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  1. There is a plastic lizard hanging in the tree near the cache site, should any one want to go find that. Thanks for the bump, nice to read the history on this cache.


    I put the lizard there on my last attempt ..... on the wooden stake

  2. Neville,


    I have one mapset but two unlock codes. One for each GPS unit. With both unlocks in the registry will MapSource know which code to use with which GPS ?




    There is no need to delete the first unlock code before the second unlock code is done - your computer's registry will record both. You can have as many mapsets unlocked on one computer as you like - the restriction is that each mapset can only be unlocked to one unit.

  3. I have not tried the following but would like your feedback on the following:


    I would like to buy the Southern Africa Streetmaps, March Edition. I have 2 GPS units so therefore I would have to purchase two unlock code. Do I unlock the maps twice in MapSource, one for each GPS unit, or do I have to unlock one map, install to the GPS, delete the unlock code, install the other unlock code and then upload the maps to the second unit, or do I unlock both units, and when I send the maps to the GPS unit, MapSource will sort it out.

  4. :D HMM it would seem that a certain race bug is making quite a number of rapid assisted moves close to the final. :( HMM perhaps an investigation should be opened and investigated by the stewards :D


    Somehow I agree with batsgonemad. Why so many assisted hops at the end of the race ? Well, all I can do is sit here in London and watch what is happening. :D


    Maybe a plan can be made.......

  5. I am planning on going to PE on Saturday 28 October. I will pick up all the race TBs and bring them back to Gauteng (unless otherwise instructed by owners). This might be in violation of Rule #17 so GlobalRat must approve it.


    Seeker Two



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