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  1. Not too many caches left here in Sydney. Closest 4.7km and only 1257 in a 80km radius.
  2. I put the lizard there on my last attempt ..... on the wooden stake
  3. Neville, I have one mapset but two unlock codes. One for each GPS unit. With both unlocks in the registry will MapSource know which code to use with which GPS ? Steve
  4. I have not tried the following but would like your feedback on the following: I would like to buy the Southern Africa Streetmaps, March Edition. I have 2 GPS units so therefore I would have to purchase two unlock code. Do I unlock the maps twice in MapSource, one for each GPS unit, or do I have to unlock one map, install to the GPS, delete the unlock code, install the other unlock code and then upload the maps to the second unit, or do I unlock both units, and when I send the maps to the GPS unit, MapSource will sort it out.
  5. Hi Andy, Congrats on the new job. I know the SA GC community are proud to have you on the team. Steve
  6. I could do it here in Centurion at the same time, same orbit .... At 19:40:44 it will be about 50 degrees above the horizon...
  7. As far as I know, this is the first occurrence in the race where the bug's goal was not adhered to, which is in the end the point of a travel bug. Michael Schumacher also had a goal and that was to win the F1 GP but his dreams were 'shattered' too.
  8. with reference to the rules : Multiple cachers colluding to achieve multiple hops is not allowed How about that a travel bug can only be retrieved ONCE by as specific player and placed ONLY once by specific player.
  9. I somehow get the impression by reading beween the lines that the comments are being directed at Scallywag. I hope I am wrong.
  10. Somehow I agree with batsgonemad. Why so many assisted hops at the end of the race ? Well, all I can do is sit here in London and watch what is happening. Maybe a plan can be made.......
  11. Any cachers visiting Sabie/Pilgrims Rest this weekend ? Scallywag needs a lift back to Gauteng or Durban if possible.
  12. Check out http://www.garmap.co.za/Forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=40
  13. I think you can give up on that feature being implemented on the SA geocaching site.
  14. If you got the City Select CD with the GPs then you should have the 25 digit unlock code, but if the maps were unlocked by the previous user then you might need to purchase an unlock code. IMHO i think the City Select maps are not as good as the SA StreetMaps V4, even thought the SA V4 maps suck. Lots of errors in them.
  15. Or even better, drop it off in my Techno Cache.
  16. I am going to U.A.E. (Abu Dhabi) on 8 November and then to Saudi Arabia on 16 November. Lots of desert there. Drop TB off in Techno Cache or Waterkloof View and I will take it with...
  17. Will not be able to attend this event Will be caching in Saudi Arabia in the vicinity of Riyadh from 2-20 Nov.
  18. My flight is booked for the 28th October to PE. Will bring back the bugs to Gauteng and so hopefully all the bugs may have time to complete all required pitstops. Will the bugs all be in How Green Is My Valley??
  19. I am planning on going to PE on Saturday 28 October. I will pick up all the race TBs and bring them back to Gauteng (unless otherwise instructed by owners). This might be in violation of Rule #17 so GlobalRat must approve it. Seeker Two
  20. I should be going down to PE this weekend (95% chance). I will go past the infamous How Green is my valley? and pick up any bugs there and bring them back to Gauteng. Shout if you want me to leave your bug there....
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