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  1. OnStar is different from our GPSrs. OnStar uses cellular to connect to their service centers, kind of like a home alarm system using a phone line to connect.


    When OnStar wants to find your vehicle, it makes a cellular phone call and requests the location. It can track your vehicle continuously but only with your permission (like when your vehicle is stolen). In fact it can only request a location in certain conditions (written into the contract) such as air bags deploying, etc.


    If can also connect via cellular and unlock your door, doa quick diagnostic of the vehicle if it is not starting, etc.


    So a normal GPSr cannot talk to the sats. I think the editor was going for the shock factor and wanted to scare the public to get better ratings.

  2. It would have if I'd bought it new from a store. I picked it up off ebay, no cable.


    Sucks, I didn't want to shell out the $$ for something that costs them $2 to make.


    I never had the need since like most of us crazy geocachers, I have a number of GPSrs. (iQue, 60cs, Legend, Rino 120, and now the Rino 110). The 60 cs is what I use for geocaching, the iQue gets me there on the road. The Legend and Rino has been shelved for awhile now.


    Target has the cable for like $25. I think it's insane for some wires and rubber.

  3. Thanks for the explinations. That makes sense now!


    Wamart's strategy is different, that is why they are so successful.


    I used to work for Target as an ETL. Their setup is the whole region takes progressive markdowns/markups. In other words, the company sends to the computer via satellite any price corrections and the stores have to verify merchandise counts and activate. No choice, region wide.


    Walmart seems to be more store by store, case by case basis based on the area.


    I never agreed with Target's method. Big Bear mountain should be treated different from Los Angeles for instance. But the merchandise is the same in the two locations.


    Anyway, if it's store specific, $100 is still a great price so I'll go back and get a couple more for a total of 4. (Although Cracker beat me by $10 a piece!!!! :blink: )




    I would like to update the software but these don't come with the cable so I can't. :o

  4. Didn't ask, I'm going back tomorrow to buy a couple more so I'll ask. Can't beat the price. My Rino 120 is great but for $100 a piece I might as well get some so I can use the peer to peer feature with more than 1 other person.


    Does anyone know if the polling feature is available on the 110? I bought a couple of them but haven't opened them yet.

  5. Could this be an indication of it being discontinued? The dude at Walmart looked on his little computer doohicky and told me that it was not being replenished.


    Wonder if Garmin will phase it out for something better? Maybe a Rino 130 cs?


    I think a Rino 130cs with 4 AAA batteries putting out 2-3 watts on GMRS would be an ideal caching radio.


    The 1 watt is limiting, and the position polling working only on the FRS channel limits peer-to-peer to .5watts...weak. In a wooded area .5 watts gets squat for range.


    Any thoughts anyone?



  6. I hate the fact that the 60cs does not show current street #'s like the iQue does.  As I'm driving, the ique will show realtime the street #s, so if I'm looking for 3462 E Northridge St I can just keep an eye on the screen as it updates every second.

    I don't know what the ique does, but my 60c will do this when not navigating. Just setup the navigation text to always be on: Map Page>Guidance Text...>Always Show. It will show street information in the same spot as the route guidance text.

    I meant that the iQue acually shows the Address #s, not just the street your on. For example as your driving it shows:


    Driving North on 1253 Citrus Ave....


    Driving North on 1257 Citrus Ave....


    Driving North on 1259 Citrus Ave....


    Driving North on 1260 Citrus Ave....


    Etc etc


    The 60cs just shows


    Driving North on Citrus Ave.


    Unless theres some setting I have wrong.


    Also, the 60 should be touch screen. Ok now I'm dreaming.

  7. I hate the fact that the 60cs does not show current street #'s like the iQue does. As I'm driving, the ique will show realtime the street #s, so if I'm looking for 3462 E Northridge St I can just keep an eye on the screen as it updates every second.


    This should just be a software update, I hope Garmin will allow the 60cs to do that too.


    They should have used the clickstick like the Rino. Much easier to input with it.

  8. Get the vista or legend. The Vista is great with the compass so it knows it's directions without moving. I hated that about the legend I had, when you get close to a cache you move SLOWLY and the pointer starts jumping.


    If you go with anything other than an eTrex or Geko, it'll be HUGE. It took me awhile to accept the bigger size of the 60cs.

  9. Your iQue runs Palm software 5, it can do pretty much everything. I frequently watch movies, listen to MP3s etc. I was going to encode the Matrix Revolutions coming out this Tues to my iQue and watch it this week at work B) .


    EasyMPS will change loc files to mps. It's a free program. With MobiPocket you can have hundreds of pages of cache information at your fingertips. Basically you can have the cache page on Geocaching.com on your Palm.


    With SplashPhoto, its a great photo album to carry with you. You can set a slide show up with music in the background. For ex. you can have your wedding pictures slideshow while playing your wedding song etc. Good for showing pictures to friends and family.


    Role playing games are great too, passes the time away during boring layovers on business trips.


    A portable 4AA charger is a must for charging anytime anywhere.


    VoicePromts are AWSOME. Use with the Vehicle kit and you won't even have to look at the screen, it'll tell you what to do.


    No compass however. about 5 hour GPS runtime and patch antenna. 3 complaints I have about the iQue. Otherwise it's great.

  10. Yeah the LCD sucks up the power fast on the iQue.


    If I set it to about 1/4 brightness and have the screen turn off while navigating (GPS on, LCD off), I get about 5 hours of use. Then plug in the portable battery chager (universal Palm charger using 4 AAs).


    Without the GPS on, just PDA functions I can get a few days of use.


    I've never had a GPS on and in use for 30 hours so it's no problem for me. When I geocache it's usually only on for a couple of hours at a time.

  11. Too bad Garmin is against memory cards.

    I have a 512 SD card in my Garmin iQue. ;)


    For about the same price as the 60 and 76 series, it does everything + voice Promts and a Palm. I can watch a movie, listen to music, autoroute, sync e-mail, etc. and geocache all in one unit.



  12. The Rinos are awsome. There are a few things though....


    I wish it was 2 watt GMRS, it's only 1 watt and it does not communicate very far in the woods. Maybe a mile or so. If you revert back to the first 2 software versions, it will allow you to send your position every 10 seconds instead of the FCC mandated 30 seconds. Of course I would not condone something like that.... :P:P:D:P;)

  13. Radio shack just rebadges major brand stuff so they should be fine if it's the top models.


    For example, Radio Shack sells Motorola Spirit Business radios as their own brand. One could say not to buy Radio Shack radios and go with Motorola when in fact they are the same.


    I think that some Radio Shack metal detectors are rebadged.


    Now this is a Metal Detector!!! Don't buy cheapy $300 ones when you can buy this one :D:(:D

  14. Heat kills batteries. I have ruined some batteries due to overheating during charging.


    And the cheapy chargers can overcharge when "fast" charging. reducing capacity.


    For most however, a 20% reduction in capacity won't be noticed thinking it's just normal. And batteries do not just die after 1000 recharges. The capacity slowly decreases over time and at about 1000 charges, it could be as low as 60%. Using a cheapy charger or letting the batteries heat up during charge greatly affects this.

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