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  1. Just an FYI, probably towards the end of this week, I'll open up reservations for the Pax remint. I'll have the information posted to Facebook, my website/blog, send out an email and to here.


    The Blue Pax I did in 3 metals but only shown in 1 metal in this pic. I have not decided which metal I'm going to use but it's between the gold and antique nickel.


    The white Pax is GLOW :) More info to come.


    tsun :(





    Super!! I missed these little guys and now I have a chance to get them.

  2. soon to come: the following coins to benefit GCF 2010


    [user GCF2010 will list them]


    - 2009 v.3 Yemon Yime AG


    - 2009 v.3 Yemon Yime AS


    - 2009 Geocache Alaska coinament


    - Mermaid Swag – copper (by tsunrisebey)


    - Elf Coinament – non-trackable by tsunrisebey


    - Neptune’s Compass – Muddy Waters (Neutella) - by tsunrisebey


    - 2009 Little Rhody Horseshoe Crab (AS)


    - 10 Years of Geocaching – Big Blue Switch (Groundspeak)


    - Nutella Cache Hopper (by tsunrisebey)


    - 2009 Wyoming Ducks Unlimited (I believe this is LE)


    - Mini seashell (dwprods) – copper/red


    ...bid often and bid high






    Thank you!!

  3. Oh what a wonderful day! I received one of the AWESOME New World Order geocoins.


    Mystery Coins Thank You VERY much for honoring me as a recipient. This coin will be cherished and displayed in our home.


    Here is a picture of Shadow with this tremendous coin. His 4 lucky rabbit feet have been very lucky for me too!



  4. Shadow's mission arrived Saturday. We weren't able to open it until today. What an awesome mission! He loves the treats. I love the coins and the Geowoodstock cachekinz :)


    Thank you very much bnprood!! Everything is wonderful!!! We wish you all the best with your new baby and new puppy, Winnie.






    1. sent email - 2/10/2010

    2. Participating pet - Shadow

    3. Type of pet - Holland Lop Rabbit

    4. Received Name - Yes 2/18/2010

    5. Mission Complete - Yes 3/9/2010

    6. Mission Arrived! - Yes 4/3/2010


    Thanks again Jason for a organizing a great mission!

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