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  1. well that just goes to show how a badly written manual can lose a customer because I had decided on the la crosse first (before I knew I couldn't get it). This "...provided that only compartment 1 and compartment 4 are used..." made me think there were conditions on which slots to use but your last post indicates the opposite from the same manual. I cannot reconcile the two statements. If the four slots are all independent as if they were four separate chargers, then what does this mean "...provided that only compartment 1 and compartment 4 are used..." Why not compartments 1 and 3 if they are all independent? The other thing that put me off was that their default charge is 200mAh but the MaHa manual says that would be too low to guarantee that the voltage spike will trigger the auto shut off.
  2. Yes I think it was that bit from the manual that put me off (as well as the fact it's not available in australia), I got the impression that the LaCrosse could not apply a completely different program for each of the 4 slots at once. Is this right? The MaHa doesn't have any type of limitation like this. Use any or all compartments at once to perform any of all the possible combinations of charge/discharge/mAh cycles. For example, I thought perhaps incorrectly (in which case the manual was not written well) that you could not have say, cell 1 doing a 45 hour forming charge, 2 doing a normal 500mAh charge, 3 discharging only, and 4 performing a charge/discharge-analyse/charge cycle.
  3. @ Freeday, If they don't pay return postage they don't get their mistake back. If the shield is damaged in use and sent back for their lifetime guarantee then it's fair to pay to send it back. We should be clear that as long as the shield is not too big I don't think anyone except the most anal would expect an exact fit. The Colorado problem is not like the Vista problem where the shield was only slightly too big but that means dirt collects all around it. The Colorado error is just a massive *&%$up that Zagg wants us to pay for.
  4. @ Storm Excellent! That's the way. I have my one that was not cut out at all ready to send back to them, which I neglected to do because I couldn't be bothered. Which is good because they'd only ask me to send the second one back anyway so I can at least send them both back at once. But I'm not sending anything back unless they pay the return postage because they are doing this deliberately We should let them know we are *&%$ing angry and we won't take this #%&* any more. Therefore I would urge everyone with a short shield to return it for a replacement whether you care or not, otherwise nothing will change.
  5. Without any doubt it's a MaHa which will charge each of the four slots individually. LaCrosse is good but I don't think it will do each cell separately. As for batteries, if you use them regularly then Sanyo 2700's or if you think you'll leave them in the unit for a long time, the eneloops 2100
  6. Unless we all start sending these back, Zagg will keep laughing at us right in our faces. It is clear from the totally unnecessary reworking of their packaging that they are making a lot of money from these, so much in fact that they are happy to rely on people not knowing and just replacing the few who complain. I guess they intend to do this till all the dodgy shields are gone. But more importantly we must ask ourselves how the #@$% could an engineer possibly get the measurement on one side so far out and how can it not be measured before pressing out the first run? It is ironic that if the product itself were not so much better than anything else that we would all take our custom elsewhere. For example I'm only going to send mine back because I now know that they DO have good ones and I'll get it if I ask for it (eventually) but if this thread indicated to me that everyone has the short shield then I'd accept that. I wouldn't be happy to have the short shield but I would not use an inferior product that had better coverage. Is this perhaps the reason why they are so blasé?
  7. @ mightywarlock if they had a bad batch, it seems ok to me now That's only how it seems because you got a good one and you are assuming (incorrectly) that Zagg would have rooted out the so called 'bad batch' when it was pointed out to them 4 months ago (not that it really needed to be pointed out). But as we can now all verify they are still sending this bad batch out, I got mine last week. I don't believe for a nanosecond that I'm this unlucky, especially as I know how dumb Zagg is. For example they promised to stop this nonsense of listing every model eTrex and putting them in their own labeled box, it was pointed out that there is only the monochrome size and the colour size. Yet they have completely redone their website since and they still list the eTrex individually. That in itself is not *that* bad but when I ordered a new HCx shield last month from their new website, it came in a box marked for a different model eTrex anyway. With all the complaints that they've had over the last year, all they have done is completely redo the packaging on the shield so that it is ludicrously over packaged. In fact it is probably now the most obscenely extravagant packaging I've ever seen for such a simple product.
