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  1. Oh, Wait... People will still complain, You just can't win. Maybe I'll find another hobby, like cracking cat turds.
  2. Too many discussions on swag. Just for that, I'm replacing all my lock-n-locks and ammo cans with nanos so people will quit complaining.
  3. I'm a Mac guy too, but haven't found anything as good as GSAK, so I run an old version of XP in bootcamp only for GSAK.
  4. It's settled... It is now officially a Recreational Activity.
  5. My 13 year old has lost interest, only interested in things with buttons that hook up to the TV, and girls.
  6. I vote for: The cache has been discomboobalized by a discomboobalizer. Or we could just change it to Muggler. Seems some folks use that already, and it will still get muggled by the muggler. This is too complicated... I just going with The cache was stolen by a very not nice person.
  7. I use the Invisible Shield for everything, These things are great! I'd wrap my truck in one if they made it.
  8. I have seen those lists of tracking numbers... I really don't get it either. I used to "discover" every coin and bug I could at one time... One day I was looking through my logged coins, and thinking, yeah, i remember getting this one with the kids, getting that one in the rain, etc... When I'd come across the ones I discovered, I had no memory attached to it. I ended up removing all my "discover" logs. Unless some REALLY sticks out to me, I don't do the discover thing.
  9. Pocket Queries drop over fine, you should be able to even drop multiple queries, as long as the cache count isn't over 1000. Hmmmm. The GPS is crashing? When you are doing the copy, or after you power it up after the copy completes successfully? 10.5.6 on the Mac OS? Is you garmin updated to latest firmware. You can do this on a mac as well, follow the link for the updater if you haven't yet. http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3699 Also, are you running Windoze under Parallels or VMWare fusion? If so, make sure your virtual machine is not running. Let me know if everything is updated..
  10. All I can say is that if one is an armchair cacher, and sells their smileys, be VERY careful. You're not dealing with some very nice people here, this is backed by the mafia. You think I'm kidding... Try it... Don't say you weren't given fair warning.
  11. Just plug in the garmin, It will mount as a drive. ( Kind of like a USB stick ) Just pull the GPX over to the mounted drive in the /garmin/GPX directory. You're done.
  12. Just because you can see it on a map, doesn't make it as good as going there... I can see the grand canyon on a map. I'd still like to go there. I don't get it...
  13. If I asked for permission to place a cache somewhere, and that place has posted hours, and someone sneaks in, and gets caught looking for that geo cache thing, it would make ME look bad, and make the landowner think twice about letting more caches on land they own or manage. So... As long as I took the responsibility to post in the cache description the posted hours that the cache could be found, I think I would have every right to deny someone their FTF by removing their log if they violated the rules. If an area had no posted hours, it's all fair game at any hour.
  14. The Garmin Colorado works decently with a Mac since you just drag your GPX files right into it. It mounts like a USB drive would. The you can upload your finds in the same way back to GC.com As for loading maps, i think garmin does have a way to load maps on a mac, or you cab get maps already on a SD card.
  15. If you wish to trade, just try to trade fair and even, that will leave everyone happy. Yourself for getting some cool swag. The next finder to find some cool swag. The cache owner to not have a bunch of junk in the cache. Once you get into it, you may (or may not) lose the interest of trading items, I only do trading when I have the kids these days, as they still enjoy that part of it.
  16. There are some old steam tunnels under Ohio State University I would love to explore, but I read about alot of crime going on there, and being an old geezer, I'll steer clear. Me and my girlfriend, do however, love driving around in the back country, and finding old abandoned churches and such, and explore. Found this one while out on a caching run.
  17. The iphone is acceptable to find a quick urban cache or two, I wouldn't depend on it that much, though. it's great if in an area where you don't have caches loaded in the GPS, you can find the closest one, and pop it in the GPS. In my field tests, the iphone can be off by a few hundred feet or more, so you'll have to have some good geo senses.
  18. Since you mentioned your technoabilities, I have a feeling you have not jailbroken your iphone. If that's the case, ignore the whole winterboard post. Only thing I can think of for you... Remove the geocaching app. Hook the phone to itunes. Let it sync and backup. Hit the restore your iphone button. That will reload the firmware, then you should get a prompt to restore from backup, which you should do to get everything back to normal. Then reinstall the geocaching app, and see what happens.
  19. Can anyone name this song? dah dah dah daah dah dah dah Um, Lemmie think... Can I get one more dah? ( Ok, Mine was American Idiot by green Day if that's what you was hinting at... Didn't think of it. I suck! )
  20. I have a small battery powered blacklight. I still haven't used it to actucally find a cache, but who knows.
  21. Strangely... A song came on while reading... I changed it... o/~ Don't wanna be a virtual idiot o/~ dah dah dah dah da da dah daaah dah dah. OK, I'll shut up now. Dogs are howling.
  22. What exactly is going on? I just looked at your profile, and looks OK from here. ( data for 2/10 ) Which web browser are you using?
  23. He could have done it... How do you think Santa Clause can go all over the world in one night. This dude is obviously magical. I hope he gets a never ending ice cream headache.
  24. Just do it. After a few caches, you'll be wanting a bit more. I started with a "car" unit, as did many others. You'll be able to get a good feel for it.
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