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  1. My Halloween Mission arrived yesterday. I was thrilled to see it was from someone I have actually met. It was decorated so pretty I didn't want to open it. I held out until today and what was inside was more that I could have ever imagined.


    Degai you sent way too much!!!


    The letter is wonderful, the cards beautiful. The Spells and Potions for Dummies is precious! You are so talented! The Halloween boxes and bags are too cute. With all the candy you sent, I won't have to buy any for trick or treaters.


    The coins!! Oh my... :D there are so many!! I love them all. THANK YOU!!!






    Thank you Degai!!!

  2. I received some great coins today and a wonderful signature item. Thank you!!!


    I also recieved an already activated coin that hasn't been logged since 2007 ....... AND ...... A NON- Trackable Coin ?


    will forward info.




  3. I have number 138. I added it to the list. Thanks again Dark GeoKinight!!


    101 Red Otter

    125 gillianms

    138 Shadow's Friend

    143 drneal

    145 labrat_wr

    163 smgsmg

    168 Chickahominy

    173 LadyBee4T

    182 Howlingmoon --> friend

    184 Howlingmoon

    185 CUTT4

    187 fuzziebear3

    197 anne.and.eli

  4. WooHoo!! My coins arrived yesterday.


    I was thrilled to get a package and giddy to see what it contained. Lots of OHHHs and AHHHs over each coin as I took them out of the package. They are beauties!!!


    Thank you Avorair!!!!

  5. Shadow's mission arrived today. All the way from Sweden!! It looks like Christmas for us!

    There are so many treats, and toys and coins!! It was hard to pick which item to open first.


    Thank you very much grodan & fiabus!! The Peter Rabbit you sent is my favorite!!










    1. Sent email: 7/16/2009

    2. Participating pet: Shadow

    3. Type of pet: Holland Lop Rabbit

    4. Received Name 7/24/2009

    5. Mission Complete yes - Mailed today 8/3/09

    6. Mission Arrived! Yes -- Thank you jasondulac for organizing such a fun mission!

  6. I see a distinct lack of midwestern cities in that list....perhaps somewhere like....Oklahoma city, Kansas City, Fort Smith, AR, or St. Louis?


    I could vote for St Louis if it's in the running

    I guess I found this thread a tad too late but... :) The St. Louis Area Geocachers Association has hosted MEGA Events and will be hosting one again next year (MOGA 2010). G.E.O.C.O.I.N.F.E.S.T. is a different kind of event than MOGA is. Personally I would love to see it here in my home town but I'm not sure if SLAGA would be able to manage two MEGA Events in one year. Even tho the events are months apart it would be hard to get everything organized (we are already hard at work on MOGA 2010 and that is not until April next year...).


    That all being said, I hope that the location chosen will be closer to my home area (midwest) than the last four years. I have yet to be able to get to one because of distance & $$$. :rolleyes:




    Minnesota is not very far from Missouri. We would love to see you here :)

  7. Oh no! Drneal we are very sad to hear about Logan. We were lucky and got to meet both him and Heineken at MWGB. Please know that we are praying for him.

  8. Just an update to let you know the Minnesota Group is working diligently on our proposal.


    October is one of the best times to be in Minnesota. Warm days (not hot, not cold), cool nights. Bugs are gone; the leaves are in full color.


    The Twin Cities is so close to Wisconsin you can easily do caching in both states. If you are up for a little jaunt, you might choose to pick up Iowa, North & South Dakota.


    Or you can just stay close to the GeocoinFest location site, lots of non-caching activities too!!

  9. We had the good fortune to meet Wyatt at MWGB! He is very well behaved and allowed Laval K-9 to trade with us. The coins are adorable! Almost as cute as Wyatt himself!


    Thank you Laval K-9!

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