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  1. Why are you getting your knickers in a twist over this? Does it really matter? Get over it and move on


    Ahh, you missed the part of one my posts where I said:


    "None of it really makes much difference to my life. I just enjoy pointing out inconsistencies."


    For your information, I'm not wearing any knickers. I don't on Fridays.

    No knickers Friday wahoooo it's not just me :)

  2. I'm English and living in Germany at the minute the only problem I'm having is translating German to English!!!! Seriously Groundspeak need to get some sort of auto translate into this "worldwide" craze???!!!!! But enjoy Germany there is some fantastic caches and beautiful cities here I wish you safe travels and happy caching :)

  3. Just joking I do plan to marry her but maybe I should purpose first?! Possibly hide an engagement ring in a cache but knowing my luck someone would get it before here and leave a used bus ticket as swag lol
    I've heard of a couple approaches to the "engagement ring in a cache" thing. One is for you to get to the cache first, slip the ring inside, and then hand the cache to her. Another is to place a cache with the ring, but not list it on geocaching.com until after the proposal; getting the coordinates of the unlisted cache into her device is left as an exercise for the reader.


    That's what I was thinking of doing basically hiding a "cache" in the middle of a loop of caches we often like to do with our dogs and as she's looking at her GPS mine might point "the other way" and hopefully at fake VS she finds it!!! Now to how she didn't read these forums lol

  4. Not sure my wife would like me to marry her


    Just joking I do plan to marry her but maybe I should purpose first?! Possibly hide an engagement ring in a cache but knowing my luck someone would get it before here and leave a used bus ticket as swag lol

  5. Or let your girlfriend learn german and take her with you.


    Alternative: take a german girlfriend with you. :D

    My girlfriend is German and goes with me but that's not the point is it really? She shouldn't have to do all the puzzle and reading and mapping work so I just go find the caches!!! It's a fair game

  6. I've got a translate app on my phone and only have my kindle fire and phone with me here so no laptop or "computer" to speak of?! Just wondering if there was a way on this site that auto translates, pity cos I've done a few traditional here but there's loads of multi and puzzles! Guess I'll have to do whAt my girlfriend says and learn German.... Cheers guys and girls


  7. Hi guys just a little help needed. I doubt it's possible but is there a way I can get German caches translated into English? Basically I'm English (don't read our write German) and I'm here over in Germany for a while where there's is hundreds of not thousands of caches but the translating is "killing" me.

    So basically a translate button or switch or something?!!



  8. So basic members get FP if they were nice logs and are kids?!

    Well I broke my arm just before Christmas so couldn't do any T5 caching do I get a refund for not using my premium membership to its full extent for 4 months? No I don't do why should someone child or adult get something free when others pay? Nice idea but same as getting a refund for something that isn't the owners fault,, would be nice to have this for free but there's a reason we pay for what we use.


  9. Does anyone know originally started geocaching? Was it an ex spy using an old Dead Letter BOx system or someone who read to many Spy Novels as a kid or was it two mates setting a game with each other and it spread?

    Curiosity killed the cat again I guess...


  10. I use both but prefer my phone because thats how I was introduced to Geocaching so thats how I know it.. What I hate about the GPS is you need to sit for hours before you go out and load it up wheres the phone you just go out and do it(sometimes save a map for offline if you know reception will be dicky) and as for dropping things sure Ive dropped stuff in my life as you everyone has but when its expensive relied upon property then no sorry cant say I have! I do use a lanyard though just cos its easier to have stuff hanging round my neck then my hands are free to well do hand stuff with!!!

  11. Why do you all keep saying the GPS is more rugged and can be dropped on rocks in rivers etc? I mean I know it onbviously is more rugged but how clumsy are you all?? Dunno if Im geocaching wrong but I tend to not drop my stuff on rocks in rivers etc? Maybe Im more aware of my property to not drop stuff everywhere I go?

    Maybe GPS unit users only should be called clumsy dropper cachers?

    Ohh and direct sunlight darkness light shade I prefer my phone screen to my GPS any day of the week to look at..

  12. Sorry I should add that is if your allowed out the airport as Im unsure of your passport/documents/visa/ etc normally if your in "transit" youre not to leave the airport depending on paperwork and such! Wish I could help more mate and good luck!

  13. Yeah hes hidden 854 but found 120,000 roughly!! And looking well glancing briefly through theres a few with 0 or very little, just interesting I gyuess!! and over 1K finds in a day?WOW reckon they travelled some miles that day!! or would that be a case of cahing a whole weekend and then logging them all on a Monday maybe??

    Also is there a time limit on Logging online? Say for example I go out and find 10 today but have no 3G on my phone and forget to send them tonight when I get home with wifi is it still "a find" if I log them tomorrow?



  14. Sorry Just noticed aswell a lot of these "top cachers" dont seem to have hidden any or hidden very little? Is this "normal behaviour"? I would like to hide loads but as I live in between to Cities in England and in Germany its a bit tricky for my Cache Maintenace I do have a few friends who dont mind keeping an eye on them for me but Id prefer to keep them close :)


  15. Well this caused a good little discussion??!?!And I think if we all added our finds together and went out for a solid week we wouldnt these "race leaders" I know its not a race just a term lol..

    Very interesting now another question to follow on from my opening question?

    Take for example the top player on this list is there a way of looking at his map of Smilies to see where he?she caches the most or is it just the Stats bar on the profile page?

    Sorry Im fairly new only started last October but really enjoying Caching!!

    Cheers again


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