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  1. What is the difference if a nuvi has a gmapsupp.img or a gmapprom.img map file? They both appear to do the same thing. thx
  2. I know this has been discussed but the "search" function never works for me even when I use the '+' signs. I'm wanting to attach a cigarette lighter power supply to my motorbike to plug in my Colorado. It has an 11Ah 12V battery. I'm going to get it done by an auto electrician so I was wondering what is the *best* way to go about wiring it up? thx.
  3. Yeah it has to be done by the GPSr because it needs to know the date/time to within a few billionths of a second or it won't work.
  4. Of course it's a natural progression. It is distinguished by the Quad Helix antenna and external aerial. Having a different chipset doesn't mean it isn't a natural progression. Take the Vista Cx and the Vista HCx, different chip, natural progression. You can be 100% certain that the low res screens on the 60CSx will never be seen again on any new model Garmin, they are old technology. If the Colorado isn't a natural progression then you may as well say the 60CSx is the end of the line, there will be no natural progression.
  5. There is a new 60CSx, it's called the Colorado 300
  6. I'm guessing here but the legend is the same as the Vista minus the flux gate compass, so prolly yes.
  7. I've removed Invisible sheilds before and I find it very difficult to believe it works OK because the IS is stretchy and rubbery and does not peel off like rigid ones. edit: I've just peeled my Colorado shield off and it didn't seem to stretch that much, but it does not look like it would be clean if I tried to replace it. I also know it's very difficult to cut due to the rubbery nature. in case you are wondering I peeled it off as I'm going to replace it with the correct sized one. See this thread for details. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...11&t=198929
  8. If you don't have time to think, then don't waste your time, get an eTrex Vista HCx or Legend HCx (if you don't want the electronic compass)
  9. Since I got my colorado, I hardly ever use my Vista HCx any longer. I have had no accuracy issues with the Colorado at all. Make no mistake the display on the Colorado is the next generation, it's fantastic, much much finer resolution than a nuvi. 10m contours on a 60 or HCx are unusable at normal paper map scales, whereas 10m contours on the Colorado are amazing. And they can be viewed in driving mode which gives a faux 3D view.
  10. Hands down bigger, brighter and much easier to use. The buttons are where they should be and work similar to my old Magellan GPS315 that I just got through resurrecting. All that really matters is that you are happy with your purchase which you are so it's all good. However while I will agree that the 60CSx is bigger, there's never an argument about that. Yup, it's bigger, it's even bigger than the colorado whose display is twice the size. As for being brighter, it isn't. That's just a fact. The buttons are not where they should be but again all that matters is that you are happy with where they are. Obviously buttons should be where ones fingers naturally fall. The 76CSx buttons are more where they should be.
  11. You can also build the route using maps.google and send it straight to your gps using http://www.takitwithme.com/ click the "Demo Video" link. Could work out well on a bike because you can route it up lane ways or where ever you like.
  12. If you want something that may get dunked and therefore floats then you should go for the 76CSx over the 60CSx. However your choice of units really comes down to either the 60CSx or the Vista HCx, both are equal with regards to your needs. So as far as capabilities go either choice is good therefore the only decision rests with which style of unit you prefer, the only real difference between the two is one of ergonomics. At first glance the 60CSx looks better than the Vista HCx because it's bigger and chunkier and has a sort of macho man 10-4 good buddy look to it. It has a cool looking chunky aerial that is a quad helix rather than the dull sounding patch antenna of the HCx. However both perform identically for all practical purposes. Both have equal sensitivity and both have equal position accuracy. The 60CSx looks like it has a bigger screen and that looks inviting, but it's just an illusion because the tiny bit of extra real estate is negated by the lower resolution. To make the correct choice the only possible way is to ignore any rantings on this forum and go to a shop and try both units to see which one you prefer to handle. I prefer the smaller more compact size of the etrex as the 60CSx offers nothing in return for the extra bulk. Some people prefer the buttons on the front of the 60CSx and it does look better than the etrex, but I found and so do many others that the eTrex is in fact easier and more ergonomic to handle. Each have their fanbase. If you go to a store, try entering and address with each unit, that will give you a good idea as to which input method you prefer. The eTrex is lighter, smaller, brighter, with better battery life.
