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  1. I am finally able to post pictures and to thank UKTim for a Wonderful Secret Santa gift. The gifts came enclosed in a Lock & Lock container. What a wonderful idea. I wish I would have thought to do that. The chocolates are yummy. The Lovespoon Geocoin is precious and will be cherished in our collection. I have never seen a Angel Pig candle before, what a treat!! I wore the brooch on Christmas Day. I think the children enjoyed it almost as much as I did. B)


    Thank you UKTim!!!!




  2. 1. Participating: Yes

    2. Received Name: Yes

    3. Mission Complete: Yes, 11/30/09

    4. Package Received!: Yes 12/17/2009


    I got a package today all the way from the UK. I am going to wait to open it until Christmas. I love to see packages under the tree. Thank you Santa!

  3. Sent mine off in yesterdays mail. The postal worker said it would get there in 5 to 10 days.


    1. Participating: Yes

    2. Received Name: Yes

    3. Mission Complete: Yes, 11/30/09

    4. Package Received!:

  4. Another wild micro guess - Is your name on one of the cars?


    DING ! DING !

    We Have A Winner !!!!!!


    Yup, I'm on the # 88 !!!! Dale Jr's Car !!!!




    BUT .... so are 70,00 other people!!LOL!!

    It was an aMP Energy Promotion.

    With all those names , it looks like stripes on the car, But we get shown where our name is on the website!



    Email Your address !!!


    WOW!! Congratulations for having your name on the car. That's very exciting! Are the names there for only this race or for the season?


    Thanks for having the cointest! Email sent.

  5. While searching the web for something to post, I came across this. I think it's both educational and hopeful.


    The last European Beaver in the Netherlands was killed in 1826. In 1988 European Beavers were reintroduced in the Biesbosch, and in 1994 beavers were released in the Gelderse Poort (a wilderness area between Arnhem and Nijmegen). The new beavers are doing very well; their numbers are increasing and they are spreading to other parts of the Netherlands.


    Thanks for doing the contest!

  6. Last year's mission was so much fun I would love to do it again this year.


    Please add me to the mission. E-mail sent.


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    Thanks dhenninger!!



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