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  1. No I mean with the unit off, press and hold the Page + Power on.


    This will erase the almanac data from your unit. Then re-load. If the Amanac is corupt, it may not be loading with a software reset (like "New Location"). It may need a hard reset sort of speak on the Almanac Data.

  2. capt caper,


    Your right, this is all relative. I have friends that will say "Are you NUTS!!??!?! I ain't spending $80 on a stupid eTrex!"


    I have friends that think I'm nuts to own flashlights worth Hundreds of dollars (Like this one).


    And then they will dump $100 on a hockey game. I think thats insane (I don't like Hockey). OR some will spend thousands on a rare coin etc.


    BOTTOM LINE: It's all preference.

  3. I wish Garmin would have included a charger port on the GPSMap 60cs so NiMH batteries could be charged in the GPSr. Oh well.


    I don't like alkaline because of their discharge curve. It keeps dropping and dropping.


    Lithiums and NiMH batteries have a much flatter discharge curve which is why they last longer in certain applications such as Digital Cameras and such.


    And in personal independant testing, Rayovac Maximums perform better than Duracell Ultra and Energizer Max. Tests are non-scientific. Just set my DigCam to take pictures every 5 minutes and use 2 identical flashlights side by side. I've done this dozens of times swapping flashlights to eliminate the bulb as the source of more discharge. Every time, the Rayovacs come out on top. Go figure.

  4. Maha chargers are one of the best for giving a complete charge. No matter how good your batteries are if you put it in a cheapy $25 charger, you won't get a full charge. But running 90% capacity on 2100 Energizers are still pretty good for the price.


    Just make sure you have one bank per battery. That means you can charge 1, 2, 3,4 batteries at one time. If your charger has 2 batteries for one bank, it's not efficient. It should be able to charge just one battery.


    Get one with a cig. adaptor and install it in your glove box, then you have fresh set brewing in the car all the time! The MAHA MH-C401FS is a very nice unit for a decent price.

  5. Oh, I must be way confused. I just looked it up and your right, North and west of me.


    See, I'm lost without my GPSr!!!! One thing I cannot stand is that I can't enter address' or use the find feature with the car moving (OEM in dash GPS Nav). In fact it blocks me from programming features on my display (compass, display, temp, remote, wiper varialbles, etc) also. There has got to be a way to disable this. What if my passenger does the programming?


    Anyone know of a way to disable this feature? If we can dial and use our cell phones, use our aftermarket GPSr, girls put on makeup, eat etc while driving, what's the big deal?


    I guess liability.

  6. The EPEs on the GPSrs are not accurate. It's a guess. Because the GPSr says 3' it could still be off 20 ft . or it could say EPE 70 ft and be within 3'.


    The EPE has an EPE if that makes sense.


    WAAS works more for surveyors. When driving, it's a waste of battery power, esp. with "lock on road" feature turned on. For a geocache I don't use it because no matter how accurate my GPSr comes to the coordinates, it's still only as accurate as the person who put it there.


    Someone could have just hid the cache, turned on their GPSr and logged the first coordinate it grabs, then leaves. What's 30 feet when finding a cache anyway? Part of the fun is turning off the GPSr when you get there and searching for it! :rolleyes:

  7. I'm up north of you, near San Bernardino.


    I thought about getting Splinter Cell, is it worth it? I really wish Nintendo would get their act together and expand the broadband multiplayer games. Games like SOCOM makes me want to buy the Xbox for the multiplayer thing

  8. LOL,


    Hey man I get envious when I see the new 745Li pass me up!!!! Darn rich people. :rolleyes:


    Speaking of my mom, ("It's starting to sound like I'm talking about your mother")


    ...I remember she once said: "sometimes you have to stop and enjoy the things that you have, appreciate them rather than spend your life thinking of the things you don't have"


    Makes you think. At least we are Geocaching. We could be be in afghanistan, poor, poverty stricken and can't even speak your mind. GPSr????? Yeah right! We'd be lucky to have a goat, much less our freedom!


    SBPhishy, I just realized that there are over 420 page views on this thread. We must be entertaining! Lets start a talk show or something <_<

  9. LOL, hey I have nothing against you. Let's shake and make up. Better to stop it here. We could both get worked up and go on and on until this thread gets shut down because it turned into a Mag vs Garmin. I apologize if I have offended anyone but I speak my mind. Isn't it strange that a complete stranger who means nothing to us can get us going sometimes? The power of the mind!


    One good thing about guys: we can fight and have a beer 20 minutes later!!!


    I'm done if you are. Wanna go for a beer? :rolleyes:

  10. Bottom line: it's the price.


    If the 60cs cost $200 and the Gold cost $200, which would you get for your first GPSr? hmm. If you said the 60cs, then your just trashing it because you either don't want to spend the money or can't afford it. The rest is rationalization.


    And if your honda accord is going 60 in 20 seconds, it's about to kaput. I was using an analogy because I hear it all the time. People talking trash about someone's car because it's expensive.


    As your income goes up, so does your lifestyle. When I was making poverty level ($15/hour or so) I say "Man I wouldn't spend $28k for that Honda Accord EX!! Crazy"


    When my income got to $65k/year, I was saying "Man I woulnd't spent $50k for that BMW" etc etc.


    I respect people who talk about what they own, but if you trash a GPSr and haven't even owned it it's just flat out envy. Get a 60cs and say it's not worth it. Otherwise you don't know.


    It's all preference. If someone enjoys using an eTrex yellow for caching that's great. If someone enjoys using a $1000 GPSr, then that's great. Worth is dependant on the individual.


