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  1. So far, I haven't had any problems with mine. Since it used to work, maybe it is a corrupt file...they used to screw my Magellan all up. Even sent it in for warranty service once. Figured it out when I re-inserted the SD card with the same PQ and it messed up again. Good luck!
  2. Try this link for a product that protects the screen(lifetime guarantee). $12.00 http://www.invisibleshield.com/gps/garmin
  3. Where can you get it for $479. I cannot find it cheaper than GPS marketplace for $505
  4. I have cachemate and I also use GSAK for PQs to my GPSr. GSAK exports to cachemate easily. Sets it up for the next hotsinc.
  5. Thanks alot! I have been sitting here for an hour looking for this info. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.
  6. Would someone who knows more than me remind me of how to port a route from Google Earth to Geocaching.com to build a PQ?
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