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  1. When I started Adventure Lab I chose Google Earth as it's directions source. Of course it doesn't work. I would like to change this option but can't figure out how to do it. Uninstalling and the installing app again doesn't help.
  2. An update. To explain again, when I tried to download a cache to my Garmin using Mozzila Firefox it stated in the window Mozzila Firefox can not be used anymore (in so many words). Turns out the only problem was a pop-up blocker. Once I fixed that all works fine again.
  3. I have windows 10. What browser can I use to download caches? I know I can't used Microsoft Edge. I was able to use Mozilla Firefox but now that doesn't work. I've tried Explorer and it keeps telling me to download the Garmin plugin which I have done a number of times. I am also told to make the site a trusted one which I have also done. Any ideas???
  4. I had an Oregon 450T that I eventually had some problems with. Ended up trading it in with Garmin for a 600t. Works great so far (though it's only been a few days) but have a question. With the 450T when I click "found" for a cache it then showed up on the map with an icon of an open treasure chest. When I do the same with the 600T any icon for the cache then disappears from the map. Any idea if the 600T can show the open treasure chest icon?
  5. I usually download caches individually. When I then want to delete one it is easy to find and delete when I attach the gps to my computer. In the past month I added caches through a pocket query. I know want to delete some of these. I can't find them. Where do I go to find them? Only want to delete the ones I didn't find.
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