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  1. Yes, I check up about once a week to see what items are taken. The most popular so far has been mini D-clips. I love looking at what everyone takes and leaves. muddaUBER
  2. I like to be able to open up a cache and look at all of the stuff, even if it is junk. I like stuff that most people would call junk!!! I have all of the items I've found so far labeled and in small plastic baggies. muddaUBER
  3. Are you planning any side trips through KY?
  4. Abraham Lincoln is my seventh cousin. Dr. Samual Mudd is related on the other side of the family. Kind of weird.
  5. Cool, thanks a lot! I'm not using it as a GPS either. Probably just going to use it to download info about the caches. I don't have a clue even how to use it yet!
  6. I've found only found one letterbox since there aren't any close to where I live, but I would like to find more. I made a few of my own stamps to use. I like it because of the artistic side of it. At first I thought it would be better than regular geocaching, but I've changed my mind. Nothing could beat that.
  7. Anyone else use this one for caching? How do you like it?
  8. Mine is not too creative. My last name is Mudd, first name, Amy. Someone told me "mudda" means waste in Japanese.
  9. Those are too cool. I want one!
  10. They are very cool. You did an excellent job on the designs!
  11. I think they're cool. I just put a travel bug out who's goal is to collect as many as possible.
  12. I had no idea it was nerdy, but I was called a nerd for talking about it. It's a complement.
  13. I've been happy with the Platypus bladders that I've got. I think the bite valve has a gross plastic taste though. Usually I just screw on the cap and take it out of my pack when I need a drink instead of using the tube. I just like them because they hold a lot of water and they take up little space.
  14. That's what I did. Then it's in perfect condition and It's all yours!
  15. My first cache was approved today! Can't wait 'till someone finds it.
  16. I used to love cracking those rocks open as a kid. There's a river bottom here in Kentucky with a ton of them. I actually thought about setting up a cache in the area and mentioning that it's a good place for rock hunting also.
  17. I bought a camelbak type backpack at Wal-Mart for about $25. Made by Outdoor Products, it came with Platypus water pouch. I usually buy the expensive brand name stuff, but I wouldn't part with that bag. I take it everywhere now!
  18. I usually bring: GPS unit, camera, extra batteries and film, water, maps/clues, hand wipes, cell phone, pen or pencil and first aid kit all in a small backpack. Any other useful items (besides a gun)?
  19. Burt's Bees makes a poison ivy soap. I just bought a little bar of it. Has anyone else tried it?
  20. I just bought a waterproof match container (without matches) to leave. Is that ok? My name is Mudd!
  21. Actually, the last item I brought home from a cache was a wooden nickel, but I didn't think to make one. I would never have guessed they had a museum for them. cache me if you can
  22. People will be buying antique geocaching items off of ebay. cache me if you can
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