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  1. I think the fact hat we have a discussion about Scouts (all ages) and geocaching is fantastic. Just to throw my two penneth in, for Geocaching and Scouts to go forward hand in hand i think like most other activties we need to have a scaled in approach. Carygang, I know you are working on a factsheet but i would suggest that it would probably need to cover the full spectrum of ages and give ideas on what can be done. For example a 'mini' caching game for Beavers to introduce them, a first taster of GPS's with a tresure hunt for cubs and moving onto GPS basic and advanced for Scouts and Explorers. It's a new hobby that fits in well with the Scout programme and and such everyone everyone here can probably contribute to the setting up of it within Scouting. Have a group travel bug, use it for the Group international bagde, geocaching can be a great educational tool as well. Thats my "County Role" opinion. Personally, I do have to agree that many cachers have taken time and energy to set up caches in such a way that they are not noticable by muggles, having 10+ beavers running around someones cache will certainly make it stand out. I would suggest, as others have setting up your own caches just for the beavers and maybe even cubs, let them have the fun of hunting the treasure with or without a GPS and clues and then exciment when they find it.
  2. Well here it is I've just been sent a pciture of the coin and it should be with me in 14/16 days Essex Scouts Geocoin UK027 Contingent
  3. Does it matter that you are a girl guide... nope so long as you are a geocaher you are more than welcome to get one.... and Smort78... yeah would have been good to meet up but how about sending a coin or bug to the Jamboree... otherwise I'm happy to place one there for you if you want to send it off with some scouts!
  4. Hi all I've just found this thread... I'm very interested in holding an event for the scouts using geocaching. We're off to the World Jamboree and we are going to have some geocoins made up as gifts to spread accros the world.. Essex Scouts Geocoin Paul ACC Scouts Essex
  5. Hi all Thanks for the interest. As soon as I get them I'll let you all know.
  6. We're off to the World Scout Jamboree being held in the UK in July and thought with 40,000 Scouts from around the world what better gift than to give away than a couple of hundred Geocoins...that way they can take them back to their homes around the world and set them free.. So we've designed one with our Jamboree badge on one side and our Essex International Jamboree logo on the other. If anyone is interested email me.
  7. As a newbie here I'm surprised by the attitude about you having the coin.... as far as I am concerned if i release a coin, yes it's mine, but it now belongs to the geocaching community and there's every chance i may never hear from it again.... but thats why I put it out there. End of the day if you want to control where your coin is ... don't send it out... Me... I hope my coins travel far and wide.... and if one spends three weeks on holiday with someone before it jumps back into a cache... so what! I hope you get one of mine....
  8. Hi all... new to the forums and geocaching.com but as a Scout Leader in the UK really interested in the Scout part of geoaching. We're introducing our explorers and scouts to it locally with 15 caches within 1.5 miles I'm gonna send them a challenge to find some and give them a group/unit travel bug each to set free. Also I'm taking a unit to the World Jamboree so we are going to take some geocoins along as gifts to give away. I've already visited the Hylands Park cache and we are goingt o place our own there for any scouts and all to find.
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