    To a homeless person, your nuts for spending that much money on an eTrex yellow! It's all relative.


    Team Flashncache: "If I can drive to within a reasonable hiking distance and walk more or less straight to it, why would I spend more than 4 times as much for a GSPr?"


    First, it's not about just finding the cache. Once we drove into LA and just searched for attractions. We found Marylin Monroes Gravesite, Universal City walk etc without ever getting lost. Being able never to get lost, find and go to just about anywhere you want is 95% of my GPSr usage. I only geocache a couple of times a month.


    Second, I have a Legend, V, iQue, Rino 120 and just finally got fed up with the pointer jumping all over when standing still close to a cache. I just wanted a built in compass to prevent that. To me, it was worth the $$. That's it. Nothing too deep, just wanted the compass. The rest of the features are icing on the cake.

  11. Contrary to popular belief of companies "hoping you won't turn it in", only less than 20% actually do not. A company cannot operate on "hoping" 50% of customers won't turn it in. Because one quarter of 90% return rate will kill their profit margin, driving down stock etc.


    Knowing execs in Pepsi, I know that sometimes they will lose money just to gain more marketshare for a period of time. They will make a deal with a store to sell below cost, Pepsi providing kickback so the store can break even. They just put more Pepsi on the street than Coke. That's advertising.


    If you don't think this works, think again. That's why battery companies usually lose money to have their brand in a product. Consumers will buy the same brand subconciously. I'm not talking about the people like you and me, if your here your more saavy than most consumers.


    Most of us like to get a bargain. And when someone sends us a check for buying their product, well that's even better! And manufacturers offering rebates know that. They love it when we buy their product to get a rebate check. But you ask a good question. How can they afford to offer rebates? Especially the large ones. Sometimes the "after rebate" price is free. Don't the manufacturers need to make money to stay in business?


    Manufacturers offer rebates for a number of reasons. They can be used to clear extra inventory, control pricing structures and even provide some extra cash flow for the manufacturer. Sellers see rebates as a good tool to move excess inventory. It's also handy when a new model is about to be introduced. Automakers use this strategy. So do companies making appliances. They know that if prices are similar most consumers will choose a newer model over an older one. A rebate allows them to easily discount the older model and clear out the inventory.


    Sometimes manufacturers use rebates to try out a lower price. A rebate allows them to easily find out whether demand would increase at the lower price. If it doesn't work they can always kill the rebate. On the other hand, once lowered it's hard to raise prices back to their original level.


    You'll find that some rebates seem to go on forever. If a rebate is active for more than 90 days, it's probably the company's way of lowering the real price without changing the 'official' price. Sometimes changing the official price has legal consequences that they want to avoid.


    Manufacturers also realize that every sale doesn't have to be profitable. Sometimes they're willing to take a loss on one item in the hopes that you'll buy other things. The goal is to make you profitable as a customer.


    Computer printers are a good example. The manufacturer doesn't really need to make money on the printer. If it takes a rebate to get you to buy their model, that's fine. They're happy to make money on the ink cartridges that you'll be buying on a regular basis. They know that most consumers will spend more on the ink than they did on the printer.


    Sometimes the "shipping and handling" charges provide the profit. What the manufacturer gives up in product pricing they take back in shipping charges. Some even cheat by raising their shipping charges above normal levels.


    A recent trend has been for manufacturers to team up on rebates. One company will offer a rebate if you sign a long-term contract with another company. Computer manufacturers and internet service providers are big players.


    Rebates also offer some interesting cash flow opportunities for manufacturers. Remember that they get to use your money until you actually cash a rebate check. It might not seem like much. But if they have hundreds of thousands of dollars 'in float' all the time the interest earnings add up.

  12. HA,


    too funny. That's like saying: "Are you kidding? Paying $60k for a BMW 545i when my Civic can get me to work just fine!"


    It' OK to say "I can't/don't want to spend that much"




    And an eTrex yellow cannot do a fraction of what the 60cs can do. I think for the most part people bashing a product cannot/do not own it. Sad...so sad....a person without Garmin Envy will have no need to tell others that they have no Garmin Envy.



  13. Night and Day.


    Go Quad-Helix for sure, my 60cs and Rinos pull sats when my iQue and Legend can't.


    The patch has an advantage near verticle rock faces because it looks straight up for the most part. Works best with the antenna level with the ground. Hold that GPS at an angle in your hand or on your dash and your losing some sensitivity behind the unit. Unless of course you mount your Patch GPS facing straight up on our dash. ;) or hold it facing straight up :bad:


    The quad helix pulls all around for the most part so it's less affected by holding it in your hand at an angle, dash mounting at an angle etc.


    I wish my iQue had the quad helix, it would truly be a versatile GPSr.

  14. I sold my 60c and bought the cs with sensors. The compass is a BIG help when your close to a cache.


    Without the compass, I would find that the cache "jumps" around on my screen because it mathematically calculates direction of travel. I had to put the GPS aside when I stopped walking (close to cache) because you have to be moving for the pointer to work. Hated that.


    Now I can stand still and it will point towards the cache.


    As far as the problems some people are having, it's probably software glitches that will be fixed over time with updates so I'm not worried. Generally, we only hear when things go wrong. Ex. "My 60c froze while calculating a route". Nobody poststhe tens of thousands of "My 60c didn't freeze when calculating a route"


    For non caching adventures, the sensors are probably not a big deal. But when your locating something hidden, the compass will keep you sane.

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