a new area


    Free app locked and then logged me out, restarted and had to begin search again

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