  8. Well I'm absolutely convinced now that the Zagg people are deliberately, wilfully and knowingly sending out a shield that they know full well is incorrect because they have made an estimate on how many people will return it. Obviously their estimate whatever that is, is financially beneficial to Zagg. In other words they are deliberately lying, robbing theives, but what is really hilarious, is that the innocent people they have deliberately deceived think the company is really good because...wait for it... they replace the faulty shield without complaint. When they give you that guff about 'checking the whole batch' or 'there was a problem some time ago, you must have somehow...' you can rest assured that either the person is deliberately lying or they have been deliberately lied to or ordered to lie. Either way it's pretty clear that Zagg's operating procedure when their imbecile draughtspersons draw up the wrong size then send it to be manufactured before testing, is to send them out anyway and replace if and only if they actually complain. In the case of the Colorado, it would seem that a lot of people think the short shield is good enough. Without realising of course they are being treated like fools by Zagg. This is a very harsh judgement by me, however, the facts speak for themselves. Let's call a spade a spade. @Freeday Yes that's a good fit, just like the temporary shield I had to buy while waiting for my replacement. Although it's only a photo, looking at the edge it appears that the shield you have linked to is made from a rigid material that frankly won't be as good as the IS. If only the IS was not as good as the alternative everything would be fine.
  9. Which one, the one that wasn't cut, or the short one?
  10. Some people complain about a .5mm gap, that does not really bother me unless its .5mm too big. They wanted me to send my old one back at my expense, when I asked why they said they wanted to see it so they can check the whole batch blah blah blah etc, but I asked what that would achieve because I'm telling him there's no scoring on it at all. What part of "no scoring at all" don't they understand. It makes me think that they don't want me to have a free piece of their shield that I may be able to cut up and use on something. This is a bit rich considering I had to spend $7 on an emergency replacement protector while waiting for their replacement shield (which I have to send back again presumably at my expense.
  11. OK just found the old thread, which I never read properly here's an extract... Perhaps you received the wrong one by mistake. I helped them get the original measurements for the screen, including the difference in the rounded corners between the top and the bottom. The sample they sent me fit perfectly top to bottom, but was a hair too narrow side to side. The sample did cover the screen all the way to below the "Garmin". This is even noted on their website (or was the last time I checked). I noted the problems and I'm sure they would have made corrections to the units for sale. So that's that then, I suggest everyone send it back that's the only way they will end this nonsense. It would seem only the squeaky wheels get the grease.
  12. This is exactly my point, they rely on people like you who don't mind if it's short to get rid of their incorrect stock. There's nothing wrong with that as even though it's short it will protect the important part of the screen. But if they have a warehouse full of the correct ones then I want that one, I don't want to be a receptacle for their old stock. As I said, if that's how they are then I'll wear it and accept that they are idiots, but if they really did make a new batch that they only send to those who complain if they get the old one, then I want the correct one. EDIT: @ gob-ler, can you confirm that your screen fits perfectly and is not 1/4" short on the bottom. Because if that's how they all are then, I'll wear it.
  13. OK Thanks, that's what I needed to know, I'll send it back. This then is typical Zagg, they truly are nasty people. It appears that their philosophy is that they are making so much money selling these overpriced (albeit excellent) shields that when they are informed they have a bad batch, they just keep sending them out anyway because it's easier to pay for airmail to the few people who will bother to complain.
  14. Is that the monochrome Vista? Do you mean use the gps and laptop in the car and see your real time movement on the laptop screen? Would Garmin's n-route software be what you are looking for? Or have I missunderstood completely.
  15. Invisible Shield: Fantastic new elaborate packaging, same excellent product, unfortunately the company is still run by the same imbeciles. Hey that's a bit harsh isn't it. No. They are certified idiots. I have lost track of how much money they have spent over the last 18months sending me out new shields by express post at three times the cost of the shield. Yet here I am again having to ask a question that I should not be asking. I just got my second colorado shield delivered (by priority international mail) as the first one was not cut out at all. I remember a while ago that there was a problem with the Colorado shield being a 1/4" short. Last I heard Zagg said to send them back for replacement. However... (you know what I'm going to say)... the one I just fitted is 1/4" short. It just stops before the black band at the bottom. My question is, have I got an old dodgy one, or did Zagg come through with a replacement that actually fits the screen on four sides rather than three and I'm just unlucky. I am at a loss to explain how these people are so stupid. I at first thought that they purposely made it short because they think it doesn't matter if the non image part of the screen gets scratched. That seemed most plausible, but then why would they put rounded corners on the bottom if it was not meant to fit the rounded corners on the bottom of the screen. Anyway to reiterate. Has anyone acually got an IS that fully fits their Colorado? Because if they don't then I'll just wear it and accept that Zagg are idiots and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
  16. excellent, it's somewhat comforting to know that the experts call them 'lumps' and 'goobers', I don't feel so bad about referring to it as a 'blob' now.
