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  1. I got a really scary experience, I went to Cache GC11Q9E haunted house highsycastle alone without beeing frightened. But suddenly it was windy and cold. Noises everywhere I was so scared :D . Only 10m to the cache, should I turn back ? NO... I tried to be brave :D . At the final I suddenly saw somebody or something disappearing in the darkness. Was it human ? Was it a dog ? :o

    And I found a Cache Reaper Geocoin. Yeah I got one, I'm so happy. This was really a mystery hike.


    Minz owner of a 'Cache Reaper Geocoin'

  2. 1.jpg


    Minz 2007 Geocoin

    - 1.5 " diameter (ca. 38 mm); 3 mm thickness

    - front: 6 colors, soft enamel

    - back: 3D stamp (Walddusche)

    - own icon 719.gif

    - packaged PVC coincasing


    subject: Add GCKA1T to your Watchlist.

    most watched cache in Germany, Europe ?, maybe world.

    the forestshower is cache where you must take a shower under freezing water and take a picture to log.


    as Moun10Bike, Liv Devil, Moose Mob, GeoPirat, darth_maul_3 and so on.


    Trades welcome


    Antique Gold

    Anitque Gold 2er set

    Antique Silver

    Antique silver 2er set


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