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  1. Probably just an upgrade considering how cheap SD cards are now. You can pick up a 1000Mb card for about 10 bucks.
  2. On further examination it would appear that this is a bug or oversight as I can find no way to turn off the route point labels which means that if a tight route is marked out and transferred to the GPSr then the route labels totally obscure the track if you try and look ahead by zooming out a bit.
  3. These are white rectangular numbered labels that appear on a route that has been loaded directly to the GPSr. The route was made in maps.google and then loaded to the GPSr using takitwithme.com Each point on the Route (and there are lots) is numbered with a white square, but they do not show up as waypoints. It makes it really difficult to see the route. I have gone through all the map options (including declutter) regarding the zoom level where waypoints and other things show up but I have not been able to find a setting that has any effect on these square numbers.
  4. The links upthread pointed me in the right direction and I've been working with it all day, it's fanstastic especially as I'm on a Mac and therefore can't use mapsource. After saving the route in maps.google drawn with the line tool you click the 'link to this page' button and then you paste the URL link into here watch the tutorial or just click the link at the top of the page that says "MyMaps Converter" paste your URL in to the window and press the Load Map button. Then you can send it straight to the gps. It's awesome.
  5. FWIW, I did a walk last weekend though a canyon, with only glimpses of sky the HCx held its position pretty well although accuracy was down to 40meters a lot of the way. The gps altimeter would have been useless whereas the barometric altimeter worked perfectly. On another thread someone mentioned that being so accurate within a short time span they use the barometric altimeter to measure the fall of drainage pipe. Also with the barometric altimeter comes the electronic compass which is very handy to have. Then there is the geek factor of the elvation plot. It's quite interesting when traversing very hilly terrain. All in all for a lousy $20 I can't see any sense in not getting it. And it adds to the resale value.
  6. @='Donald, Daisy + kids' I've had a Vista, Venture and VistaHCx without any problems in Australia. You're better off buying your next model on US eBay, you can pick up an HCx for about AUD$300 delivered.
  7. Don't you just highlight the route on the 'route' page then his the menu button on the left and select 'delete route'.
  8. Zerick, I suggest you do some research at the Garmin website here for mapping gps, and for cheapest you can check out the non mapping models by clicking on each model you can see the specs and relative prices, but more importantly you can see what features are in the models with an altimeter.
  9. After one converts, City Navigator to a Mac compatible file is it then possible to use this file to plan routes on a Mac computer screen?
  10. UPDATE: BOXWAVE NEARLY READY TOO. It looks like the boxwave HCx shield is almost ready, so I should have that in about 10 days, and I'm hoping that the new invisible shield will be here by then too. I'll be able to do a side by side comparison of the two, not for fit, (obviously as they should both have plenty of room), but for how well they both transmit light. In daylight the invisible shield does appear to make the screen less visible, but I can't recall what it was like without it so that may just be my imagination. But I will pay close attention to the clarity of the two screens when I test side by side.
  11. Might as well stick up a couple of my favourites This one explains the PRC really well and the tricky way the signal is amplified. And for some heavy duty stuff
  12. I have converted my copy of Trip and Waypoint manager to a mac file that I unzipped and it is called Trip and Waypoint Manager v4.gmapi I clicked on it and it said it was installing the Trip and Waypoint Manager, which sort of confused me a little, but anyway after it 'installed' it then closed. And now what? I've got the T&W.gmapi file but how do I use it? if I click on it it just says it is installing itself. Not sure how to proceed here to move waypoints to or from the gpsr. Any clues?
  13. Oh I see now there is a checkbox that says "update region chipset M", and that updated the GPS SW to 2.30 Why is this optional? I was a bit wary because it said 'region chipset' and I wasn't sure what they meant by 'region'. Also note that after the 2.40 update all the names of cities in my base map have disappeared and been replaced with " , , August 2007 " the basemap is still there though.
  14. Just did the update via webupdater and it is showing software version 2.40 BUT it is still showing GPS SW version 2.20 What does this mean. Doen't webupdater do the SW part, should I go and do it manually?
  15. Which unit would be the best buy for a newbie geocacher? My method of travel will most often be on a quad... I'll never ever understand these sorts of questions. What's the frikken difference if you are a 'newbie' or not? The real question is how much do you want to spend. What is this 'I'm a newbie' rubbish. Like ooh I'm a newbie so I can't have expandable memory 'cause I'm too dumb to load maps, or I haven't suffered for years, looking for caches in canyons with a crap reciever so now that a really top notch unit is available for $220, I can't get that because being a newbie, it wouldn't be right, just or fair to all those who have suffered before me. </rant> FFS get the best unit you can afford. What's your budget.
  16. Yes it is spectacular, you must drop in next time you are in Australia. The Grand Canyon is quite a different experience to the usual Mountain view. Like this area very nearby... click image for larger view
  17. Hi Freeday, about 100k from Sydney. The road you can see is Evans Lookout Road, Blackheath, NSW. Australia.
  18. Took the HCx to the Grand Canyon (not the boring one in the USA) today for a 3 hour walk. I've plotted it against a topo map but I don't know how good the conversion is, as the track was uploaded into google maps using the Garmin Communicator test page and I lifted the track off that. This is a deep and narrow canyon where most of the way there are only glimpses of sky with heavy tree cover and glens, 200 metres deep including 100 metre cliff faces. Accuracy went down to about 40 metres a lot of the way but it never lost reception. click image for larger view
  19. Update, the latest shield never arrived but another one is being sent out...maybe 10 days, unless the missing one turns up. Anyone waiting may as well order it as I would find it difficult (but not impossible) to believe that it would still be wrong. However I will update when it arrives.
  20. OK, I have received a clarification, Although version 7 will contain 2 unlocks only one of them will get a free update to v 8
  21. I'm not sure if this will be any help, I'm on a Mac so I'm still experimenting, but I put the button on my toolbar in firefox and I was able to convert a maps.google route to a gpx file. I used the Garmin communicator test page to load the newly converted gpx route into my VistaHCx and I could see all the waypoints at least.
  22. When it fits it's pretty good, apparently the 60 shield is OK.
  23. Try and ascertain where ground zero is with your gps unit. Then draw an imaginary circle with a radius of 15-20 feet from ground zero and keep your search within that area to begin with. It's best to use a methodical approach. If you still can't find the cache then you can expand the circle. But try to stay within the circle first so as to maximise your efforts.
  24. I heard that the next lot of mapsource products will only have one unlock code. As I know that CN Australia V8 is out soon I thought I'd buy a copy of 7 with the two unlock codes but the retailer couldn't tell me if it definitely had one or two unlock codes in it. So I wrote to Garmin and got this reply back... Thanks for contacting Garmin. Your mail has been forwarded on to us from Garmin International. From our system, we found that your unit is eTrex Vista HCX, which is not yet registered in MyGarmin. So you have to purchase City Navigator Australia 2008 full version CD with the coupon code on the yellow paper in the CD box. With the coupon code, there will an unlock code produced. Besides, if you needs to unlock the map to the other unit, you are able to apply it without any unlock code fees because Garmin mapsource products can be unlocked to two unit without any unlock code fees. Please let me know if you have any other problems. Best Regards, Jessica Liao I'm not sure what to make of this. Apart from the fact that there is no CN Australia 2008, as far as I know it's CN Australia v8. But anyway it got me wondering if maybe the Australian maps will still have two unlock codes. It is annoying that Garmin will not answer a simple question.
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