  13. wow, that's amazing. Even if I allow for an 8 hour day, that's 64 hours from two sets of batteries, with is double the maximum possible ammount. I've had a few 60CSx's and at 20% it's difficult to tell the backlight is on at all. But seeing as you have a special unit with double the normal battery life, you probably have one where 20% brightness is equivalent to 100%. You surely have a collectors item on your hands.
  14. g-o-cashers, has anyone asked the $64,000 question yet? If you had to choose one or t'other, which would it be Or or Co? Also regarding the text entry, being a competent typist (although not as good as hemmingway) I loathe and detest keyboards in alphabetical order, how hard can it be to have a setup choice configurable as qwerty?
  15. Before I got auto routing maps I could create a route using maps.google and download that to my monochrome vista. Worked well. all explained at http://www.takitwithme.com/ click on the "demo video" link.
  16. SoCalToolGuy, you've made an error. I would suggest that if the only reason you are changing it is because of the size of the characters that you pop down to a store and compare the two in person because you will be in for a nasty shock. The 60CSx screen shows characters that are 10% bigger, but the resolution is 10% less on the 60CSx. What this means is that if you hold the HCx screen 10% closer then the characters and resolution are exactly the same on both screens. For example. Looking at the 60CSx screen at a distance of 10" is identical to looking at the HCx screen at a distance of 9". However there is another factor to consider with regards to legibility, and that is the brightness of the two screens. The 60CSx screen on 100% brightness is equivalent to the HCx screen on 30% brightness. I seriously doubt that anyone uses their HCx at 30% brightness although most 60CSx users claim their screen is bright enough, but they don't have a choice. With the HCx on 100% brightness the characters will be more legible. Now you might say, "well if I can hold the HCx at 9" instead of 10" then I can hold the 60CSx at 9" as well". This is true but then the lower resolution of the 60CSx comes into play. I presume you have been using the HCx at full brightness, in which case you are going to be in for a nasty surprise with the 60CSx. You'd do yourself a big favour by eyeballing it in person before making this decision because I doubt they will let you change it back again. And yes, the instructions you received for the HCx will be the same as the 60CSx.
  17. in fact you even get the same nice graphic tides with the Venture Cx!
  18. This will make your life with the HCx a lot easier, you may not understand it now but keep it in mind for later... When using the virtual keyboard for entering data, whether it be addresses or whatever, instead of using the "OK" button on the keyboard, it is always better to use the 'Zoom In' button.
  19. Well I'd hope that everyone would give an *honest* opinion without it being specifically specified. Bearing in mind that both units have identical functionality with regards to the uses you specified, then it really just comes down to whether you prefer the overly large, size of the 60CSx including it's spongy difficult rocker button and very dull screen, or the more compact, sleek and more modern HCx.
  20. This was discussed in this thread, where it was determined that it is short and is not meant to be. The thread you are now reading is not meant to discuss this issue any further, it's sorted. The purpose of this thread is to let everyone who has the short shield know that Zagg, wants you to send it back for replacement. The reason this thread exists is because of Zagg's email response to me which is published on post #27 in this thread. Basically Zagg are a bunch of very polite imbeciles and trying to discuss anything with them is utterly futile. They will continue to carry on as they have done and the only way to deal with them is for everyone to send their short shield back, even if they don't mind it doesn't cover the bottom part of the screen. Look at it as a public service. Zagg has lots of form on this issue (I'm thinking HCx) and they will not do anything about it. Their strategy is to get rid of their crap shields and only replace if people complain. But a lot of people do not complain, so they think they are better off. I reason that if everyone sends their short shields in for replacement that they will understand that they won't get away with treating people like fools. So send those sheilds back and send an email to kari @ zagg.com that way they are sure to notice. At $10 per shield, loyal customers should not be used as a dumping ground.
  21. They aren't quite fixed yet, but I'm hopeful, see latest post on the 'hands on test'. Yep there has been some confusion as to whether the sheilds are supposed to cover the whole screen including the black bit at the bottom. The answer is yes it is. That's from Zagg. They apologise profusely and would like everyone with the short shields to send them back for replacement. This is the official response from Kari @ zagg.
  22. The compass will point in various direction when you are standing still due to it picking up slight position errors and then thinking that you are moving.
