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  1. Oh what a day! There where two ticks sitting on my hip. Bad Luck - bad day? NO WAY!!!!! After I've opened my mail box, there was an envelope with Evil Micros 2008 ("evil micros"? Maybe that was a sign of fate for the ticks?), some pins AND THEN there was an envelope for "Jedi Knight Marco..." YESSSSSSSSS! Swooooommfdschhhhh! The force was with me! The Grandmasters of Geocaching Jedis and the high council where merciful and adopted me to the Geocaching Jedis! Unbelievable!!! Now I'm a Geocaching Jedi!!! Thank you my Master!

    Now I go an get my own lightsaber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized time. For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic and the World of Geoaching.


    To all Geocachers out there: Remember, a Geocaching Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him. The Force is what gives a Geocaching Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.




    Congratulations Jedi Knight Mambo!

    Your really deserve it for your great coin designs! Now the Force is really close.


    I shot it and when it arrives in a week or so I probably own a Purple haze in gold and one in nickel :huh:


    lets wait and see...


    Btw: I think I'm also nearly complete with my TQ collection, that means I own all TQ's from that I know that they exist (except the Bronze mismint) : 30 different plus the nickel purple haze I'm waiting for....


    But who knows... :huh:


    Cheers Peter


    I'm really curious what you will get. Tell us, please!


    I'm not yet satisfied with my collection. Still missing some of the older ones and the XLEs

    And of course the pink one. But I could successfully resist the allure. Simply not my colors :)

  3. You can see the "Purple Haze" in all it's beauty in post #29 - and it's gold for sure!


    Owning all of the editions except the US and Portugal ones, I allow myself to assist Rainer (Whitby) that he's correct :huh:




    Puh. I started a little late with the TQs, but was pretty sure about that. The Rhodium ones I have never seen iin reality up to now.

    Thank you Dirk!

  4. the vendor said there was only one edition of purple haze, nickel. no gold.


    Hm, what is the coin I have? :huh:

    I had a look at what I assume being the "Purple Haze" and it is for sure gold.



  5. I keep and trade a lot of my coins as well. But I also purchase some to release them into caches as I enjoy following their track. Of course there is the danger of loosing them. But: No risk, no fun!

    I'm just preparing a bunch of coins to be released soon.




    Notes on "Spook" Editions:

    "Emerald" Edition - not the correct name, it is the "Green Giant" Edition

    "Black Onyx" Edition - does not exist, maybe it is actually "Black Widow" - could someone please confirm if "Black Widow" Edition is no enamels on gold (raised) and black nickel

    "Light" Two Tone Edition - does not exist



    I don't know what the "Black Onyx" is supposed to be, but the "Black Widow" is black and red. I don't have the coin at hand at the moment, but I think it is black nickel with red translucent and (maybe) black enamel.


    Edit: Just realized that the "Black Onyx" has the same metals as the Luxury Edition. Maybe it is that one.

  7. Migo 2005 Seasonals are lucky to fetch $100 each now.


    The M10B Ver 1 would still get 1K.


    I was thinking it would, too. What do you base that on? You think the older crowd would be the ones bidding for this or do you think some newer people would want a piece of history like this? I'm not sure how "pretty" they'd think it was given all the new design techniques...


    I'm pretty new and I would like to have that piece of history. But at the moment would not be able to afford.

    Design is important. Why buying coins I don't like? But it is also the message or story behind a coin that makes it interesting.

  8. i didn't really check my invoice from gecoinshop.de until just now and there was no vat but holy cow, the shipping for two coins was about $12.00. that is exhorbitant! i don't recall that much on the web site. going to stick to US coins or ebay from now on.




    I don't think that this is the shop's fault. After sending some coins to the US I know that the german mail is really expensive when it comes to shipping outside Europe. If you bought two larger coins so that the whole envelope weighs more than 100 grams (approx. 3.5 oz) they will charge 8 Euros, which is close to $12.

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