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  1. Want to use the 'Trackable search', but seams there was a bug. Looking for 'Minz TB - Eifelturm' as result it should shown at least 4 items, but only 3 items are listed. Missing https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=237713 Also the Trackalble search allow only 20 Char.
  2. I am seeking: Proximity (161m - 528feet) offer: GenussCacher 2009 Geocoin LE only 75 in 4 colors more details: here I am from Germany
  3. I got a really scary experience, I went to Cache GC11Q9E haunted house highsycastle alone without beeing frightened. But suddenly it was windy and cold. Noises everywhere I was so scared . Only 10m to the cache, should I turn back ? NO... I tried to be brave . At the final I suddenly saw somebody or something disappearing in the darkness. Was it human ? Was it a dog ? And I found a Cache Reaper Geocoin. Yeah I got one, I'm so happy. This was really a mystery hike. Minz owner of a 'Cache Reaper Geocoin'
  4. some coins for trades left. Please send me a email
  5. some coins for trades left. Please send me a email
  6. Minz 2007 Geocoin - 1.5 " diameter (ca. 38 mm); 3 mm thickness - front: 6 colors, soft enamel - back: 3D stamp (Walddusche) - own icon - packaged PVC coincasing subject: Add GCKA1T to your Watchlist. most watched cache in Germany, Europe ?, maybe world. the forestshower is cache where you must take a shower under freezing water and take a picture to log. as Moun10Bike, Liv Devil, Moose Mob, GeoPirat, darth_maul_3 and so on. Trades welcome Antique Gold Anitque Gold 2er set Antique Silver Antique silver 2er set <indirect link removed and direct links added by moderator>
  7. here are two special coins for trade: Kansas LE Tornado Georgia Peach Minz from Germany please answer only with email
  8. I offer: Region of Germany Schwaebsche Alp front back I prefer a europan trade, I´m from Germany. Please contact me with email. Minz
  9. Nascar TB´s on Carrera old picture from 05/31/06 http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...5c-50df1e6228fa
  10. Hi I would trade a darth´s Family Coin in gold for any special coin or a jeep. Please contact me with email. I´m from Germany. Some "MINZ" coins are left too. The coins are trackable at gc.com
  11. sorry wrong discussions,
  12. I´m seeking following coins: Jeep'en Jumpers Geocoins Mississippi Connecticut I offer my personal MINZ trackable at geocaching.com or Germany bronze. I´m from Germany MINZ
  13. Hi, who know the Cacher JOOP2 he has the TB MINZ Race - David from my son. I had written a few email to JOOP2 but no response. Please help me
  14. I´m seeking Made in China I offer my personal Geocoin from Germany trackable at geocaching.com
  15. Damned. I missed, I was a few second to late. Anybody who trade for my Personal MINZ trackable at gc.com? MINZ
  16. I´m still looking for a Volunteer Geocoin. I offer: Georgia Peach and my LE MINZ (trackable, only 50minted) or LE FrozenBone and my LE MINZ (trackable, only 50minted)
  17. GOWT New Mexico two white jeeps (traveled over 6 weeks)
  18. I´m looking for: Team Badger Geocoin Connecticut I offer my Personal Geocoin trackable at geocaching.com
  19. Great Day today. 5 Dutch 2 Frozen Bone silver 3 Frozen Bone bronze two new icons for my profil. The other coins are available for a trade.
  20. Í´m still looking for Connecticut Geocoin I offer my personal MINZ trackable at geocaching.com Uwe
  21. I´m looking for Volunteer Geocoins. I offer a MINZ trackable at gc.com
  22. MINZ bronze 200 MINZ silver antique 50 both are trackable
  23. I´m looking for New York I offer a MINZ bronze trackable at geocaching.com MINZ bronze
  24. I´m looking for GOWT gold for LE MINZ silver antique trackable at geocaching.com
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