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  1. Yes, a good way to attract geocachers and tourists. It would be great for me as I love hiking, but unfortunately a little far away for us Germans.
  2. Congrats, gardengorilla! Cool trip, cool pictures, cool cointest!
  3. Wow! That was quite a trip! Just wild guessing here: 5724.4 or 6952.2 Thanks for the Cointest!
  4. I received a coin from Cheesy pigs today. So all coins from the Math trade are here. A big thank you to all the participants of the trade and kdv for organising! Rainer
  5. 1. Email sent - Yes 2. Name received - June 1st 3. Mission sent - Research has to be done! 4. Mission arrived -
  6. Great design! As I missed the first two, could you please add Whitby if there is still some space left? Thanks!
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you will get well soon!
  8. Hmm... You may be right. Black Nickel looks different. More shiny. The black/gold and black/copper look identical. But the cavities are filled in the copper one.
  9. So, I had a closer look at both of them. The Luxury (BN/Gold) is clearly two-tone w/o enamel. The black/copper one is filled with translucent soft enamel. I assume that the metal underneath is black nickel as well. That may be what dabbscher wanted to say. Both BN, but one filled with enamel.
  10. Today I received two more coins from kdv and 3Blindeyes. Thank you! So I'm only waiting for one more coin from Cheesy pigs.
  11. I'm not so sure. There is some translucent enamel. But I don't know, what is underneath. Maybe we should ask Castle Man.
  12. I think we simply shouldn't sleep at all. Always the danger of missing something!
  13. are you sure about this one? would you mind terribly posting a pic? another confusing edition. thanks peter! lara That one exists. I have it as well. I think it is a copper coin with black enamel. I'm at work already, but I can check tonight.
  14. No, I don't think one can define a threshold. As you said, it is personal opinion. Of course paying forward and seeing people enjoying your coin is great. But in my eyes that only makes sense if you have your own personal coin, which is a matter of a good design and of course the money to afford one.
  15. Hmm, I didn't realize that. I could have easily bought one. Didn't check the metal, just the version
  16. Wow! That should be all versions available! Congrats! I just started counting and think that I'm missing 6. So there are still some trades to do. Now I need to find out more about that mysterious Purple Haze Nickel Rainer
  17. I won't count. No, I won't count
  18. Then that will go on my want list!
  19. Hi Katja! As far as I know there have been three editions of that coin starting in 2006. Some of the editions from 2006 and 2007 are available here. Maybe you can distinguish from the icon.
  20. I think the two most important things are labeling the package as a gift and not using the word "coin". I never had to pay customs up to now, but the packages have been checked by the customs office whenever it was marked as "other" on the label.
  21. Is it this one? If I remember correctly there were some error coins of that one. Those won't be trackable and you may have found one of those. Edit to add picture
  22. Up to now I received half of my coins from: PSU Fan TokyoBlossom kehunt64 uktim Jan & The Percey Boys Thank you! Whitby
  23. Great idea! Count me in! Someone will have to do some research on Germany
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