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  1. We've been caching on and off for some time and placed a new cache today. We accidentally posted our parking coordinates instead of the cache coordinates. The cache page has already been posted and we've tried changing the coords to no avail. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance! WeRlostNDwoods
  2. GPS will be shipped to someone tomorrow! Thank you to the fellow cacher who responded! We hope your son gets as much fun out of it as we had! To Mod: Please lock this thread! Thanks
  3. We have a Garmin Geko 101, about a year old, for sale. Works great, and would be a very good GPS for someone on a budget. We are asking $60.00, and this includes shipping. Email if any questions, or are interested. We have a Paypal account, or will accept money order. Thanks! WeRlostNDwoods@hotmail.com
  4. songs Heres a few from awhile back.
  5. From what I understood, the bottle was corroded with dirt; meaning it had been there for a LONG time, without being checked on. Who knows where it came from? I would LOVE to find some cache..uhhh..i mean cash hidden in a wall or wherever...I would consider myself very lucky and enjoy it!
  6. UPDATE! Our new TB, made with the copy tag has been taken, logged in the cache log, but not logged online! Not posted as taken, nor did they even post finding the cache online. We give up! If we start any new travel bugs it won't be locally. We're thinking of just giving up on travel bugs altogether! Caching is fun and we love placing them, but TB's don't seem to be working in our town! There was no need to delete any logs of our original TB taken, because the first time around it had been taken by apparent newbies who never logged, as well! If it originally had been taken by posters, we would have saved those posts!
  7. Thank you all for your replies. What we did was, just changed the name and look of our travel bug and set it out in a new cache we started yesterday. Our TB was originally started in a new cache just in time for July 4th of last year. It was picked up soon after by newbies, who have not visited the site since February of this year. Luckily, since we restarted it, with it's new name and copy tag, it's showing that it's traveled 0 miles. So, we're pleased to hopefully have this one on it's way soon!
  8. Does placing a new cache on Mothers Day count???
  9. Decided on a plan of action...it would help to think things through before asking sometimes, I guess..
  10. Wondering, is there anyway to take our original travel bug out of "Unknown Location", completely wipe it out, as it's been gone for so long that we never expect to hear from it again! We've emailed the people and heard back from them in the past with promises of placing it soon...We've waited patiently between emails...but last time we inquired about our TB, we never heard from them. It's been so long now, that we are sure we can kiss this bug goodbye. We still have the duplicate tag and would like to refresh this tag and start anew! Is there anyway of doing that? Thanks for any help!!!
  11. No Natureboy, haven't contacted them. Only found the site a couple hours ago. Thats an idea though! Maybe someone who is more "qualified" can get in touch. I wouldn't know where to start explaining how caching and coin dropping would go hand in hand, so to speak..LOL....
  12. Found this site while surfing, and thought this should somehow fit in with geocaching. Just not sure how.Landscape coin project
  13. I'm thinking maybe I was a little off topic earlier, but this topic reminds me of the took something/left nothings out there! Sorry for the off topic subject, but thanks for the room to vent about it!
  14. We put out a great cache, which got flooded, so we had to move it to higher ground in the same area, replenishing it. Unfortunately, the last time we checked on it..we had a few loggers who didn't mention what they took/left...many of which didn't even log online. Needless to say, all of the nicest things we had left were missing when we last checked on it with no mention of it from the takers!!!!! Some of the people that logged were not registered on GC.com
  15. Biff gives new meaning to the term "travel bug"....Sorry, Icehouse talking.
  16. Heres an update from our local paper..Aiken authorities say remains may close 12-year-old case The Associated Press Authorities hope the human remains found by two college students Saturday could end a 1992 disappearance case. Aiken County Deputy Coroner Tim Carlton says evidence at the scene and information from a county investigator suggested the remains could be connected to the 12-year-old case. "It's all presumptive at this point, but we're hoping to make a positive identification," Carlton said. Hitchcock Woods is a 2,000-acre southern forest located in the middle of the city of Aiken. Carlton would not discuss the case or the person involved in that disappearance until next of kin were notified. However, in May 1992, a former pressman, Paul Gregory, 32, was reported missing by his parents, Bill and Betty Gregory of Queens, N.Y., The (Aiken) Standard reported. The younger man had failed to meet his parents at his Aiken home after they arrived in the city two days earlier. The newspaper report from May 16, 1992, said Gregory's wallet, money and credit cards were found in the residence, as were his clothes and luggage. Carlton said two University of South Carolina-Aiken students were using a global-positioning device to track a box as part of Internet game called "Geocaching" in Hitchcock Woods on Saturday morning. The two students reached an open area, knocked down some brush and found what turned out to be a human skull. They called 9-1-1 soon after and authorities arrived. Carlton said several bones and "a semi-complete skeleton" were found. Results from forensic tests are "probably going to take a little time," Carlton said.
  17. Could the deceased have violated the guidlines? We take nature seriously here in SC. Guidelines
  18. Thank you for the information all. I did check, and their last visit was February 5th. They haven't found a cache in some time, but at least they are still visiting the site. Hopefully, that means they do plan on caching again! Going to take the advice of taking our traveler out of the cache on the web now. Thanks again.
  19. We placed a travel bug in one of our caches that was picked up around the first of December. The people who took it are new to Geocaching, and never logged that it had been taken, therefore, it's still showing as bing in our cache! We e-mailed them around the first of January, asking about the status of it. They said they were going to place it soon. It's now nearing the end of February, and no new news from them, or our patriotic traveler. We're planning on giving them a little more time. Just wondering, how much time is a person allowed on replacing a travel bug???? Like I said, it's still showing in our original cash, as it's not been posted on Groundspeak? Any suggestions?
  20. From the lines of one of my favorite movies, "I'm too old to be young... but I'm too young to be old" Luckily, I'll always be younger than Mr. Lost, who will soon be 44, yet I'm still at that lost age of 40...
  21. When we are caching in the area, we stop by The Beacon Drive-in, in Spartanburg,SC. The Chili Cheese A-Plenty cant be beat. A great place for a lube job for the body before hitting the trails.The Beacon Drive-In
  22. We have read, and understand the rules and regulations several times. What we don't get, is why the same cache type has been approved for other caches, such as the one as Ce'Nedra spoke of. If we are missing something, please fill us in, and the subject will be dropped. Otherwise, we may have to do as others, and find an alternative to GC.COM.
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