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  1. I have to agree. To post a cheaper price on someones "For Sale" thread is pretty much just for sabotage. If you want to announce a cheaper price you should start your own thread. I personally think that posting a cheaper price is just evil, and I wouldn't want to look in the mirror at myself after doing it.


    It's against policy to contact bidders on a cheaper price somewhere else on Ebay, Yahoo and Amazon auctions. It's not regulated here so there are a fraction of the population who can live with themselves butting into someones "For Sale" thread.

  2. You still can't dump all that energy into a battery in one hour. Heat and stress are the biggest enemies of rechargeables. A good charger will not even make the batteries warm when charging.


    The Rayovac 1-hour downright makes the batteries HOT, putting alot of stress on the batteries because it's a continuous charge. After about 45-60 minutes into the charge, put your hand on the batteries and you can't deny it's stressing the batteries ALOT.


    Since batteries are cheap, even if their life is shortened to half it's not a big deal. My concern with the Rayovac is that it will start affecting the capacity. If you have 2100 mAH batteries and put it through 50 stressfull cycles, you'll be at 1800 mAH charges in no time. But like I said, batteries are cheap so if you keep replacing them every 100 charges or so your still saving tons of money.

  3. More important than battery capacity is the charger. A good charger will charge the battery to near capacity whereas a cheap one will not.


    For example, the Rayovac 1-hour will charge batteries to about 80% capacity and ruin the life of the battery by about half due to the stress and heat. Here is a thread on how dangerous the Rayovac 1-hour is: Here And Here


    A battery charger should have seperate processor and banks for each battery. If the charger has one bank for 2 batteries, what if one is more discharged than the other.


    Lenmars Mach 1 Gamma chargers are good, so are MAHA chargers. If you want fully charged batteries, these 2 are the best of the best.


    Anyway, a good place to read up and ask questions about batteries is HERE and click on the "Electronics Forum. Batteries Included"


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  4. I've been using the iQue for a couple of weeks now and it's much better than the GPS V for Auto use. It was only $469 at GPSCity.com. I like the voice navigation that I use through my cars stero speakers with an FM transmitter plugged into the audio out.


    I still use my eTrex for Geocaching though because I like the pointer screen on it. I have topo loaded onto the eTrex so I grab that because it's smaller and with a belt case I can clip it onto my Camelbak.


    Even with an aluminum case, I wouldn't take the iQue hiking. Everything gets banged up and that's all I need is a cracked screen because I tripped on a rock. I'd rather bang up my $130 eTrex and use the iQue for work and driving.


    I do like however that you can load topo, street information simultaneously and switch between the two seamlessly.


    And the complaints about the battery life seem to be coming from people that don't even own the darn thing icon_rolleyes.gif . With the backlight off or on the first level, using the sleep function my iQue lasts me a couple of days worth of use before recharging. I think the 2-3 hour life is when you keep the screen on at full brightness using GPS.

  5. How about a free program called USAPhotoMaps.


    It's a program like a streep mapping software but you scroll and zoom (from 64m to 1m) using satellite photo. You can download tracks to it and see on a Satellite photo where you traveled.


    There is a realtime feature that you can see yourself on a satellite photo map using a GPS. It's fun to see yourself travelling down a highway on a real photomap.


    It's kind of like what you get with ExpertGPS but the whole screen is a satellite picture and you can scroll and zoom easily. Much better than ExpertGPS in my opinion, esp because it's free.


    It can manage Waypoints, routes, tracks etc. When you first launch the program, it will be a blank screen. Enter a location via coordinates and download the information by pressing "f" or using the drop down menu. It will be very hard to get your bearings because it's a satellite photo. Look for a big landmark to get your bearing. Then start downloading! I've got almost the entire SoCal on my HDD now.


    Best part is you can switch from Photo to Topo too. It is the coolest thing to see waypoints marked on an actual photo map. Your "Home" waypoint will have a dot on your house.




