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  1. Someone on Facebook sent me this link A Micro called " TranslateCaches.gsk "
  2. Is it possible to convert a cache page from one language to another in a GPX file ?? The reason I`m asking is .. I will be traveling to France & Belgium in May and can not read most of the cache pages.. Does anyone know of a program that will do this ?? CHEERS David
  3. I have been slow here in Canada for the last two days ( 20th & 21st April )
  4. I own a Garmin 62s & just downgraded the software to V4.4 from V4.5 ...and it now works fine... My problems started when I returned from overseas & I upgraded to Ver 4.5.. I loaded my GPX files & checked to make sure they were on the GPS. A week later I went Geocaching & my GPS could not find the GPX files .. The screen said go to Geocaching.com You can get older software Versions HERE install instructions are at the bottom of the page CHEERS Hope this Helps !!
  5. Thanks for your help... I will be creating one in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  6. Can the creator of an Event cache, Log his Event ??
  7. I have had my Garmin 62s for a few months and I noticed a few things I Don`t like; 1. On my old Etrex Vista cx I could pick & choose which symbol i won`t to delete ie found cache, all caches, etc On the 62s I have to connect to a computer to delete caches !!! WHY ??? 2. The other day I placed a new map on my SD card ( City Navigator North America NT 2011) & I wanted to see if I have installed it right. ( I`m a Canadian & I will be traveling to Arizona ) So I select Find - Cities -Menu - Spells search - Yuma,AZ select Yuma & the only option I have is " GO" I don`t want to GO I wont to select MAP & see the map !! On my old Vista I had this option of selecting the Map!! 3. This is generic to all GPS... Why are you limited to 500,1000 or 2000 caches.. Why can`t you create a folder on the GPS or SD card & have as many as the memory will take ??? The 62s have 1.7 G`s & my SD card has 4G`s Your thoughts
  8. WHY !!!! ........when I create a new Pocket Query and I check-off " I haven't found " does it come up with caches " I HAVE FOUND " I noticed this when I was checking the caches on GSAK.. HELP !!
  9. 10892.63 km or 6768 miles WWFM IV - Afghanistan in a Flash GC1FVJV
  10. Today I found a TB in a cache, it was not listed as being there, when I went to geocaching.com, I put the numbers in the " Trackable Items " and it came up as a totally different TB ??? Is it possible they issued two TB`s with the same Number ??? Who can I contact??
  11. DO Cachers on the East Coast Enable their WAAS function??? Do you find that your accuracy is better or does it worsen your accuracy ??? My GPS is a Garmin Vista Cx. I live in New Brunswick.
  12. What a Beautiful Design !!!!!! I`ll Take Two when they come out!!
  13. Thanks for your replys "dragonflys" & "Keith Watson"
  14. Does anyone have a list of Oldest Active Caches by Province??
  15. I just reload V2.60...New problem!!! On the bottom right of EVERY screen, is a small animated window of a spotlight shining on satellites!!!!!! HOW DO I REMOVE THIS.....
  16. I just received my Garmin Vista CX on Thursday (have not used it yet!!!) i upgraded to V2.70 yesterday, and have noticed 2 things: 1. compass page gets half stuck on different pages 2. If i go to find,geocache,select a geocache,hit go to, the screen goes very dark, i can make out the page, it is half the waypoint page with half the compass page on top and then the screen fades no NOTHING!! but the unit is still ON!!!!!
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