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  1. Love the keyrings but would the tin opener be "dangerous" Dont get me wrong I think its brilliant but if a child was to grab ahold of one of these he/she could nick their finger! geordiell
  2. Looks like Ive some catching up to do
  3. Just wondering who has the most finds? Is there a way of looking at overall stats or anything? I know a guy with over 8K and compared to my "massive" 150 thats pretty impressive? geordiell
  4. Hi guys, Not 100% sure if this allowed on here or not if so Admin please remove but Im looking at going to Germany next week Ill be there for a few weeks and was wondering if anyone would like a trackable or bug or anything taken over there? Im based in the North East at the minute if any help to move them on Ill gladly do so.. geordiell
  5. You can convert in the field (using the numbers you posted) by converting those digits to the right of the decimal point (only) by a factor of 60: .211 X 60 = 12.66 (drop the .66), replace your original .211 with 12. Resulting coordinate is N55° 10' 12" .570 X 60 = 34.20 (drop the .20), replace your original .570 with 34. Resulting coordinate is W001° 41' 34" What you need to enter into your GPSr is: N55 10 12 and W001 41 34 (making sure it is set to read Degree-Minutes-Seconds). THANK YOU :) geordiell
  6. Yes I have an iPhone which is what Ive been using always while doing geocaching just Ive noticed most people prefer the gps units and the battery seems to be better and generally better for this hobby so thats why I bought one as it says at the top of the page! geordiell
  7. Guys thanks for your advice but I dont think Im coming across clearly? If I find a cache when Im out (a mukti or a puzzle) how do I type these numbers into a GPS to find it without having to walk all the way home use my computer to convert them then walk all the way back up to find them? All I can see here is whats the point of that? Surely it should be able to be done "on the move"?? geordiell
  8. '. Converting from one to the other is very similar to converting time: half a minute is 30 seconds, half an hour is 30 minutes, half a degree is 30 minutes, and so on. So how to convert from Geocaching coordinates to Magellan coordinates? DD,00.000 -DD.00.00?
  9. Cheers mate- In fairness I think Ive been doing ok with the phone App its just the battery tends to be really crap and sometimes reception is pathetic so decided on the GPS route aswell as phone for back up! Just baffles me theres so many different ways of typing in coordinates?! I presumed it would be "general" numbers and dots to find a compass point? I mean North has always been north so surely 55 degrees North is always gonna be? Ill figure it out geordiell
  10. Well Ive now ordered a different GPS because theres no chance I can carry a laptop to convert coordinates thats just impossible to do so guess I need a GPS that allows me to enter the "correct coordinates" guess I should have checked before I bought but obviously presuming something like coordinates would always be the same is a silly presumption because well you know compass points change all the time????!!!! Old technology to new technology but even the romans and vikings could navigate?!!!! Thanks for your help guys and girls and hopefully my next one will be straightforward geordiell
  11. Ive got the manual but it will only allow two numbers after the dot. DEGMIN or DEGMINSEC or UTM is the options!
  12. Thanks I did do two threads wasnt sure if first one worked?! Sorry for clogging up and asking twice ! Basically Ive tried every setting in this GPS and they only let me enter two numbers after the dot so I cant enter the place where the cache is Im wondering if this GPS is no good and I stick to using my phone or get a different GPS altogether?
  13. Hello I am fairly new to Geocaching and only used the iphone app so far- Ive just bought a GPS a Magellan Blazer12 and Im trying to enter coordinates into it but they seem to be different?!! Example on the app my location is N55* 10.211 W1*41.570 But on GPS I can only enter N55*10.21? W1*41.57? So my question is where and how do I add the 3rd number after the dot? Thanks a lot geordiell
  14. I have just bought a GPS (new to geocaching been using iphone) and its a Magellan Blazer12 (cheap to start) and Im trying to put in coordinates to use it but in the app on my phone and the coordinates on my GPS are different.. Example On my phone -My Location is - N 55* 10.218, W 1* 41.583 But on my "new" GPS I cant type them numbers in it will only let me do Example N 55*10.21 W 1* 10.58 So basically the last coloumn of numbers is just not there and the first coloumn after the dot on W only goes up to 5 so any help please and bear in mind Im fairly new only been caching a few month so if Im being ignorant or stupid its not intentionall its a learning curve THanks guys geordiell
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