  17. The gps will give you coordinates for anywhere on the planet, or in earth orbit for that matter. The only other issue I can think of is if you are using local topo paper maps then you will need to set the unit's position format to readout as UTM/UPS instead of hddd.dddd, this is only if you wish to use the topo paper map grid numbers, in which case as well as UTM/UPS you will need to know the map datum that the paper maps are using, which will be written on it somewhere.
  18. Does anyone know where I can get the .GCD 2.54 update file for Mac? I know I can phone tech support and they will mail it to me but it's a pain to do this from Australia. Also has the bug where low batteries cause the unit to hang at the Garmin screen, and not be able to be turned off, been solved in this beta release? At the moment I need to take the batteries out to escape the screen.
  19. I'm refering to that little cylinder that comes with some usb cable but not others. The garmin usb cables all seem to have this device, however I accidentally grabbed one from my digital recorder instead, which uses the same mini usb jack but it does not have the cylinder on it. It appears that it made no difference to the Colorado and I was wondering exactly what the purpose of the device is, especially with regards to a gps.
  20. Er, it appears that you have got yourself into a unit that cannot do projections and takes a while to load caches, but you already know that. So it's difficult to discern what you are actually asking.
  21. I'm not sure if by topo maps you mean maps with lots of fine contours but I've had 10m contours in a VistaHCx and 60Csx and the detail is far too fine for either screen to display useful contours. At the correct zoom level that would make sense to me, 10m contours on a steep incline just become a solid mass. Not because of the screen size but because of the screen resolution, and the 60CSx is worse than the HCx although they are both useless for 10m contours in the mountains. On a Colorado it's a completely different story. The detail is so fine, (much finer than a car nav screen, in fact the Colorado renders CN better than a Nuvi) that the 10m contours look just like a paper map. These contours can also be viewed in a faux 3D driving mode for an equally intuitive experience.
  22. Hi reef mapper. please don't editorialise my posts. I have no intention of ceasing to respectfully putting putting my observations regarding ergonomics on record. I do this in appreciation of all help that I get when I search the net. I research everything I buy and I'm very familiar with misinformation and I've found that one needs to read between the lines to get the full picture. So I present the ergonomic facts, whether an individual does or doesn't mind the ergonomics, or indeed likes the ergonomics, (or says they like the ergonomics) these are valid opinions. That you like the unit, that you can contort to the position because of your extra guitar induced dexterity, is fine, but does not change the facts if a neutral observer were to place their hand in the position indicated in the video. So I invite any prospective buyers to consider this. That's all. If someone is lucky enough to stumble upon my points on the ergonomics amid all the chorus to the contrary then they have the option to give this more consideration because as Henrik Ibsen said in that play about the corrupt spa builders, the majority are not always right.
  23. Anyway, simply staying with my observations. I have clipped a few seconds from the previous posted vid. I suggest the prospective 60 buyer loop it a few times. Particularly notice the screen grab in this still. Watch how the thumb inches it's way down the side and as it does that, and he is just about to hit the rocker switch, you can see that he has has to stretch his index finger as far as he can so the tip is under the antenna. At the same time this is happening his little finger *must* come completely off the unit because his other two fingers have to shift position in order to give the thumb something to press against. So the thumb is not pressing into a stable unit it's pressing in to a unit balanced on two fingers behind it. Someone earlier said it's not different right or left handed but of course it is because the "enter" button is below and to the right of the rocker. So using the left hand make the 'enter' button further away and easier to reach. The clip I link to and discuss is left handed, so it will be worse right handed. Someone earlier mentions carpal tunnel syndrome and the obvious contortions of the hand in these shots and examined closely show how much effort has to be put into using it. Also note that this was just paging, there was no entering text with the rocker which would have been fun to see especially right handed. Funnily enough when I first pointed this out a long time ago thats it's a bear to operate with one hand, most people wrote in to say they use two hands. Go figger. Now I'm not saying you can't use it, even right handed, I'm saying it's really bad ergonomics. The complete opposite of the Colorado. Notice how the unit needs to be constantly shifted in the hand as different buttons are pressed. Now with the HCx yes, you also need to shift the HCx around to, the difference being that it nestles safely in your hand where as the 60csx is balancing on two fingers behind it. Try this at home: look at the shot below and just position your hand in the same way, stretch the index finger waaaay up then put the two middle fingers together in the position you can see now move you pinky away from the other to fingers and arch it as well. How does that feel?
  24. Brilliant, I was searching the forum for this post that I knew was here and couldn't find it. The gf's coming back on a plane today! My guess is that it might take one of their programmers about 15 minutes to sort this out. Oh, wait... add a menu item. 20 minutes, then. Nah, that's way off buddy, it couldn't be done in less than half an hour to 45mins ;¬)
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