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  1. Anyone got an extra 2009 Compass Rose LE? I was too late... Thank you! Rainer
  2. Oh no!!! How should I do that? Have to work on Friday! Is there anyone willing to get me a set?
  3. Nice picture! You can see the difference there. And an Antique Gold TQ I may have...
  4. Just wanted to add as a "other sider": It can take long for the coins to arrive. My experience is that they are in general way faster to the US than from there to Germany. Everything below two weeks is I'd consider fast. Up to four weeks happens rather freqently and I had coins that arrived six weeks after sending. So I would suggest: Start worrying after maybe four weeks and you may activate the coins (which is a good idea, I think) after six or seven weeks.
  5. Rainer, When you get tired of looking at your "ugly one" I'll trade you for it Karen I'll remember that. But it may take a while
  6. If I remember correctly it was the other way round. Antique Gold coins in a box labeled Antique Bronze. There are some Gold coins out there where people assume they are Bronze. The difference is easy to tell if you see both coins together. The ugly one is Bronze. It has way less depth. Rainer
  7. Did that as well. But for me it takes ages until the coins make it to the traders list. I hope this won't become a trend. A bit expensive.
  8. I added a bunch of coins to my trading list over the last couple of days (more to come). Among them: Astro Coins Bewitched A set of Crystal Compass Roses Several Four Musketeer Coins Geocaching Skills some Tranquility Coins. My other lists are way outdated. So please make an offer. Some of the coins I'm looking for: Many of Tsun's coins, coins that were available at GCF, Templar LEs, some Compass Roses, Bavaria, GS Lackey,... I may even have a Delft Klomp. But only for very special trades. Whitby
  9. Whitby

    Geocoin Issue

    Hi! The coin can be adopted to you. The current owner has to go to http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ and ownership can be transferred. If you have the activation code you can go through the actvation procedure again and give the coin a new starting location. If not, also no problem. And then you are owner of the coin and change its page. Whitby
  10. It seems like the Dark GeoKnight is travelling through Europe. Coin 192 made it to my mailbox!!!! Just amazing how much joy such a tiny coin can bring! Thank you sooo much! Whitby
  11. Wow! What a wonderful coin! And you two really do deserve it! How wonderful to hear from you, RSG!
  12. I haven't been around here a lot in the last months. But this mission seems to be a great way to get back! 1. Participating: Oct 23 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  13. Still searching. Anyone out there who can help me? Thank you! Rainer
  14. 1. What is your favourite finish? I usually like silver over gold and antique over polished. But I love satin finishes" 2. What is your favourite 2-tone finish? Polished Gold on Antique Silver 3. Do you like to see multiple finishes offered for a coin? Do you buy them all, or just your favourite(s)? depends on the coin 4. Do you prefer round coins or shaped coins? No real preference 5. Do you prefer trackable or non-trackable? Doesn't matter 6. Do you prefer personal coins, caching-related coins, or 'art' coins? The coin just has to look good. 7. Do you collect around a theme (what theme), or collect whatever catches your eye? Nope 8. Do you have a coin budget? Do you ever go over this budget? Don't have a specific budget 9. Are you more likely to buy a coin, or trade for a coin? I generally prefer trading. 10. Do you have any 'absolutely never trade' coins in your collection, or are they all fair game for a trade? The 38 Tranqs. These will be the last coins to go if I have to sell them.
  15. I started with A, then it switched to B. But now I arrived at C. Almost no time for caching and as little for coins. I really hate that as I'm missing a lot of great coins and the big chance to visit GCF this year.
  16. I promised a friend a Key to the Cache 2008 Geocoin. But unfortunately I only have the Antique Gold finish she doesn't like. So can anyone help me out with an Antique Silver or Black Nickel Coin? Please take a look at my traders to find something you would like to trade for. Thank you! Rainer
  17. Absolutely gorgeous! Why didn't I register for GCF? I was already searching for flights. Oh yes - work. I'm really looking forward to having these in my hands!
  18. I love them! But the Last Bite is only great if you know the first versions of the coin.
  19. This is not completely true. It is a copy of the coin that is attached to a booklet where cachers can sign in when and where they have seen/moved the coin. Actually a nice idea, if I think about it. Wawa666 posted in the German forums as well and as far as I understand it he already contacted that cacher and tried to explain what it is all about. But he seems to be resistant to any kind of explanation. Anyway, one can like copies or not. And if you don't like them, just ignore them. And if you don't know, what it is, it never hurts to ask! What I find most interesting is the fact that that user does not own any activated trackable item. So he never experienced the fun but also the hassle one can have with geocoins.
  20. I guess what you need is a bit of trust. And I have experienced that one can trust most of the coiners here. I also had issues with trades, but the problems were solved really easily. I don't think you did anything wrong. I would have appreciated your offer if I were the person you traded with. So please continue trading as it is one of the fun parts with Geocoins! Just trust your gut feeling and if you feel uncomfortable don't trade! Whitby
  21. OMG!!!!! Me too! I never even knew that coin existed till now. I MUST HAVE 1!!!! I am a huge Stargate fan and that would look great in my collection. If anyone has one, please let me know. Who made this coin, please? Also please remind me who made the Native American Indian Totem coin, please. CF30 It was designed by Mambomania and sold by geocoinshop.de. So the REs may show up for sale again. I have a Antique Silver and Antique Bronze Version for trade, if anyone is interested. Whitby
  22. I just realized that the Dragon Ladon Coins were for sale while I was on vacation! Does anyone have one extra? Thank you! Rainer
  23. Well being in the medical field, I do understand the difference. And hopefully other people now realize that there could be another meaning here. People also need to keep in mind that the OP is German, I believe. Maybe herpes is their "colloquial" word for 'cold sore' in German. Any other German cachers want to chime in on this topic? I think you are right. If we talk about "herpes" we usually mean the one you get at your mouth. There are different kinds of Herpes viruses that affect different parts of your body. But here in Germany it's indeed the infection with Herpes simplex. That's also what the coin is supposed to depict. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that there is a difference in the meaning in different countries that was not expected. Whitby
  24. Is there anyone willing to get me the new Neptunes Compass Coins? I don't have that many great traders at the moment, but hopefully you may find something interesting. Thank you!
  25. How about "Rain in May" by Max Werner? We will have rain here in Germany next week. So I should be out caching now... Thanks for the Cointest! Whitby
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