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  1. I hope some of the following finally received their mission :huh: Keep us posted of any changes in your status ;)





    lorca - Bruno


    I'll wait until Friday January 27th and then send some replacement missions :omnomnom:


    If replacement packages have to be send I will be happy to send one of them.


    as will i




    Me too!

  2. What a wonderful day today turned out to be. I found I sent myself an AWESOME gift! Isn't it a beauty!


    I only wish I could remember sending it! :D


    Thank you mystery sender!

    I hope you are having a Happy New Year as you have brought joy to our home!



  3. I received my mission yesterday!!!

    It contains an Adorable card that was nicely modified. It really made us laugh!

    A GREAT Christmas Compass Coin - perfect for this mission!! Thank you!!

    A beautiful Peacock geotag! It will be activated and travel to events with us.


    Thank you very much LewisClan77 for all the wonderful items! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!




    Thank you Laval K-9 for making this a Happy Holiday!! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year!


    Signed up: 11-7-11

    Name Received: 11-26-2011

    Card Sent: 12-07-2011

    Card Received: 12-17-2011

  4. Thank you! Thank you! NOSNOW and I received one of the wonderful coins. We are very honored to have it!


    We wish the Mystery Santa a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Wonderful very cool coin!! I received TWO today with a note that said:


    you have been found to be an honorable geocoin enthusiast.

    therefore, please accept this gift. please use the second coin to

    benefit river cacher's family.




    Thank you so very very much!


    Very nice!!!

  6. The Easter Bunny hopped by our house today! And he left a Mega package!


    It was filled with lots of goodies - yummy candy, beautiful flower seeds that will be perfect for our garden, the cutest chick from the movie HOP, a crossword puzzle book, bath gels in the shape of Easter eggs, very cool, chalk in the shape of rabbits and eggs, rings that have bubbles, the kids will love these! the neatest mold for making flower suckers. Everything is just awesome. Yes, there were two of the greatest coins, a Butterfly Kisses and Cache Around the Clock geocoin


    Thank you Easter Bunny!







    Signed up. 2/21/11

    Name received. 3/20/11

    Package Sent. 3/29/11

    Package Received 5/5/11


    A very special Thank You to FireFly03 for hosting this mission.

  7. Happy Easter to everyone. Ok, I know it's late. :P


    Just trying to wrap up this mission. There are a few people who have not posted a received date yet. Some I know have been sent. Only 2 unaccounted for. Out of 52 packages, I'd say not bad for a first time.


    Had a blast doing this.... will have to do another. (Next time better timed so as not to overlap finals. :ph34r: ) Loved all the posts!


    No package yet...


    Can you let me know if the person that had my name sent one and it's lost or if they never posted that they sent one.

    If they never posted, can you let me know who it is and I can send them an inquiry?

  8. Still no mission....


    Is there anyone else out there that hasn't recieved their mission yet either?


    Mine has yet to arrive... that's OK - I am stalking the postie...


    I'm still waiting... I hope it's not lost.

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