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  1. I've found only found one letterbox since there aren't any close to where I live, but I would like to find more. I made a few of my own stamps to use. I like it because of the artistic side of it. At first I thought it would be better than regular geocaching, but I've changed my mind. Nothing could beat that.

  2. I've been happy with the Platypus bladders that I've got. I think the bite valve has a gross plastic taste though. Usually I just screw on the cap and take it out of my pack when I need a drink instead of using the tube. I just like them because they hold a lot of water and they take up little space.

  3. I used to love cracking those rocks open as a kid. There's a river bottom here in Kentucky with a ton of them. I actually thought about setting up a cache in the area and mentioning that it's a good place for rock hunting also.

  4. I bought a camelbak type backpack at Wal-Mart for about $25. Made by Outdoor Products, it came with Platypus water pouch. I usually buy the expensive brand name stuff, but I wouldn't part with that bag. I take it everywhere now!

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