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  1. I´m looking for North Carolina Geocoin I offer MINZ bronze trackable at geocaching.com with PC-Icon
  2. I offer MINZ bronze trackable at geocaching.com PC Icon I´m looking for: Connecticut Geocoins Northwest PA Geocoins Delaware Geocoins Long Island Geocoins
  3. 200 MINZ bronze 50 MINZ silver antique
  4. I want to trade one coin for MINZ
  5. I´ll beginning to mail the coins tomorrow. Thanks for all the trades. MINZ
  6. Hi, I´m seeking a FTF dance coin. I offer a MINZ bronze, trackable at gc.com please send me a email
  7. anybody who trade a San Diego for MINZ bronze?
  8. so I had answered all emails yet. If anybody didn´t get a answer , please contact me again. Thanks for trading.
  9. minz


    Oh, I missed Kansas LE Geocoin. Anybody who want to trade for MINZ silver antique.
  10. I´m so sorry, I had retrieved so many email. I hadn´t read and answer them already. By the way, I took a mistake. I read the mail like. "First in, last out."
  11. Please look above, a very great picture.
  12. The MINZ Personal Geocoin will be minted now. It will be available soon. this Coin will be trackable at Geocaching.com. 200 bronze coin will be available for trade, against other trackable coins. 50 silver antique will be available for trade, against other trackable personal coins or very special geocoins. If you want to trade with me, please send me an email.
  13. put me down for two. To trade or to buy.
  14. since September coin-collector. Yesterday I checked paypal, over 300,- € without the fee for my personal trackable coins coming soon.
  15. oh, I missed too. Would anybody trade with me, against my personal geocoin trackable at geocaching.com. Please write a email.
  16. I missed out on this coin. Does anybody want to trade for one. Soon arrived my Personal Geocoin which was trackable at geocaching.com. Please send me a email.
  17. I would take 2 from this nice coin to Germany.
  18. I´m looking for unactived Geobash and Geowookstock Coins. I can offer: The first German Personal Geocoin Trackable at Geocaching.com in gold and in antique silver. Only 50 of each are minted. darthi´s dark coin V.1 Please contact my only per email.
  19. please add a picture off each coin on your website please.
  20. I would like one bronze and two silver coins please.
  21. I'll take two please to Germany
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