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  1. that was to late I was already on the way... But thanks
  2. That will be great! I have Nokia phone with OS Symbian and I connect it with GPS Nokia device... So any map for OziExplorer or any picture format (jpg,bmp,gif,png...),I can calibrate it...
  3. Thanks for answer, but I'm looking for some map,what I can use with my GPS and I will not take there any scanner... Do you know about some digital map on internet? Thx
  4. Hi, I fly next week to Rhodes and want find some caches. Can you help me with some good map of Rhodos? I found some maps on internet, but pffff ... not good I need something better with smaller roads etc... But I think everybody know Thanks
  5. Thank you for your help. Is better than nothing.... I will try it. THX
  6. I´m from Czech Republic - using Nokia 6630 a web´n´walk to connect to internet by T-mobile.... I used geocaching without problems,about 3-4 day ago started problems - I can´t log in with my mobile phone to geocaching sites. From my PC is working without problems, but from mobile phones is now not possible.... Can somebody help me? Thx Kuza
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