    If you have any questions using this thing, e-mail me I'll be glad to help. You should have fast connection though (768k or higher) and a large HDD because it will be addicting to keep DL

  6. Dudes, chill. If I offered you $5000 for your GPS, would you sell it to me? Of course you would.


    Who the heck cares what his reserve price it. I find cheap stuff all the time and sell it at a higher price. In fact, on ebay I look for mis-spelled listings and buy them for pennies on the retail dollar. Then resell them with the right title to make $$.


    Anyway, to sabatage someones auction on purpose for no reason at all is just pure evil. I hope no one is ever evil to you.

  7. They are both capable units. Typically though, Garmins are much smaller than the Magellans. Side by side and more importantly on your belt the Magellans are HUGE compared to the Garmins.


    I can carry the Garmin Vista with me everywhere, even to a business meeting on my belt and no one will even notice. My buddy tries to carry his Mag and everone wants to see his "PDA".


    To choose between the two you should handle both somewhere.

  8. Hi,


    I've got for sale:


    Garmin GPS V Deluxe (Still have box)

    -GPS V (Like New Condition, NO SCRATCHES anywhere)

    -6 Screen Protectors custom made for the GPS V for screen protection (By Strong Engineering)

    -Automotive Mount

    -PC Interface Cable

    -12v car adaptor

    -Mapsource City Select (Street level mapping for U.S.)

    -Wrist Strap

    -Owners Manual


    I am also including a copy of Topo U.S. (3 cds) as backup. This itself is worth over $80.


    I will include the eBookman EBM-901 with Mobi-Pocket installed. With this you can have access to Pocketqueries anywhere. Look up cache information pages on the PDA!


    Also Included will be a 64mb memory upgrade card for the eBookman so you can use the eBookman for books, MP3s, Cache Information etc.


    This is the ULTIMATE Geocaching package, you can get there, look up the cache information (Hints, description etc) on the eBookman and find that CACHE!


    Click here for eBookman EBM-901 description


    Asking $450 + $8 insured well packaged shipping via USPS Priority

    Payment by Paypal only.

  9. Nope. Not for shipping. If I would have sold all 8 at once to one person that would be easy. If I sell to 8 different people on different days that just creates a whole bunch of headaches. Packaging (Padded bubble type) costs me about a buck. Then postage and time.


    If one person would have taken all 8 in the first place it would have been easy. Instead I've sold to 4 different people, 5 glowrings.


    I hope that makes sense. Like I said I'm not trying to make any money here. Price goes up in relation to the trouble (like selling a single one to a single buyer)

  10. I have a Garmin Etrex Legend like new with box and everything that came with it. In perfect condition since I've only used it with a cover. Upgraded to the latest firmware.


    I'll load Topo or Street information for wherever you want and I'll provide you with a copy for back-up puroses.


    So you get:


    Garmin Etrex Legend w/box, manual etc

    Topo USA loaded and Copy of CD for your region for backup

    Mapsource USA Street and Copy of cd (entire USA) for backup


    This is the ultimate Geocaching package! GPSr, Topo and Street....what more do you need!


    $200 via paypal + $5.40 shipping via USPS priority. Or make me an offer!


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  11. Sorry about the slow response guys. I haven't checked this thread in awhile. I do still have some, I'll check inventory and post back. These are completely safe. The Radiation can't even penetrate through the vial. And even if they did break, it won't even penetrate your skin. I don't know about breaking the vial and swallowing it....have to get back to you on that one....


    These are used all around the world for use in exit signs, emergancy hallway markers, map readers etc. I'll post back tonight on my stock.


    The ice Blue and purple are nice colors. The Green is by far the brightest, you can see it on a table clear accross the room (keys and such in the morning?) By eye perception, yellow is the dimmest. Orange is cool too but not my favorite (I don't like orange very much).

  12. I agree that the Palm OS is excellent. I couldn't live without my Palm V, I just don't want to take it with me on hikes. I did look at the Palm IIIs but chose the Franklin because of the Screen size and resolution. And I have no idea what gpx-programming it, I'm too stupid to figure it out! icon_smile.gif

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