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  1. This is my order:


    Order Information

    Order Number: 5228

    Order Date: 6/24/2008 12:38:00 AM

    Order Status: Pending Pirate Treasure coin


    Product Total $19.00

    Shipping & Handling $3.51

    Final Total $22.51


    Today i call my money back via paypal

  2. i just wanted to mention that im not a grumpy person (honest) but im sure that there is a large amount responses to trade lists that dont get an answer to them.

    i personally am talking about the trade lists that dont list a specific wanted list. i know that we cant always make a perfect trade offer, but it would be nice to get a reply - even if its a no.


    anyway normal services are resumed now.


    I have send you 2 Emails, my friend !!! :)

  3. My Trading List:



    Lighthouse Gold


    Great Container


    Around the World in 80 Caches

    Proximity Geocoin

    Queen of Caches

    Mother Earth

    I Love Geocaching

    Licence to Cache

    Flying V

    Moab Kokopelli

    Sextant Geocoin


    Red Bug


    POW / MIA Geopin

    Cammo Container

    Mermaid SWAG


    Abomination Book

    2008 Easteregg


    Caching on the Moon

    Vietnam Memorial

    5 Jahre Geoclub

    Freestyle Caching

    Digital Hell

    Crazy Comic #2

    FTF Celtic Knot

    U-Boat - WWII Gold


    U-Boat - WWII Silver

    Nude Caching

    Wonderful Discovery

    Gladdagh Geocoin

    Grim Cacher

    Uncle Cacher

    Flip Flops

    Japanese Fan


    Golden Horns


    Gache Gods

    Fortune Favors

    Loved your cache

    Caching Time

    Teutonic Knights

    The DEAD Coin



    You can see all the coins at my Page:


  4. Hello,


    Does anybody know the cacher graybabe from USA ?

    He hold my coin over 4 month and does not answer at any emails !!!


    Greetings from germany

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