  23. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT All you Colorado owners with an invisible sheild that does not cover the screen, ie it stops above the black bit at the bottom. It has been officially acknowledged by Zagg, that this is an error, they have said that their new shields are the correct size to cover the screen properly. So do not hesitate to send it back for a replacement. That's what they want you to do, and in fact it's necessary in order to shake them into action. It would be great if this thread could be a sticky.
  24. Well, you can't say that I haven't been fair with Zagg. I feel that after your post it is encumbant upon me to publish the latest email I received from kari at zagg. When you consider the time and effort I've put into assisting them to assist us and thereby assisting themselves, this latest email is nothing short of pathetic, weird, bizarre, and dare I say it a little bit demented. They are sick people. They are certified idiots and it's no wonder that they are so $%#@ing stupid. Yes, STUPID, that they are unable to measure something. For your reading pleasure here it is... Thank you for contacting ZAGG, home of the invisibleSHIELD! As you know, my name is Kari and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I appreciate your feedback, and have forwarded it on to the appropriate parties that will use it as they deem fit. In addition, I have re-shipped you a replacement invisibleSHIELD for the Garmin Colorado 300 (Screen), which I handed off to one of our shipping specialists to inspect and ensure that it is the correct shield. I can't apologize enough for the inconvenience. As far as returning your old shield goes, we believe that you received an incorrect shield, but our policy states that a customer cannot have more than two invisibleSHIELDs (Their original and their replacement) out at one time. We've already made an exception to this policy, but would still like you to return the shields. This is not an issue of your integrity, but of policy. Unless we receive your shields back, our mail processor will not renew your warranty. I apologize, again, for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in advance. However, I have included a self addressed stamped envelope with your replacement, so you can simply stick the two shields in the envelope and mail it off at no cost to you, at your leisure. I hope this has been a help to you, (my name). If there's anything else at all that I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask! I hope this helps! Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or comments. All the best, If there's anything else at all that I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask! Well there is, kari, but this is a family forum so I'll have to keep it to myself. Here's my email that prompted the above response... Hi Kari, Thanks for getting back to me in the forum [the zagg forum], I was getting a bit despairing but your kind reply has reassured me. You are correct, the invisible shield has a massive fan base at Groundspeak and In fact I wrote up a review there (updated today with my honest long term opinion) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry3552718 I had many email conversations with nicholas chipping who appears not to be with Zagg any longer, concerning the overhang on the old Vista HCx screen, I pointed out many inconsistencies in Zagg's listings of the Garmin shields and how they could make life a lot easier for both themselves and their customers, but my suggestions were ignored even after the website was redone. I would be happy to explain the obvious errors you guys are making if you are interested. My original Colorado Shield order number is xxxxxxx. I have not sent back the first shield yet, (the one that was uncut) it's sitting in an envelope ready to send, but if truth be told, I'm wondering why I should pay to send it back, I can photograph it and show you that it is not cut out, in fact I'm going to open the envelope and do that right now. You may find this thread above I started unpleasant to read, I did not want to link to it on *your* forum as that seemed a bit too harsh. What is ironic is that all these complaints are only due to the Invisible Shield being so good, otherwise I'd have no hesitation in using an alternative (as some others have already done out of their own frustrations) however I am not one to cut off my nose to spite my face. Therefore my strategy is to just make you guys pay and pay and pay for your error and encourage others to do the same. Ultimately Zagg, and it's customers both want the same thing. To be happy. And all Zagg has to do is exactly what they ostensibly really want to do, which is make a great product. We are trying to help you to help us. Please fine enclosed the original shield I ordered that was not cut, I have placed it on a credit card so you can see that it is in fact the full shield. I have shot it with plenty of reflections so you can clearly see that there is no scoring on it. As you can appreciate there's no need for me to pay to send it back as you can see that it's not cut out. In my original complaint I did note the number of the inspector which is all you really need to know. Please appreciate how anal we gps users are especially about the very elegant and beautiful Colorado. I remember a thread on Groundspeak where someone had ordered a shield after they had bought their gps and the day before it arrived (not your fault I hasten to add the customer just didn't get around to doing it in time) there dog stepped on it and scratched the screen. Imagine if that had happened because a faulty protector had to be sent back! kind regards
  25. I have no complaints yet, but I must admit that I'm puzzled about the design that leave a very considerable gap between the rubber and the silver bit at the bottom front of the unit.
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