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  1. OK - well I was never noted for my brilliance in numeracy but how does 19% tax in any currency convert to 29% tax when converted to US Dollars ?? Well I hope I have this right myself. I looked at it as 19% tax on 100 EU is 19 EU. So I am getting charged an extra 19 EU. 19 EU * 1.6 conversion comes out to 30.4 EU in taxes. So they charge me an extra 30.4% tax when I could pay my local 7% tax. Clear as mud, right? Argh - I see your reasoning now, I think If you calculate like that you would also have to convert the 100 EU as well, which makes 160 und you will end up with 19%. As the name already tells, you won't get absolute numbers but a fraction of the whole.
  2. Actually I could have introduced myself in the "Stop Lurking and Introduce Yourself" thread. But I'm far beyond the requirements for the cointest , so I'm here. 1. What is your name (caching name is fine), location, age, and occupation. Rainer from Heidelberg, Germany. I'm 28 and a PhD student. 2. What was the first geocoin you ever held in your hand? GC & P Club - Sock Puppet Geocoin 3. Approximately how many coins to you currently own? approaching 200 4. Approximately how many coins have you released into caches? And how many are still active? four, five others wait for a suitable cache to be released. One of those may be gone. 5. Have you ever minted a coin? If so - how many? If not - skip to question 6 No 6. What is your favorite color? Black 7. What is your favorite food? Italian 8. What are some of your favorite songs/musicians/groups? Kaiser Chiefs, Billy Talent, Bloodhound Gang,... 9. What hobbies do you do aside from caching and drooling over coins? Running
  3. Wow! I never thought that would be possible. Not even a week! If they would only deliver my ordered coins that fast
  4. I got surprised today. Thank you, Ambrosia! (TB1VEXW) I love the coin and the page you designed is really great. Especially the pictures of Signal holding the coin!
  5. 1. Participating - YES 2. Nick/destination received - YES 3. Outgoing coin released - YES 4. Incoming coin picked up. The Coin is on its way. Hope it will reach its final destination soon!
  6. 1. Participating - YES 2. Nick/destination received - YES 3. Outgoing coin released 4. Incoming coin picked up. The adoption request is sent out. I will release the coin (TB2399B) on the weekend.
  7. That sounds interesting. I'll go for it!
  8. I didn't get one, but aren't they activated already? Try to search for the tracking number on the trackable items page.
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