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  1. Recently, I hid a multi near the resort we stayed at in Punta Cana. Unfortunately, the reviewer says my maintenance plan isn't good enough to ensure the cache survival.

    So I am looking for someone in the area who caches, or at least has a GPS who would be able to maintain this cache if needed. The final has room for 250+ logs, and is secure and watertight, but apparently that is not good enough to get it listed.


    Someone help please.

  2. I am looking for peoples opinions on the best GPS to use for Geocaching.

    I was using an Explorist 400, now using Triton 1500. I was happier with the 400. (change on the fly caching, and when you look at the list of caches, it will give you bearing in list as well as distance away.) Only thing I really like on the Triton is the fact that I can input entire cache descriptions into it. Otherwise, I find it bulky and a bit of a pain to use.


    So looking for:


    -ease of use in the field,

    -ease of data input from Windows Vista PC,

    -Geocache manager type features,

    -colour screen,

    -ability to input entire cache description,

    -ease of changing cache on the fly,


    I know I'm not looking for much here, so which unit is best?? :)

  3. Can anyone tell me if I can mark Geocaches as found with the Triton 1500?


    No, you can't.


    Workaround.... Once you find your cache, press the many buttons you need to and get back to the geocaching screen from the compass screen, then go the geocache you just found and change the icon... the red flag is the best one.... Yes, it's a whole lot of steps just to label it but there is no workaround to this.


    Guess the other option is to voice record them as found. Now if I can just figure that feature out! :D

  4. Ancaster powercenter had a bit of a scare today when a cosco employee called in a reported cylindrical package with a wire hanging out of it in a tree. Has anyone ever seen anything like that before? :lol:




    Check out the story!


    Yeah, I have now archived the cache as the Bomb Squad has disposed of it for me.

    Had a nice email conversation with a PC & Staff Sgt. from the area, and all is good. Lesson learned, will heed their words wisely for future placements!


    If you go to the Hamilton Spectator website, there are two articles about this situation. Links below for those unsure of google!





  5. Yes it is possible. Are you a premium member at geocaching.com? If so do a pocket query and you will get a .gpx file with all the caches you requested. Then use the Magellan tools (should have gotten this disk with the GPS) to import them as enhanced POI's. THen you can route to them. There are other ways as well, that's just the way I did it my first time. (3 days ago). You could also use a program called GSAK. Read this thread it has alot of good info in it.




    Also if you do a search with the word crossover in it you will get quite a few good threads. Make sure you update your firmware to the latest from the magellan website.


    We are trying this with our crossover, only problem is the POI's come up listed by GC# only, not the cache name.

    Anyone know an easy way to change to name other than editing the name of each file??

  6. Maybe I am not quite as computer savvy as I thought.

    Is there a simple way to transfer the Google map that shows all the caches in an area to my pocket PC?

    Right now, I am printing my area maps out before a day of caching.


    Any help please???

  7. I've read on Garmin's website that the reviewers are volunteers that are chosen and that they have hidden at least a dozen caches, etc.


    Are the reviewers local? If so, how do I find out who the reviewer is/are in my area?


    Pretty sure the only way you will find out your local reviewers is word of mouth.

    There are 2 or 3 that I always see review and post my caches locally.


    There is a topic that mentions the cache reviewers in the getting started FAQ's.


    For GPXView: at the bottom there's a menu "TOOLS". Tap that and you will get a menu on which you should tap "Settings"


    The result at the bottom: HOME POS | UNITS | BROWSER |REFERENCE POINTS


    For HOME, enter your home coordinates.

    For UNITS, select DD MM.MMM (that will get you what you want as the format

    configure others as you please.



    In my tools, I only see "About GpxView" and "Exit."


    You have to load a GPX file, else you are only on the "Load a GPX file screen" which has no tools. Navigate your way to one of the GPX files you have stashed in your folders you made. Tap a GPX file that shows on that screen and GPXView will load it. Your tools menu will then have all the options on it.


    Sweet! Thanks for the help!


    Yeah, same here! I can't believe I have missed caches because I didn't put them in my explorist, and the format was messed up on my Ipaq!

    Thanks for the tutorial!!

  9. Wow, this whole HTML thing is new to me.

    Hope I don't get carried away using it on my listings.

    My printer is going nuts with basic HTML code & colour charts right now!


    Again thanks to the posters for pointing me in the right direction! :laughing:

  10. I was at a cache that was published. I was the first one there. Looked around the area for about 20 minutes. Logged as a DNF. Sent the owner an email that I couldn't find the cache. This should of been an easy find. The owner went to the cache to place it. The next cacher showed up as the owner forgot to place the cache. He took the FTF. He sent me an email and told me he ran into the owner. Let me know that the cache was placed. I went back and signed the log. Do you think I should be able to claim a Co-FTF?



    So, are you saying that the owner hadn't placed the cache before the listing was activated?

    If so and you went to the area, you still weren't the first to find. I don't think you can claim it.

  11. I am working on a new cache listing, but I am having trouble adding a picture into the description.

    I need the photo in the description as it helps with the clue.


    Can someone please advise on the method to use a photo where I want it.



  12. Why are you getting rid of the eXplorist 400? I just started having difficulties with mine (the on/off switch is failing) and have been looking at the forums about what others would recommend.


    We have sent three Explorists in for service now and getting tired of it.

    Basemap failure on 210,

    faulty screen on 210,

    Zoom button failure on 400.


    The 400 is off for repair now. :D

  13. If you have a document shredder that is not a new fancy cross shredding one, then just put a blank sheet of paper in and it will come out in nano size strips. Or, if its too thick then fold it in half. That should do it =D


    That is a great idea!

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